Can There Be Guarantees In Magick-For-Hire?

Am I the only one who booked him and some other from the BALG?
It was much, much more then I could expect. But, please, don’t ask me to talk about it.


Go to a white-light healer and ask her (it will usually be a her) to get your ex back.

They’ll start bullshitting you about how desire is the fruit of attachment and the source of all pain, that all things are as they should be, and that if it’s meant to be, the wise loving universe will ensure your ex gets back with you and stops making you suffer, but actually, you are really wrong to try and compel another’s free will, and that the white-lighter will certainly not assist you.

But for a modest fee (or maybe a “donation,” so you’re left wrangling with your own conscience, in advance of any work being done, how much it would be righteous to humbly donate to this fount of wisdom) that they will assist you in healing your past insecurities and traumas (which were really just your own past life karma, giving you what you truly deserved) so that you can move beyond attachment to such petty things as happiness, good sex, companionship, and having the parent of your children come back into their lives.

Then they will do some vague thing seated firmly in their own belief that nothing, really, needs to be done, or can be done, so you will be more or less guaranteed to only receive advice about more detachment, more focus on your own flaws, and the standard platitudes of the mystic, the person who fundamentally despises embodiment and wishes to infect you with their mind-virus as well.

Go to E.A.?

He’s going to do what he can to get your ex back.

That’s what this means - aiming for the real result, not the bullshit high-sounding justifications of why you can’t have it that comprise the bulk of white-light, spiritual healing, and similar forms of anti-life mystical nonsense.

Magick is about results; mysticism is about coming up with plausible un-falsifiable reasons you can’t have the result and probably shouldn’t want it anyway.

And most people in the marketplace these days are mystics, no matter what they claim, so choose accordingly.


I’m watching his soul travel course. So far so good imo


Been there. Your description is spot on. I’ve been through many paths of magick for two decades now. Had fantastic results initially, especially with Palo and Santeria. But I realized my results from influencing magick only came when I was in regular contact with the subject and they were aware I was working on them. They saw things which entered their subconscious in a way to manifest the results I wanted.

My influencing magick has never come to fruition on anyone with whom I don’t have regular contact or isn’t close already. It’s another obstacle which makes my investments of time, money, and worst of all, false hope, hard to swallow. Thus, looking for a practitioner with fresh eyes, sound mind, capable, and results-driven.


Can you at least talk about why you won’t talk about it? Or at least say if you got exactly what you wanted?

I’ve had a dream just after that I should keep it just for myself. Don’t know why, but the message was strong.


If it is a working in progress it is because discussing ongoing workings can get other peoples energies in your working and distort or kill the results manifestion


it makes a lot of sense


So… ok you want to pay someone else less money to produce a result for you, because you don’t think E.A.'s work is worth the cost or maybe expecting failure to minimize cost loss.

So you never put much care in what you wanted I guess? Otherwise, you would commit no matter the cost if it was truly important.

If your thing was asking e.a. to bring you money, but his fee is too high than you have other issues. Point is, if you knew how to generate cash you wouldn’t bother with asking e.a. to do it.

P.s. if I had a need and I thought his ritual would help me, I would pay it.


Excuse me but I don’t get it, all this convo is because @yeerbie doesn’t want to pay for a ritual cause
a) finds the price too high and
b) he doubts about the results ?
Then don’t pay, no one forced you, seriously… This is E.A.'s forum but we’re not his salesmen, we don’t have to convince anyone… If you don’t like what he offers or what he doesn’t offer, there’s a simple magic for you. It’s called “The Scroll Past”.


Good for you, but you really missed the point in my comments on this.

