Can someone tell me what it is?

can someone tell me what it is ?
I saw in my mind when we close our eyes and see something
basically it was when you want to sleep and you roll over on your side and your eyes are closed

I’ve seen this at least 3 times and on other days, something like this just shone brighter and was of a golden color

and some circle formed with some letters of silver
so I outlined it, but there were letters

does it have any meaning or it just seemed to me ?

it also happened to me when I opened the sigil that the lines flashed and disappeared, and outside the sigil the space around went dark
and that on the sigil I saw as if gold dust were floating
it is normal ?

Lots of people including me see eyes when meditating. I tale it as a sign that my wards need topping up as I don’t really want randoms passing by to start staring at me.

I also get patterns kind of like the one above, and they often rotate slowly around the center. I take those as nothing useful and don’t worry about it. If I’m in deeper trance they ca resolve into scenes like watching a movie. I once had the rotating turn into me being a bird wheeling in the sky watching people in Victorian dress walking on the ground. I just wrote it down in my dream journal and maybe someday I’ll link it to something, but probably not.

That’s 100 percent normal for opening sigils, that’s exactly what you want. If you read E.A.'s tutorial about it, you got what happens to most people written right there:

Gold dust I don’t get myself, but others do get it and it may be what they call “static rain”. In which case that’s also what most get.


There is a theory i am working on that what people see in meditation sometimes is dormant stuff from previous lost civilizations technology we currently don’t understand.

I see these Infernal golden energy networks myself.

I have seen wiring hanging off my energy bodies in the astral level.

There are literally thousands of miles of old copper wiring from the 19th century wrapped around this planet…

I don’t how all of this relates together, but it probably does…

Sorta of off topic…

A researcher claimed there are millions of tiny stone circles in Africa…

A psychic did a reading on stonehenge and claimed never even properly worked in the first. It’s always been defunct.

We honestly don’t know anything about ancient wonders.

thank you for the answer, for the first time I managed to open the sigil correctly and also get what I wanted from the spirit

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this theory is interesting

for example when i was calling Andras by his sigil and then i was relaxing on him so i saw fire
when i was calling archangel Raphael so I saw yellow spots moving

so it is some contact w some spirits - personally i think

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oh i am really sorry

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