Can we Truly Become More Powerful than the Gods in this Lifetime?

It’s never entirely clear just how powerful a deity is just by first glance. The way that they manifest during ritual doesn’t reveal the true extent of their power, and oftentimes we make judgments on their power by how intensely they manifest and the presence we feel when we are near them.

However, I have rarely seen instances where a magician, say, does a scan or a divination on a deity to determine, " Oh, X deity has this level of enormous power."

And, even if they could, it seems as though that beyond a certain threshold, their true capacities are beyond our ability to comprehend.

Judging off of this, a person would logically conclude that beings of such cosmic scale have spent an incomprehensible amount of time in order to accumulate both power and knowledge.

It would then seem to suggest that a human being simply can not be as powerful as that within a single lifetime.

However, there have been statements in the past that seem to conflict with this judgment. I remember Sevarn, and how Belial told him that he was going to become more powerful than him in time. I also remember another User who evoked King Paimon, who said that if he could master the mind, then he would be able to accomplish more than he can even with all of his legions.

I also believe now that humans underestimate their own power and the power they are able to gain over a single lifetime, because they do not understand the energies they have access to and their potential for growth.

Moreover, the idea that only humans in the physical plane have the potential to become true “living gods” suggests that as well.

Is there any message from the spirits that can confirm this?


Very interesting topic.
And i would agree with you… Its something we would have to ask spirits about i suppose.


It sounds like your trying to use your intellect to solve a riddle it is impossible for the intellect to grasp. It is the same reason spirits, gods,demons, elementals ect want to work with us at all. We are conduits of power, ALL the kinds of power, while the beings we work with exist within specific ranges. Some wider than others but thwy have their limits.

EA talks about 1 such limit when he asked king Paimon but Paimon was not able to cause healing is not a skill he is well versed in. Another is would be like trying to get a fire elemental to effect aspects of life related to water.

I would advise doing the work, embracing the experiences. Take notes on them and your progress but don’t let your intellect get in the way so much.


It is possible ,but first ,you must master that which the demons teach to a great extent.
To be a God ,you must first know how the Gods who already are there became great ,their power and how it has grown through the centuries .
Power isnt limited to 1 lifetime , immortality through Lucifer is achievable but to ascent to that point requires intense work and discipline .
1 lifetime isn’t enough to grow to actual Godhood .
Lastly awakening the 6 satanic serpents in you is the the first step towards real ascension .
Their are quite few mages in the world ,few to the point they are countable ,who have raised their aura beyond the third eye and awakened these 6 serpents altogether .
Currently am still far off from achieving this ,but since I opened the third eye and raised my kundalini I have hope in the near future I will.
Immortality granted by Lucifer is possible but to be honest it takes time and effort to work with him to get to this stage .
To answer your question ,
NO its not possible in one lifetime .
First defeat mortality then you can truly say you’re on the beggining to the path of actual Godhood .


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It is not possible. You dont expect the Gods to give you power which is greater than what they have. You cant give what you dont have. The Gods wont even give you power which is close to theirs. Except you form a close relationship with a mighty God maybe then you might be more powerful than some spirits.

The entities you might become more powerful than include Lesser Demons, Ghosts, Astral Beings and some entities under the control of Greater spirits.


If it’s true it would be awesome!


Its possible… You can ascend with other gods and then you can ascend without their help (after a lot of work with the gods). Go further beyond then what the gods have taught you. It will take a while though… Many 100’s of life times imo.
The maximum of the maximum of ascension.

Just my personal opinion.


I think it would be cool to be a God.


To be like the Gods that we know at least.
We are all Gods and Goddesses as even the ascended masters had to learn and grow on their own.
But yes it would be very cool and quite amazing to be like the gods.


If it is possible to achieve enlightenment in one lifetime, how can we not achieve godhood in one lifetime?

It is all about commitment, belief, and effort. Would you sacrifice everything and anything to achieve that goal? Would you isolate yourself from the world whenever necessary to focus on that goal? It pains me to see magicians talking about what they don’t think is possible. Our only limitations are those we place on ourselves. One book I might recommend is “The Masters and the Path” by Charles Leadbeater. It’s from a Theosophic perspective, but I use it sometimes to remind myself that there really are masters out there, and that we have unlimited potential.

