Can someone tell me what do you feel in this sigil

click the arrow to see the sigil

Can someone tell me what is the purpose of this sigil. I found it on internet but I’m not sure what is the purpose of this. Thanks

I have placed this sigil under a spoiler so people can self serve if they want to see it or not, This is in an abundance of caution as random internet sigils can sometimes be parasitised, or designed as sigil bombs and/or have other ill intent under them that activate on opening it… in general we don’t open random unknown sigils unless we’re confident we can handle what’s on the other end.

Read at your own risk.


No worries I totally understand thank you…

I see the mercury and taurus signe

Thank you for your reply. Anything else that you want to add?

I dont feel nothing (sorry) Maybe it’s done for intellectual capacity or opening 3 eyes ? but a sigil without name is without power (imo)?!

Vampire god is my first thought.

its okay. thank you so much for your opinion. really appreciate it.

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Oh. A vampire god? do you have any idea what is the purpose of the sigil?

Can’t say for certain. That’s just what it reminds me of. The energy seems neutral, the imagery seems vampyric. Nothing about it grabs me.