Can’t visualize without pain

I can’t visualize. I have Parotid gland infection.
, I can’t visualize for more than 2 seconds my body is in serious pain I don’t remember what it’s like to create mental images in your head.
Every time I try to visualize something my brain hurts and I have that automatic pain.
Do I contact Raphael or Michael for healing ? I’m on antibiotics and this is the worst pain I have ever had it’s like I’m cursed that back pain is killing me. I have a damaged nerve in my cheek too. My body is in a lot of trauma right now what do I do ?



Don’t forget to get a quality probiotic to restore your gut flora after the antibiotics are finished. Health starts in the gut.


Take a break and stop visualizing , try The Archangel Raphael, make offerings to him .

If you know the issue is an infection i would suggest contacting a medical professional for treatment since if the condition is hindering you ability to focus it hinders your ability to preform ritual.

Visualizing hurts ? I’m gonna be that guy and say there’s possible a metaphysical issue here like an non physical entity or implant messing with you

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Ty to everybody just checked my heart rate my pulse is 113 it was 103 108 and now it’s 113 I feel like I’m gonna faint maybe it’s the immune system working extra hours with the antibiotics I’m shaking. Maybe it’s the end for me I wish you the best of luck in this matrix

Your pulse can easily go up, especially when you’re frightened or nervous.
Strong antibiotics are not an easy thing for your body, as they destroy both good and bad bacteria.
If your pain doesn’t get better I suggest you go visit a doctor as soon as possible. There is always a possibility that your body has an allergic reaction to antibiotics or it simply cannot cope with it well.