Can someone help me out

Hello everyone im new to the community and also new to this,I’m asking here if anyone can help me out and point me in the right direction with and easy but powerful love spell to bring back my ex,like I said im new to this I need something simple and powerful,if anyone can help me out I will much appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this post

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You can try a goddess of love they are very fast. Or a demon that it’s associated with relationship

Thank you for the reply @esmee
I don’t want to evoke because I don’t know how and it will take me a long time to learn i want the easiest love spell there has to be one out there

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Please use the search function on the upper right. There are plenty of love spells available here.

what will I type in easy love spells?

@DarkestKnight im sorry did I break a rule by asking?
Just thought maybe someone might know something that hasn’t been posted in these forums.
My apologies again if I did something wrong.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. We just generally prefer it when folks put some effort into trying to find information for themselves before asking others to hand it to them.

Try this:

However, just so you know, a love spell will not necessarily bring back your ex. A person can be in love with someone but still not want to get back together, especially if the reasons for the breakup are still present.

A reconciliation spell might be better.


ok reconciliation spell ill search for it.
@DarkestKnight if you know one thats easy please share and thank you so much just learn something new today.
Thank you again

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