Can’t catch a break

My wife, daughter and I are in a living situation that is getting worse day by day and it seems like no matter what we do or I try we just can’t catch a break, I try to stay positive, I try and will things in our direction but no matter what I do nothing seems to be working and I’ve been trying for months. It all really boils down to money that is holding us back from making a change and it’s not our jobs we both have “decent jobs”. I’ve tried some deep meditations to get my head right and as soon as I think things are moving in the right direction then bam another kick in the balls. I’m so emotionally broken right now that I don’t even want to be around my wife and daughter cause I’m so depressed about all this and they can see it. With our living situation there isn’t a place for me to get away. We need help and fast because it is no joke everyday something more goes wrong.

I’ve been told many many times, Belial and I get it, he can make huge changes and I’ve read others successes with Belial. My biggest hesitation right now with calling on Belial is my emotional state. With every new blow I’m on the verge of breaking down, I have tears in my eyes right now just typing this. I just know know if I could hold myself together during a ritual while asking Belial for help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a loss, I don’t know where to turn anymore.



You need to start by doing a cleansing. Your wife and daughter need to cleanse too. Cleanse your house as well. Get rid of any items that have been given to you by anyone who might have bad intentions towards you. I would do a spell for blockages and road openings. But, most of all you and your family need protection. I can relate to you. My life was shitty for a while, but with the help of Lucifer, Belial, and La Negra (Santa Muerte) I have been good lately.


I forgot to add. You are functioning on a low vibration. That’s not good. Continue with the meditation and refocus. You are making yourself vulnerable to psychic/magick attacks.

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Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone that would have the ability to curse us, we only know one witch and she loves my wife and daughter, she doesn’t really know me that well just general conversation, And she is so new to Wicca that she isn’t at that point of cursing yet nor would she have a reason too. She works with my wife.

How do I go about cleansing myself, my wife, daughter and our “home”? My wife knows I practice black Magick and has no problem with my doing so, I talk to her about it sometimes but if I told her I wanted to be a part of something she tells me no way. She wants no part of it her self.

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You don’t always have to be a witch or practice magick to curse. The thoughts and words of a person can be very powerful. You might also be experiencing blockages. Sometimes “we” create our own blockages. Well, I smudge my house with sage and I also use it on myself and son. I cleanse my floors with Florida water. I use Florida water for my cleansing rituals as well. I don’t know what spirit, saint, etc. you work with but whoever you work with can be of assistance to you during your cleansing ritual. I have a question, how is it you practice magick but don’t cleanse? If you practice magick and have never cleansed your space or yourself … you might have “build up.”
Im starting to think you personally have negative and unwanted energy in your home.


I’m still very new and learning. I started with Lucifer as I had a strong pull forwards Lucifer. I’ve had a little help from Bune. Then I started reaching out to Azazel, and before I started with Azazel I made a post on here as I was slightly nervous to reach out to him as I know he doesn’t put up with a lot of BS and after I made the post I found my self chanting his enn in my head, “Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel and as I was doing that I heard in my head, “Relax I’m your Patron demon”. As of somewhat recently I’ve drawn Belials sigil with the intention of making contact for exactly the reason mentioned in the original post and a few other issues. I’ve asked Azazel to protect myself wife and daughter from all things negative. Also I carry Lucifer, Azazel and Belials sit-ups with me everywhere I go.


I don’t want to be rude. But, why do you keep jumping from demon to demon? Why not focus on working with one demon and developing your skills? I don’t know if you have been working on any dark magick, but if you have it is important that you cleanse. It is important to have balance in the type of magick you do. Example: Lets say that I just did a curse. I then bring balance to myself by working on some money magick, magick for a job promotion, inner peace, self love, etc. It helps me to not fixate on results by refocusing my thoughts on something else. It also raises my vibration. Most importantly you gotta cleanse yourself and your space. I’ve had issues with parasites in the past when I kept myself at a low vibration. “You will learn what works for you and doesn’t as you continue to practice.” But, suck it up and roll with the punches. I’ve noticed since I stopped allowing things to phase me or bother me…things in my life have improved. I now see everything as a learning experience. I learned that from Belial who can be tough and made me confront my shadow self. Ex. If I’m experiencing blockages or challenges, I find a solution. What is my solution? Find ways to break those barriers and challenges. You need to become self-sufficient. If you want it, you make it happen. Demons are not genies in a bottle. You gotta put in the work.

