Can someone explain E.A. Koetting's newest video

I’m just not getting the process ea explains to you on how to remove your chakras

People seem a bit obsessed over ridding themselves of their spiritual organs.


That’s the whole point. It’s not actually a spiritual organ. That’s a belief that has become prevalent over the centuries but is not even part of the original ancient teachings. Chakras are supposed to be a symbolic meditative tool, not a permanent energetic structure.


I see, well, regardless, got some ideas I want to try out from this thread.

Well can anyone explain it better?

To be fair, form, mind, identity, and, consciousness, are themselves symbols that people try to make permanent, as well. It’s not so much an issue that people set themselves up so they have seven colourful balls inside them, the issue moreso, is that people allow that to limit them. Basically, the modern chakra framework is like training wheels on a bicycle— Something meant to help the inexperienced get used to operating something new that’s completely foreign to their general method of operation. Where problems arise, is people limit and lock themselves in to riding only the bicycle with training wheels, either through their core nature (lazy/etc), or through ignorance/confusion from being bombarded by so much information on the subject here in this particular instance of reality. To be frank, the modern occult scene is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, we can share and expand what we know at impressive rates, but, as my Shalafi once said “Just because one can talk about a subject doesn’t mean one knows what they’re talking about”.

This isn’t meant to be a rebuke, nor aggressive, though it may come across as such due to my particular brand of madness; Rather, a response to an astute point, to stimulate contemplation of the subtle things that hold us back and limit us to causality and illusion, to aid in the process of destroying our self-imposed shackles.


Well said.
If the chakras are merely a basic framework, then surely, it can be manipulated into something more interesting.


Honestly its pretty simple. He’s basically saying to take your energetic fingers, place them behind each chakra, and pop them out. Is there a specific part you are having trouble understanding?


Ok that actually explains a lot I was just not clear on where your astral hands were going/ doing

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No problem. Sorry to derail your thread there. It’s a bit of a controversial topic if you can’t tell lol


No it’s ok I tried on my third eye and throat chakras and I heard an audible popping sound but idk if it was my chakras popping out or my spine and I couldn’t replicate it for the other chakras

Ok update: I’m pretty sure I did it correctly I’m starting to feel the after effects that he mentioned in his video

Chakra removal is a belief system modification brought by new age and occultic standpoints with never ending views…

Obviously at first, this was something I had an incredible interest in. Nonetheless, we need to comprehend that we live in multidimensional reality and there are things going on simply outside our unmistakable sight, a lot of which is parasitic in Nature, siphoning human vitality and halfway by means of the phony chakra framework, people live life not to their fullest.

This additionally exposes the weak to vampiric energies, particularly individuals who are out of their “inside” (not connected to the self properly), possibly individuals who experience the ill effects of addictions like medication/drugs or liquor could seek a better interest in removing them than those who are more stable.

Continuously know about your very own self and vibration. I’m not dread mongering I’m simply cautioning individuals to this hyperdimensional lattice and what can conceivably occur. This is likewise from working with individuals direct in vitality mending sessions and hearing their accounts.


The belief for some in new age is that the chakras are foreign implants and removing them allows their energy to flow more freely without constraints and removes them from being vamped by the demiurge.

Personally I find the belief nonsense as not everyone has the same amount of chakras nor the same “layout” of their chakra system. However, I did attempt to test those within the new age communities that “knew how to remove” them, but each case there was no removal there was just foreign energy, their energy without programming. However, part of the removing chakras belief it has melded also into the concept of combining all the chakras into one, which I still believe is pretty ignorant of the chakra system because in my experience it’s like trying to fuse the heart with your kidneys, sexual organs, bladder, and every other major and minor organ and thinking it’ll yield positive results.

The sad part is that people will jump to attempt this because they’re followers and hear that someone “did” it and will try it on themselves without even knowing their energy system in great detail, such is the sad part of most occult things, people unknowingly damage themselves because the sheep mentality of someone well known says do it. There exists mundane sheeple and occult sheeple.


I find it pretty ridiculous that most of the people who rant the loudest about the implant/slave system nonsense regarding the chakras have never actually bothered to even fully develop them.

According to the yogic literature, the fully developed chakras unlock a vast array of abilities that magicians spend decades working to develop in slower ways. Precognition, clairvoyance, levitation, astral projection, seeing into the future, bilocation, mastery of the elements, spiritual immortality, and the ability to travel vast distances in the blink of an eye, are just some of the stated powers.

I don’t know of any proper “enslavement system” that would give its prisoners super powers like that.

I’ve always related to the Taoist thought that it is easier to give up a fully realised life to spiritual pursuits, than it is to use the spiritual pursuits as a way to escape from life. In my opinion, it would be more useful to fully develop the chakras and then remove them, than it would be to remove them before your magical journey has even started.


Are you implying you’re not new age? I could prove you wrong.

So you’re saying you’re not part of the sheeple that you’re so quick to condemn? You’re telling me the chakra systems aren’t popular? You’re telling me they’re not ideas imposed on you by spiritual systems that come from distant corners of the world, and these spiritual systems don’t have vastly different aims than most LHP magicians?

The way I see it, is in Hindu there is no LHP as we understand it, tantra is just a faster method to accomplish RHP objectives. You’re practicing the LHP, whilst being constrained by a system which contradicts your motives, unless you’re not interested in immortality and would prefer to merge with One?

Taoism may or may not utilize chakras, and I’m aware that there are many posts on the Daobums forums that expose an aversion to chakras in that particular community. Taoism is the only modern Eastern branch that has anything like our LHP, the trick is to find which sect is more aligned with your desire. To somebody that likes Nirvana you might want to check out the Lotus tradition, to somebody who likes the LHP and black magic you should check out Mao Shan.

You say this, as if you’re implying the chakras are as necessary as those vital organs. I disagree. I visualize daily, vividly, I haven’t worked with my chakras at all. They belong to a system imposed upon you, not something you made for yourself, so once again, how are you not part of the sheeple you condemn? What if you were limiting yourself by compartmentalizing pieces of yourself (that’s what chakras do) according to the ramblings of a culture which isn’t any less anti-life, and isn’t that far removed from any other RHP current?


So you’re a yogi or a LHP magician?

I’ve never seen a person with superpowers.

Except that most of their versions of immortality involves self-annihilation, and merging with another force. Not very LHP. The only path I heard of that is different than this is Bhakti, but don’t know much about it.

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Can’t believe I actually somewhat agree with this moffie.

What I am, is very well read in a large variety of related topics.

Neither have I. However, magicians seek a lot of abilities it is doubtful they have ever seen anyone actually possess.

In the literature I have studied, the stories of the 9 Taoist Immortals are quite similar to what LHP magicians seek to accomplish.