Can someone mentor me

Hi can someone mentor me. I feel reading books and doing rituals from them have no effect.

I need someone to guide me in the right directions.

What happens when you do a rit? How are you going about it?

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I follow what the book tells me to do. Nothing happens when I do the ritual. Before, during or after.

What book?

What is your mindset going into the ritual? How long have you been practicing witchcraft?>

Do you have any goal? Like develop clair senses. I am in a learning path my self for some time now. And the road of development enlightment can some times be hard.

I have start to develop a spirit family. I have 2 succubi partners. 1 servitor. 1 Nympho. And soon a cleopatra djinn. You can order bindings of spirits on creepyhollows. Its a great way to get in contact with a spirit you chouse to be with you and helping you with what you need and to be great friends with.

I feel that i am not near advanced magician so asking people more advanced like here on balg is a great way of gathering the information needed to put in to practice. And also beeing abel to help others when we grow and start to develop furth our goals. :grin:

The satanic luciferian way is a path where you learn from the demons and djinn directly. You don’t need a mentor


Been doing spells for nearly a year

Books used:

The Magick of Angels and Demons book by henry archer

Goetia Pathworking by corwin hargrove

Goetic words of power

Well if I can’t see or hear them nor do I think they’re showing up. How am I supposed to get taught ny them?

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@Class You need to practice the theta gamma sync and meditate every single day. Once you can enter the theta gamma sync you’ll be able to communicate with spirits.

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I see.
What spells have you tried? I am only asking because a lot of times beginners will start with things they are not ready to manifest or do not know how to manifest. How do you feel when you do ritual? Do you feel any different? Which demonic energies are you trying to reach out to? There are some who work very well with beginners.

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Money spells

Healing spells

Spells to improve magick

Baneful spells


Tried to reach out to belial, king paimon, bune, glasya labolus, sitri, sallos, vine few others too

Did you try the 5 questions exercise? You write them leaving space for the answers, then you open the sigil of e.g. Bune if you ask something about money (relaxedly look into the sigil until it seems to flash or become 3D etc.). Whatever comes into your mind, write it down without analysis, doubt or corrections.


Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Meditation. Always meditate before magick when you are new to it {and even if you are not} to make sure you are in the right head-space. Also ensuring your energy is in a good place is important for beginners. Look up chakra work, tai-chi or kundalini as ways to help your energy flow. Petrucelly has book called “Book of Soul Retrieval” for free on Kindle Unlimited if you have the ability to access it.
  2. Look up demons who may have a close association with you such as those who rule your zodiac or your element. For example, I’m a Cancer so one of my astrological demons is Vual and being a water sign, my elemental demon is Leviathan.
  3. Spend some time with your demons. Don’t just jump in and start demanding stuff. Take ritual time to offer praise to the demonic, feel their vibes and enjoy their presence.
  4. Be clear and concise with your petition when you do spells. The “I want a bunch of money” spell is nice but not as likely to work as a more thought out spell such as “I am applying for a position that would grant me a raise, please aide my efforts.” Magick does half the work. You do the other half.
  5. The black lodge is often the harder path to magick and progression. However, it is well worth the rewards. When I started, I would just cast a neutral energy circle and a quick hymn/chant to the Goetikon I got from V.K. Jehannum. Then I would listen politely, wait and just vibe on the energy. This is how I first connected with Lucifer.
  6. Magick and connections often work in subliminal ways, but near constantly. It is likely you have affected changes, but have not noticed them or have written them off as coincidence.

I hope all this helps!


No but I don’t know how to open a sigil. I’ve tried it many times but it doesn’t open.

E.A. prescribes to imagine looking at a lover: not only in a relaxed but also intimate way. Another effects may be to feel “strange” (in a trance), perceive the spirit’s force or presence, or simply that it seems to have gazed at the sigil long enough.

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How are you attempting to “open” it. What happens?

I listen to binaural beats and gaze at the sigil

It seems to me that you are just waiting for a miracle to happen. You see, when opening a sigil, you don’t want to stare at it, waiting for it to start dancing with a tiny hat and cane. You have to let go, to accept that no Hollywood-like thing will happen, and let the sigil open. By wanting it to open, you put force which blocks the process. Be patient and try the advice given to you,by the fellow members. I really suggest you take a look at E.A’s sigil opening newsletter. Good luck :smile:


@C.Kendall accepts apprentices. I would recommend him.

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