Can The Vodou Loas overpower The Gate Keepers?

[quote=“DOM, post:19, topic:124496”] to say the gatekeepers are powerful than the loas right?

That’s not what I said at all… You missed the point completely to white knight your favorite deities.

They are not children that need you to rush in and defend them, maybe you just insulted them by acting like you did.

What I said was, the power comes from the practioners ability to get their attention and cooperation.

It’s no use having either a Ford or a Porsche if you can’t drive.

The African folks themselves literally tell you that. One of them is a deified ex homicidal criminal. Others are loans from other religions including Christianity. Others still are something what. They’re a very mixed bag.

This is perfectly normal and in line with how humans have deified human kings and leaders going back to to earliest records in mesopotamia and Egypt. Its also normal for cultures to change and adopt new deities after interacting with other cultures. It’s not a bad thing or saying there’s anything less about any of them.

I don’t actually believe that “power” is anywhere near as important as skill and understanding. The best solution is not always about being big and flashy. I also don’t underestimate the spirits who have incarnated as humans, because we really don’t remember who most of us are. The gods and us are not so different… and this is why I don’t even believe in any gods any more.

No I’m not trying to defend them but just talking from experience.
Because some loas can make someone a billionaire just a night and can also kill in a seconds but it’s very hard for demons and angels to do these and I don’t know why.
Do you know something?
The funny thing is most people thinks the voodoo priests don’t know these demons and angels people claim to work with but the difference is, the voodoo practitioners have different names they call these entities.
When you come to Ghana voodoo practitioners normally call angel Michael as atia nframa or bofo Michael.

Yes and this is the same for the genuine Feticheur when they do the strange practice of the Krote or the Kolo they can kill, paralyze or can cause madness quickly.

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