So, I’m sure you are tired of all the bull shit you have been dealing with, right? It is time to get to work and stop the pity party. The challenges that we experience are temporary, but we learn from those experiences. You will be grateful for all your so called “negative experiences” as you continue to grow in this path.


Your not going to work with demons right off the bat just by reading about them , in your state , you could easily just attract a parasite or impostor who could make the situation worse . You should work on raising your vibration , eat healthy , do things that make you happy , retain your sexual energy . If you raise your vibration you will start to this situation from a much better perspective and what action to take

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I would get some sage or Palo Santo and do a cleansing, also look up banishing techniques and banish daily for 2 weeks. That will help clear out any negative energy and parasites or imposters who are there.
I also recommend you look into protective runes and warding your home so parasites can’t get in. Have you ever seen anything black and low to the ground, out of the corner of your eye?
If so that is most likely a parasite.

Also if your not comfortable working with Belial yet you can ask to work with one of his kids or Nethers, he has plenty who can help you prepare to work with him and help coach you and improve your situation.
Many forget the Kings and Queens do have kids who help they’re parents with they’re work and leading the legions, not many ask to work with the princes and princesses of the infernal empire.

Choose a demon to work with and stick with them, perhaps ask your patron for guidance on who would be best to work with to improve your families life.

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You’re not being rude at all. Honestly I think it’s my ADD/ADHD that kicks in when I don’t see results is the reason why I jump around.

I’m about a year into this so again very new and in sticking with E.A.’s theory of having no more than three open sigils at a time, if I feel a big pull forwards another demon then I reach out to said demon.

That said I think after reading your post and the other post about parasites I think I know where my mistake was. When I started my original path working with Lucifer everything was great, my marriage was improving, things at work we’re improving, all as well when I brought in Azazel. Again I’ve only one time reached out to Belial so no experience there.

That said be recently, say as of 2 or 3 months also became interested in EVP and toying with that and there are or now were a couple apps on my phone that are EVP apps. So I’m thinking either the one time I tried to evoke Belial or through these EVP apps I’ve let parasites or something through.

I looked into the LBRP and started to memorize the ritual last night after reading your posts. As mentioned in the post above this reply, nightly I do see black objects close to the ground out of r try he corner of my eye or behind objects in my home. Last night I watched several YouTube videos on the LBRP and just while listening to them, I saw two black objects shoot straight up and out of the roof, so that gave me confirmation that something that’s not supposed to be here is. So I’m going to stop everything I’m doing ritual wise other than meditation and just focus on banishing and cleansing the three of us and our house.

That said, do I need to burn, Lucifer, Azazel and Belials sigils?

I’ve been at it for about a year now, so yes still very new. It wasn’t a case of just reading about a demon and then getting after it. I’ve been drawn to Lucifer for as long as I can remember, even as a child, so after hours, days and months of thinking about getting into the left hand path and getting over that initial newbie fear of bringing demons into my life is at which point I finally drew lucifers sigil and did my first attempt at evocation and up until recently as mentioned in the above post, I haven’t felt any negative energy at home or work until recently, which would explained by the parasites I’m seeing.

As for eating right and such, I’m starting to head in the right direction. I’m a week sober from alcohol and have started a workout routine at home as all gyms are closed. I meditate daily, with the recent stay at home order, there are days that I’ve found myself meditating for a couple hours. I’ve extended my meditations while I have the opportunity to do so due to the fact that I’ve quit drinking cold turkey and knowing that it can be harmful to my blood pressure I’ve really been vigilant to monitor my blood pressure, eat the right foods, drink plenty of green tea and water to detox and flush my system and meditate for long periods to lower my blood pressure which I went from a blood pressure of 166/109 and now on day 6 of sobriety I’m at 127/82.

All that said, I’m still what I consider very new only being in this a year, but not a day 1 or week 1 newbie. I’ve read hundreds of posts, read several books and watched several videos of respected magicians from the BALG family.

