- Can ' t Do Evocation & Any Help ? Under 18

i am under 18 but because of the event that happening in my life i am practicing magick , it ’ s been month ’ s
i started with normally gazing at the sigil , with out any thing except candle and in cense -
But nothing , i just can ’ t feel presence and some thing like that , then few Day ’ s ago
i bought "Gordon Winterfield ’ s Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for Working with The 72
Demons " and trying to do Ritual 2 , did the opening ritual ( calling angel ’ s ) then i did the core ritual
( calling shem angel and thing ’ s like that )
i did this ritual several time ’ s and i feel nothing i heard nothing
and i really need this

i even tried  to do Jinn magick and bought Practical Jinn Magick 
  by Corwin Hargrove and nothing 

      is this because of my age ? or what is my problem ?

Are you meditating daily?


You don’t have to feel anything. You’ll find that in the book. Use ritual 1 instead of 2. Ritual 2 is more difficult for beginners. First ritual is more than enough.

Check E.A’s YT channel and search the forum here, study TGS state or magickal trance. Then use it with demonic sigils or candle magick.


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 i already introduce my self , please don ' t post this thing be fore you check please

You are correct. I missed it when I checked your posts. Many apologies.


I have never read that book but from what others on this forum have said about it, you won’t necessarily feel a presence, or anything at all. I think you are expecting it to be like in the movies and magick is not really like that. More often than not, you won’t hear or see anything, especially as a beginner. What really matters is the results from the rituals.


What he said ^^^ they won’t just appear, especially if you don’t have the skill

This ritual actually about hearing demon ' s or feel them , but even i make offering ' s i don ' t see any sign or   

see any result from the ritual


So am I, you need to have patience


Your age doesn’t matter. It’s probably more so about your level of experience and practice. You need to develop your skills and your senses. It won’t happen overnight unless you’re one of those “gifted” people who have been playing laser tag with demons since age 5 (which is unlikely). For the rest of us, we have to work diligently to have the occasional full manifestation. Most of the time you’ll get sensory or extra sensory impressions and mental images, thoughts, concepts, epiphanies; and that will be after months of study and daily practice. Don’t mean to discourage any newcomers, but this isn’t easy for 95% of people.


As @Justin said are you meditating every day? Expanding your consciousness and mastery your thoughts is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. Meditation is one of the foundations for magick.


Don’t buy books expecting results to just pop up by doing the rituals. The Gallery of Magick authors, especially Demon Brand, sells thier books with an air of “it’ll just happen”. Not really true, it doesn’t “just” happen. You need a personal connection with the work and a desire for it to happen at the same time. It should have nothing to do with age, we’ve had 14 year olds join the site and explore magic, and I’ve read stories of children doing magic in a successful manner. You’re not too young to start doing magic.

I recommend these following exercises to help hone your abilities;

  • Concentrating your focus on a lit candle or a crystal for a set amount of time. This will extend patience and astral sight when done consistently.
  • listening to instrumental music while sleeping to exercise your third eye visions. This will help you see or feel spirits.
  • Meditation. This is a big one. Everyone needs to find a meditation exercise that helps them. Guided meditation and breathing exercises are popular.
  • Try things like Chakra work and Tai Chi exercises, energy work in general.

Also try adjusting your technique. Do you need to summon angels because Gordon said so or because you want to feel protected? Is there something off about the way you’re doing things? Are you forcing yourself to do the rituals because that’s how they’re written?


i just did the ritual 1 - i am trying to summon angel ’ s because of ( that ’ s what it write ’ s in the book )
Angel ’ s are nearly the top of the hiearchy it say ’ s it would be easier with angel ’ s help
Anndd … i m not meditating every day but trying to evocation i guess you can call that a meditation
So , i just did ritual 1 facing north when i was trying to summon angel ’ s i did the ritual facing the north -
west i don ’ t know is there difference be tween them but still feel nothing bu just keep go ing


True, I got into meditation and spell casting when I was 11 haha, sadly i got my info on a bs website but after a few years it got better. It’s about patience m8


it will likely work if you did it correctly. Invocation is easier than evocation, and the first ritual in that book is an invocation., but you’ve gotta let it go as best you can from your mind now. Stop looking for signs and wonders. Its not important for getting results. People with little experience in magick have used the same ritual you’re using and have gotten incredible results


Books aren’t all correct. Angels in my experience aren’t easier or more powerful. They’re just different than other spirits, not better or worse. Practice practice practice, meditation meditation meditation, visualization and emotion are necessary in your rituals.


Absolutely. Cannot express this enough. It’s a need that isn’t really paid attention to anymore.