Can someone manifest you to do something against your will? (if so how do you protect yourself against it))

I know people can manifest their desired lives through visualization and other methods. But if (for example) someone kept visualizing a life where you will be with them forever, against your will, then what will happen? Is this considered a curse or some kind of baneful magick? How do you counter this kind of magick?

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Yes, they can. In Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption. it is believed that Everyone Is You Pushed Out. Basically, other people don’t really exist separate from you, all is simply infinite pieces of consciousness sharing the same dream. Free will is an illusion, as is the idea of separateness, so when you are “manifesting” for someone else to do something, what you are really doing is convincing a part of that shared consciousness to become a version of the person who will act in the way you want them to.

I hate using this terminology but, to put it in a simpler way, if someone was trying to manifest a life with you even though in this reality you have no interest in them, then what will happen is they will “shift” to a reality where they can have the version of you they want. This is basically a layman’s idea of the many worlds hypothesis from quantum physics.

As for countering it, there is literally nothing to counter since they are not infringing upon you in any real way.


So I’m the above model, yes if your weaker is weaker than thiers, but it was your will to have a weaker will in a way.

Personally I think it’s still yes and I don’t subscribe to the “all is me” model at the human level because in my worldview that version of me that is the All doesn’t have any interest in this level of existence so it’s moot. Then it comes down to a battle of wills between granular aspects of being that are different but the effect is the same.

To guard against it you have to strengthen your will then, so that it’s imovable and stronger than the next guys.
You do that by strengthening your spirit through meditation like kundalini development.


To protect yourself from it, a stronger will needs to be developed.

This scenario you’re describing, in a mundane sense, is common in parent-child dynamics. Some grow up to be just the way the parents wanted them to be while others don’t at all. The latter always have stronger senses of will and self, always.

It’s gets even more exaggerated when religion or magick is thrown in. The ones who rebel have an even stronger will than those who’d attempted to instill a different belief.

There’s also another common scenario related where someone flips their beliefs on a whim because of another person. There’s a certain famous new age guru this happened to who, rather publicly too. She was one of the biggest new age names for a while, was all about angels, love, protection, all that fluff. Suddenly out of nowhere she denounced all her prior work, calls it all Satanic, all because of her new husband’s faith.

As for methods of protection, a few:

-invisibility. Makes the other person lose focus on you as a target

-banishing/blocking the spirits they are closest with. It’s tough when it involves a major deity but such can absolutely be done provided one has a good connection with another deity — even better if the two deities are already enemies.


So I think it would be your power vs theirs. You have competing visions that you’re trying to bring about and the one with the most energy behind it will manifest.

Although it could also be the case while on the surface your wills contradict your magick might find a way to give you both what you want. Say you don’t want to be with them because you’re looking for someone with xyz traits and they don’t have them. When they visualize being with you they may inadvertently start giving themselves xyz traits. Thus they get you and you get a the kind of partner you’re looking for.

I generally don’t think influence magick is particularly baneful until a couple of things happen. If you make a decision on how a certain aspect of your life will go and you put energy into that decision (mundane and magickal), then they influence you into something that truly contradicts your decision. At that point any banishing and protection magick should help you. Also the strength of your magick you put into that decision.


The belief that some one can force you to do something is what allows that. This is why Curses don’t o often work on people with Strong Faith or Will.

In truth no one creates in your reality. Nor do you create in theirs. What you are doing is creating your version of them in your reality and vice versa.

Bashar Speaks on this:

Personally I feel the vibration of the Intent & Motive Matters.

Example: I will control this person and make them break up with with who they are with and fall in love with me. That is considered Black Magick, by working against the will of another.


I Step into a reality where that person is single and become very attracted to me and falls for me and we are a perfect match. You literally shift to another parallel universe where you get the outcome you desire

Pamala Oslie did this and writes about it in her book “Infinite you.”


I Step into a reality where that person is single or someone even better more beautiful, more compatible comes into my life and we are perfect for each other and complimentary for each other.

Can you feel the difference in the energy?

The first one takes enormous force and micro-management, and you will feel you always need to control them. This is most Narcissistic option. I have seen a person use Magick to remove another love interest and end up with the person they were obsessed with only to have that person take their house from them and cause them massive amounts of stress.

I would not say that is Magickal Backlash or or Karma as most think about it. But it was a Narcissistic person that instead of flowing with what would be best for them, decided to force their will to get the person they wanted and not paying attention to the red flags and creating a bad situation. And being a narcissist they never really listen to anyone but themselves, ignore all red flags and then play the Victim when things go wrong and then it’s all the person’s fault they controlled.

Even if this is a simulation there are still higher vibrational paths that are more beneficial to take and lower vibrational paths and the outcome will be matching those vibrations.

Would you rather have a life where you are a puppet master or you just attract great people and experiences and opportunities. Regardless if you’re using LOA, Working with Angels & Demons, or NLP, your intent motive and path you choose matters and affects the outcome by it’s vibrational nature.

Even if I was to Visualize or do working for something on a Specific Person I would do it with outcome being mutually beneficial and enriching for all involved. I don’t know if you ever watched True Blood on HBO about the Vampire. Some were pure evil others still had their humanity and would feed on people to survive but then heal them and erase the memory and then give them positive suggestions in deep Vampire Hypnosis to improve their lives.

I once had woman I was dating show some Psycho Behavior so I said enough of this. I put myself into a Alpha/Theta state and visualized her leaving my life and meeting someone else and being very happy. Within a couple of weeks it happened and she got married. She then used that guy, cheated on him, and cut him off for sex and I assume they are now divorced. I saved my self, but did it in a way that she would not be focused or vindictive to me. I had nothing to do with what she did to him as I only saw her as happy and exiting my life. She sent me a Friend request a bout a year ago I did not respond, I saw what she was by what she did to a man who’s only mistake was loving & trusting her.

That’s my two cents. I always try choose the higher or highest vibrational path to get the most positive and beneficial results for all involved. Unless it self-defense and I’m under attack, and even then I would try that if I had the time and the threat was not very great. Why shoot someone if Pepper Spray will work, and that is both literal and metaphorical.

Be Blessed.


So that’s what happened to Doreen Virtue?
She married a Born Again Christian and she submitted to his will?

Did her Son stay with the Spiritual or follow her also I used to like her books about Gods, Goddesses and Angels.

I’m not really sure since I never followed her all that closely. (I didn’t even know she had a son)

To my understanding though, she had always been a Christian, had been raised as one but eventually became more of a Christian pagan through adulthood. Her flip was more going from Christian pagan to (a rather extreme sort of) fundamentalist and this sudden change in her was shortly after her and her husband joined a new church.

I’m with you somewhat on that though. Her angel and light worker stuff never clicked with me at all, but her goddess oracle used to be one of my most faithful divination tools back when I was a teen (and later in life when I’d use it still every now and then).

That deck suddenly not working, along with giving off some really nasty energy compelled me to look up what was going on around the it happened. Crazy how many similar reports there had been.

Did the Law of Assumption way of manifesting your goals work?

I tried the Law of Assumption and it was insanity tbh.

Yep. I successfully manifested a $20, 000 grant for the company I work for. I also drew large audiences by assuming it so.

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That’s what they mean on tiktok when they say “shifting” referring to celebrities and fictional characters? :nauseated_face:

I feel like they can draw energy from you and drain you, stole “parts of yourself” so to speak if the person that is doing that is strong and skilled enough, perhaps.

The other option is that maybe she just having weird fantasies and feeding a thoughtform or even a parasite, and that’s it.

Yes, they think they can physically move themselves to a reality where fiction is real and their favourite characters exist. It’s basically mental escapism at its finest.

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