I also remember reading some interview with a Bardonian magician. They talked about how Divine Providence won’t allow them to perform magic in public because faith is a part of the learning process. Once humanity gets to a point where we don’t doubt our potential, more of the RHP masters will show themselves. Maybe at that point, some LHP masters will finally show themselves as well.

The way I see it, you can either be like the rest of society and wait for people to prove it to you, or you can be a magician and prove it to yourself…


You, I like this way of thinking.


In my opinion… Gods are pure power. They are not “powerful” they are power. Creatures can only gain or lose power but they can’t be Gods until their transformation to spirit, after the death of the physical body. That’s when they’re “born again” in a pure God/divine form.

The godhood can be achieved in this life, in this physical form, because it’s a state of mind. A preparation for the real experience. That’s what spirits try to teach us. And this is the point of spirituality as a path.

As humans, no we can’t be Gods. No matter what we wish or love to believe. Unfortunately. But we can achieve Godhood, we can experience enlightenment, we can be spiritual. But that’s all there is to it. Anything more than that is not possible as long as we’re alive as humans.

If someone says to me, I disagree, it is possible to be Gods in this lifetime. My answer would be, that’s great news… please SHOW me what you’re talking about. An example of a human being who become a God. Very simple :slight_smile:


As above, so below. That which is lower conforms to that which is higher. If you weren’t already above them, you couldn’t call and command them. This is the puzzle of our split heritage. The human vehicle is utterly ruled and dominated by the celestials/planets/fallen angels, whatever you want to call them. It has no true sentience or free will and its “mind” and “personality” are wholly automated illusions. However, the spirit that incarnates into this vehicle comes from outside of this world entirely and is therefore above everything here. The struggle of our development is between the higher self which is neither human nor of this universe and the lower self which is an unconscious puppet that is just part of the video game.

Also, be careful who you refer to as human. The celestials are quite intolerant of people referring to their children as human.


The problem is that many magicians don’t break those limitations. They accept those limitations as foundational beliefs, and then expect to be proved wrong rather than strive towards it. As magicians, we all have had moments that help us build faith in what’s possible. It seems to me that one thing we may want to focus on is “direct magic”, magic that directly changes the physical plane through intent alone.

I like what Sultitan mentioned. The simple fact is that we must transcend our humanity and bring our “super-consciousness” down to the human experience. This is the only way to achieve godhood on the physical plane in one lifetime, imo. The human vehicle we experience the physical plane through is just a programmed creature meant to experience this plane. It is up to us to express our divinity through it into this plane.


There is HUGE difference between becoming a God, which is the original question, and achieving Godhood.


Are you therefore saying that all of our choices are being made for us by the energy kingdoms that exist on the higher planes? That we don’t “make decisions”, but that decisions only come up to our conscious mind after the centers of celestial power compute them for us?

This seems to imply that the Sephira sit over all of Creation, connected to the minds of every sentient being, personally overlooking all of our decisions before we make them.

In this view, would you say that the energy centers on the higher planes are connected to the sentient unconscious mind, or that they ARE the “unconscious” behind all of Creation?

But can’t we exercise control over the process?

However, couldn’t a person say that this spirit is the one that possesses free will?

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I am curious then, what would you define as “power” in the video game and the “power” of the higher self/Godmind?

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Why not both?

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What would be that difference? Perhaps I’m just not used to your terminology. In my mind, if one achieves godhood, they are a god on this physical plane. Godhood is being a god. Parenthood is being a parent. You can’t be a god, but not achieve godhood, nor vice versa. You can’t achieve parenthood without being a parent…

If I’m understanding you correctly, you believe that one can be a god in spirit, but not in the flesh? To me that’s like someone saying they have reached enlightenment, but not physically. Either you are enlightened or you aren’t.

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I feel intrigued by a certain idea, that if Enlightenment consists in the single insight that you are the Infinite, then the Enlightenment of Godhood would consist in a single insight that not only grants you the awareness of your true nature, but of your infinite power and ability.

Would there be a single insight that grants access to All power, knowledge, and ability instantly?


Better yet, done on the same timescale as ye old Enlightenment, so that it’s done within a single Lifetime?

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