Can There Be Guarantees In Magick-For-Hire?

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Looking for reviews of success from E.A. Koetting’s Ritual Hire. Haven’t found any yet. His guarantee is weak.

So i dunno how much experience you have but there is zero “guarantee” with any magick it isn’t like buying powertools from the hardware store. Magick is not a “quick fix” to anything.

Magick depending on the type creates opportunities for you based on what is done. If it is money magic it an opportunity to make money will come um but you have to take action on it. Same with any kind of magick for love,lust health,job hunting, seeking a home, ect.

With a skillful magician who knows what their doing life changing opportunities can fall in your lap but it would still be up to you to take all the necessary actions to make the changes and to make them permanent.


I believe E.A’s ritual would help someone with struggles, but i don’t have 2,000 to dish out :skull_and_crossbones:️ so i really couldn’t say but if i had significant funds i would get him to do a spell for me definitely


Thanks for the reply. I do mention practical application that is expected but that there are plenty of circumstances where taking action would worsen them.
Let’s take the complications of obstacles preventing a relationship from happening where there is mutual attraction, for example:

  1. Professional boundaries would prevent someone from taking action which could lead to legal consequences;
  2. Misinterpreting the other’s intentions, in case they have shifted since first displaying attraction, could lead to rejection;
  3. Religious differences could inhibit the subject from being receptive;
  4. A pre-existing relationship or marriage could cause the subject to dismiss the attraction felt;
  5. The professional in the equation may feel their status is above the client, despite the attraction.
  6. The interaction of both individuals is limited to appointments pertaining to the profession.
  7. Communication is limited to appointments and scheduling is done through an office assistant.
  8. Time is of the essence because once the terms of service are complete, the contact / communication / meetings will terminate.

If a ritual is ordered to circumvent all of these obstacles in order to cause a relationship to develop and flourish, there is very little, if anything, the client of E.A. can do other than to continue in the professional context and wait for the subject to initiate a personally intimate relationship, because the risk of ethics violations and potentially legal consequences is too great.

Assume in the above situation that being that there was an initial mutual attraction, E.A.'s client isn’t necessarily lacking in appearance or personality, and the obstacles truly are concrete.

The intent of ritual magick would be to overcome those obstacles which are binding the professional provider in the equation. The obstacles are one-sided and there is nothing E.A.'s potential client can do in the physical world to change that.

P.S. My point in mentioning E.A.'s weak guarantee is that while he does provide a timeline for results to surface from his magick, he does not address what he does if they do not.

Okay so this sounds more like fear on the persons part. As i said magick will manifest opportunities, that is all. These may include opportunities for people to see true character and attractive qualities but it is still an opportunity. It is then up to the recipient to make the most of the opportunities that manifest.

As i said before there are ZERO guarantees with magick. There is opportunity but certainty is based in action of the recipient. Regardelss if it is someone casting magick for themselves or someone else the permanence of any ritual is based on actions taken after the magick is done.
If someone is too scared to take the necessary actions the opportunities WILL DISAPPEAR. :alien:


If a person’s magickal intent is to cause someone else to initiate contact, to invite intimacy, and to pursue them during the natural course of their lives, then there is not anything that person can do in the physical world, outside of their normal interactions with that person, which could be few and far between…but wait for that other person to make the first move. If that’s what you consider an “opportunity”, then I agree and understand it’s up to the person to respond appropriately to that opportunity to further the magickal results. Yet, in this case, the opportunity is based on the intentions and actions of another person.

I will be doing one of his rituals when I have saved the $1000. Not only am I struggling with my Magick I also have a time issue because of my work schedule.

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I’d seriously advise against that. With planning, you can work magic into a busy schedule. I don’t have time to do magic for others, but feel free to message me if you want any advise on any magic stuff.
If you want to tell how good a magician is, look at his life. EA’s doing well for himself, but not $1000 worth.


I’ve seen many rituals for hire in the past and they are hella expensive. The cheapest, reliable one I’ve ever paid for was $200 which yes cheaper than E.A.s but he wasn’t as know as E.A.
Its a business thing. I do think E.A. is pricy but hes made a business and people do buy for him, more than once sometimes, and seem to come back.
If he wasn’t worh his salt people wouldn’t even ask him for rituals, he also offers an in person boot camp, someone I’ve talked to actually went there and learned from him and is pretty powerful from what hes showed me, and if you offer something like that you got to be worth your salt. In the business world that’s a huge risk to offer in person things if you don’t know what you’re doing.

