Can someone help with reading interpretation?

Okay, so I experienced something weird.

I’m not developed enough to communicate with spirits. It’s been almost a month and I’ve been meditating every day.

Marchosias came to mind for no reason today. A few weeks ago I burned Marchosias’ sigil and took her energy out of my life. This is because I want to reach King Belial. I am trying to reach out to King Belial to assist me in my ascension.

So I don’t know how to put it, but when I think of Marchosias today, I felt like I had to reach out to her.

That’s why I wanted to use tarot. First, I meditated for 15 minutes. Then, before shuffling the deck, I asked myself if Marchosias had a message for me, and I kept that in mind for a while.

I won’t go into too much detail. I briefly used Mike Bee’s method.

Anyway, here is the result:

The cards do not look very detailed in the photo. That’s why I’m listing the cards one by one:

Card 1: Gamigin - Queen of Pentacles
Card 2: Valefar - The Fool
Card 3: Marchosias - 9 of Cups
Card 4: Paimon - 10 of Swords
Card 5: Forneus - 4 of Pentacles
Card 6: Orobas - The World
Card 7: Sitri - Queen of Cups
Card 8: Stolas - 10 of Cups
Card 9: Haures - Justice
Card 10: Raum - 5 of Pentacles

I’m not sure if I really succeeded in this reading but I was seriously surprised to see Marchosias on the cards. Can someone interpret this reading?

It looks like you read the cards for Marchisias. :slight_smile:

That’s the “celtic cross” spread and sets given meanings to each position. Position 9 is innermost emotionally and desires if I recall correctly, and that’s Justice… (or it might be environment, I forgot I always read the booklets and my memory is bad)

So there’s a feeling that you’re cutting off Marchisuas wasn’t necessary or fair. They were not getting in the way of you working with Belial. Or it just means they’re around, confirming your upg that Marchosias wants your attention.

Card there is the goal/destiny card, that’s the best possible outcome not the final outcome (that’s card 10)… so Marchosias thinks the best outcome is for you to resume working with them. It’s not the Final Result because of free will, the choice is yours.

I’d call that an invitation to pick up where you left off. I agree the reason for dropping Marchisuas makes little sense, you can work with as many entiries at the same time as you like and that will work together just fine.

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In short, she supports my work with Belial but finds it unnecessary to remove her energy from my life. Did I understand correctly?

I think I will continue to work with Marchosias