I’ve got no problem paying for results after they’re furnished. As someone stated earlier as to a way to verify results or not, there are ways both magickally (obviously) and in the physical world, particularly if agreed upon. So that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

What kind of a guarantee is it that he will “try” for you. Damn, ANYONE can try for you: a priest, a nun, a charismatic Catholic or Mormon psychic, a grandma who says she has a direct connection to God through her candle petitions, a neighbor who claims spirits have never let them down when they buy lottery tickets…etc.
I know plenty of people who will try to help someone get something they want spiritually and don’t charge for it. But, if E.A. Koetting is much more effective because he makes this area his life practice, and has a right to charge for his time and supplies, there’s something amiss about his exorbitant prices if they’re not for results.
Whatever, Israel! about putting “care” into results. I once paid a practitioner $10,000, but when nothing happened by a year later, I demanded every cent back and got it.

There is a very low incidence of customers promising to pay a practitioner after receiving results and then failing to pay. Actually, I’ve never heard of it!

There is a very high incidence of customers paying thousands of dollar up-front and never getting any results. You can read about it every day!


OR…I can keep searching, though as of yet have not seen much of anything, related to successful results regarding E.A.'s Ritual for Hire.
If you can’t ask for how successful this service is, on a site where it’s being offered, that’s another red flag.
It’s not a simple matter of yes or no about paying for a service until it’s researched first.

Take your own advice and move on if you find my comments baseless.

People answered you actually, Lady Eva made a separate post for your question yet you necro with the same questions just because you don’t want to listen… You know what, you’re right, I’ll do that Scroll Past spell, no point…


My take is that you cannot guarantee magic, period. It’s not a talent if other beings do it for you and work of their own avail. Sorcery is a skill…knowing how to conjure or evoke, to commune. But it’s not guaranteed because a being may decline. So, you pay E.A. for his skill…his time and energy…not for the result.
It’s easier to pay than to evoke if it’s not a priority and you have the cash. It’s paying a fisherman for a meal instead of learning how to fish for yourself.
It’s not wrong, it’s not progressive. It benefits him, but it might benefit you…you never know.
On a day where I’m beat, it’d be tempting to pay vs just being patient until I can rest up. Tonight I rest. I called on eight last night. I had serious bidniss to conduct. So…I’m worn out. I only had four hours sleep. Netflix night. Is there a Netflix and chill being? Lol


So have you gone to others to try for you than? Sounds like you doubt it all together and want to believe.

Learn magick do it yourself.


Agreed. I don’t know if I’d want anyone meddling in my biz. I’m a private being. Learning is interesting.

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At this point I can’t work out whether your doubt is so deep-seated it actually repels the effects of anyone’s magick, in the same manner a commitment to psychic self-protection repels baneful works, or whether you are taking experiences with a run of practitioners as meaning ALL are useless, ALL the time, or whether what you want is beyond the realms of any kind of ordinary magick (that works through probabilities, and influence but does not create “miracles”) to accomplish?

So did people like this help you get what you had paid someone $10,000 for?

Has anyone said you can’t do this?

There are n_o_ red flags here, nothing suspicious or underhand, we’re having a conversation. but I don’t understand you necroing old topics just to harangue us about about E.A.'s prices, which you have already decided are too high because you think, based on no evidence, that he couldn’t help you with whatever you want.

I think a lot of things in life are overpriced, you want to hear about those? Of course not!

As has been said before, you’re paying for his experience and also, for the time taken out from creating educational materials, but if you think it’s too much, don’t pay it. It’s not mandatory to be a BALG customer to post here, and likewise, it’s not an obligation for their customers to leave a review.


I recently drove by a botánica that said on the sign in Spanish that they guaranteed their spells and work 100%

I’m the type that I would rather do things myself

But I’m also the type who is curious to a fault and I love to secret shop the sh*t out of people especially magicians/spiritual workers ( I have some interesting stories lol) so on a later date I walked in to take a look at the shop.

There was no store there , even though they said on the sign that they sold herbs. It was a small quiet waiting area with the people sitting looking down in silence.

I left lol

Just learn how to do the work on your own it’s much more fulfilling , I feel that ritual for hire is just for “emergencies “


That’s a far more comprehensive explanation I can appreciate. Thanks, Rose8.

It makes sense to me that payment to a practitioner is also for their connection, which we can doubt ourselves, to the entities of power which we intend to manifest a new reality.


No there can never be any guarantees