He has these rituals for a lot of money and there’s nothing wrong with that. He has said countless times he rather you go out and do the magick yourself from what he taught. SO if you don’t like the prices do the spell yourself if you can’t then look at other rituals for hire (most can be bullshit, which I know first hand from) and if you don’t like those then… welp that sucks.

So yeah prices can be a lot but welcome to business. and maybe its an instinctive to get us to do magick ourselves… who knows


This whole statement is a run around what is really wanted. If a relationship with a person is desired that is what is cast for not for them to make the first move. A limitation on a spell like that can and likely will easily kill it dependin on the circumstances. Literally setting the ritual to fail. This again is fear of going after what is wanted.

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But he is doing this well. He has managed to arrange his life according to his goals. Which include exploring magick in ways that suit him FULL-TIME and made it his business and a thriving one at that. As such he values his time as anyone doing what they love would. If his time and energy to consult and construct a ritual are not worth it to you then as was pointed out people can do their own rituals or go eslewhere.

EA has stated he personally would prefer people do the former.


Not exactly the most challenging or unusual thing; many people set up their own business. EA is competent at magic and has done well for himself, but he’s no where near the level he portrays himself as.
Aside from his business, he is wholely unremarkable. His home evidently isn’t that large, as he needs to hire an office to do his rituals and lacks enough land to do the outside rituals on his own private property. The assistance and advice provided on the forum far surpasses any paid service, and it’s all for free. Put bluntly, he’s over hyped and charges far too much.

It sounds like you may be going off some old info cause he has posted videos where he talks about his new home and the property he bought to build it on, even had video of the old temple in the garage of his rental property he packed up and took down. And has posted tons of videos of doing outside rituals in the area he lives in. But i have said if ya don’t feel it is worth it no one is forcing you to get his products.


Leaving out specifics can lead to dissatisfaction more than not having any results. If being general increases the chances of results, those can happen without magick, which is another discussion altogether. But it really diminishes the evidence of there being magickal influence at all.

Here’s an expansion on that thought: Given the complicated circumstances I outlined which stood in the way of a wonderful, open, fulfilling relationship developing, say the client accepts that they may have to make the first move the next time they see the subject, since the subject is bound by ethics not to. Even if the subject were favorably responsive to the person, without specifics, there would still be limits. The relationship may exist but be riddled with stressful circumstances of having to hide their affair from others (i.e. secretary, boss, licensing board, family, wife), having the relationship only to exist behind the closed doors of the office rather than openly in public, never truly sharing intimacy and commitment because the professional subject never decided to initiate decisive action and take full responsibility for advancing the relationship.

You see these as fears. I regard them as practical considerations to avoid the dilemma reported all too often of people getting results from magick / demons but with great cost and lingering hardships because they weren’t specific in their request.

This would be the magickal goal then any “what ifs” or “this is why this wont work” is personal fear on the matter. As i said magick is a not a quick fix for things but done correctly it open up opportunities for the goal to manifest. Those “reasons” are why you wanna do the magick then either hire someone to do or better yet do it yourself, or move on to someone you see as more available.

Admittedly I hadn’t seen the videos of his new house. Never the less, going off how cheap property is in the states and his age, would still say my point is partially applicable.

I know, yeah. I was just warning others about saving up to pay for a ritual from him. If you’re in the position where you have to save up to afford $1000, then there’s probably better ways to spend that cash.
I’ve got nothing against the guy, just didn’t want to see less affluent people spending money on something that, as you said, ea even views as the second best option.

…which brings me full circle to E.A. Koetting as a practitioner who offers timelines, even if not quick fixes, but nothing more if his work does not manifest within his specified timeline.
The instruction to follow through and be responsive to opportunities is a way for a practitioner who has been hired, to say, “I did the work. You must have missed the opportunity it created,” when it didn’t work within the time frame.
It can be both a defense for the practitioner and the common attack on the client for their failure to do their part, even if it’s not the actual case.

Second best to acquiring the skills, power, and allies to do the same work yourself; not second-best to some as-yet-to-be-specified multi-millionaire magician who lives in a large mansion in acres of forest, and takes bookings while giving 100% “the results YOU state will manifest, or money back within 30 days” guarantees, at a reasonable price.

Honestly, if you find this person, I for one want to know where he is! :wink: