Can someone who wasn't born a Psychic Vampire still vampire someone's energy?

I have looked around multiple places and haven’t found a direct answer to this question. So is it possible for a non psychic vampire to feed off someone, and if so, any good links or techniques you can share?


Of course you can. All humans naturally draw in energy, both from their environment and other people. Personally, I don’t believe anyone is really born a psychic vampire.

The most common technique is to visualize tentacles extending from you into your target, and then drawing their energy in on an inhalation, like through a straw.


Predatory vampirism.


Yes we all have the ability to do may want to learn how to filter/cleanse the energy you’re drainjng first


Where could I learn how to do that?

Yes, it’s called basic energy working and every human not only can do it, they do it every day naturally and share energy back and forth. Energy workers learn to make the energy in their systems stronger and to control it.

It’s not part of the practice for energy workers to take energy for human, since a) many are healers and working with sick people, they want to help not hurt, but sick energy isn’t good for you, and b) they know from training how just about every other source that exists is cleaner, stronger and better.

That’s why vampires aren’t really a thing unless they wrap a lot of romance around it. Learn qigong and you can be the best vampire that ever vamped.
But do what Twilight said, humans are mostly unbalanced with filthy, gross energy, It’s kinda like drinking out of a dirty puddle when you’re sitting next to a clean waterfall, but knock yourself out and filter that shit, why not?


@Mulberry I get that, but I also want to drain my enemies energy, so I want to know how to filter out the stuff as well, I just don’t exactly know how.

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For use as a baneful technique, you don’t need to take it into yourself, just drain it into the ground. Or create a servitor to do the dirty work for you. Then there’s no issue.

To do both, look up vampire filtering techniques, like visualising a mesh screening out the bits you don’t want.