As I have a family of my own I didn’t want to jeopardize their safety and my own by entering this path but due to my impatience I’ve obviously let something through that isn’t supposed to be here nor do I want it here. I need to yank my own choke collar, stop any rituals, banish and cleanse my family and I and our home.

You hit the nail on the head. For about, I’d say a month now, maybe two months I’ve been seeing black objects, close to the ground out of the corner of my eye, they move somewhat quickly as if hiding when I turn my attention to them. Also as mentioned in my post above, I watched several videos on YouTube of the LBRP to verify consistency between the videos as to how the video is performed and while watching one of them I saw two black objects shoot up and out the roof.

I’m definitely going to take your advice and stop any ritual work and just banish and cleanse for the next two weeks.

I don’t know if I should burn the sigils I keep with me and just completely start over or if keeping the sigils is ok. I have Lucifers, Azazel and Belial.

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Burn them and start over if you want to be sure there’s nothing attached. You said when you started working with Lucifer and Azazel everything was okay, so they’re sigils may be fine.

They’ll understand why your burning they’re sigils, should you choose to do so.
Once you have everything cleared out you can make new ones.
Alternatively get a small box and line it with aluminum foil and put the sigils in the box, it should contain they’re energies, I heard.

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Do you need the sygils? Are you putting them to use? Do you have unfinished business? I am not sure why you have three open sygils. You only know why you have three open sygils. I feel like you are doing too much as a beginner and dabbling into many areas. It is good to learn, but you don’t have the basics down to protect yourself, cleanse, or banish. That’s a recipe for disaster. Focus on working with one demon at a time. Learn from that demon as much as possible. Build a relationship with that demon. Work on other skills such as how to cleanse, protection, and banishing.


I guess I would say the reason for having them is one to feel a constant closeness and I read on here the more you use one sigil rather than redrawing a new one every time is that the more you use them the stronger they become.

Now at this point I’m confused as to start a new beginning with after I go through several banishing/cleansing rituals.


She made very good points. I like what she said. But, you gotta cleanse, protect yourself, and banish.


I found a nice cleansing bath recipe on YouTube, it contains sage, rosemary, Himalayan sea salt, and regular sea salt. It says put it in a pot bring it to a boil then let it simmer for about 20 minutes and then dump it over yourself allow it to air dry and go to sleep like that. So my wife and I are going to both take cleansing baths this evening our daughter is having a sleepover over at her grandparents but when she returns home we will have her cleanse in it as well and we will do that for the next few days. My wife thinks I’m crazy but she did agree to do the cleansing bath I assured her it had nothing to do with demons. My wife thinks I’m crazy but she did agree to do the cleansing bath I assured her it had nothing to do with demons Then I will start the LBRP tonight to banish and cleanse our home and continue that for the next two weeks. I’m also going to have to do a banishing in my vehicle as due to our small living situation I’ve done many rituals in my car and that’s when I have used the EVP apps as well.

For sake of making sure that nothing is attached to the three sigils, I will burn all three, I really don’t want to burn Lucifers in particular but if any negative energy’s attached to it I just want to be sure it’s all gone before I go back to ritual work. I have a ring with Lucifer schedule I don’t know if I should dispose of the ring and get a new one or if I should just put it in some sort of box as stated in a previous post with aluminum foil?

I have Damon Brands Protection Magick boom I will read that tonight to gain more knowledge of protection Magick. Will burning Azazels sigil and doing the banishing void and protection that I’ve asked from him for my family and I?

If anyone thinks of anything else that I missing to do to make sure that we are cleansed and protected please share your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated.


Don’t get rid of the ring. That is something you can also learn. Learning to cleanse your magick tools.

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Can I do any sort of invocation during the two weeks of cleansing, such as invoking Lucifer for added protection? I’ve invoked Lucifer for help at work as I’m a union steward and at times when dealing with management I tend to be a little excitable and invoking Lucifer to help guide me through meetings or tense conversations has helped me greatly. Or should I just drop all rituals other than LBRP for now?

If you feel safe having Lucifer’s sygil don’t burn it. I’ve had my Belial’s sygil for along time. If you carry it around and it’s activated-Be careful! I have fucked some people up carrying an activated sygil.

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