Can someone aid me in a death spell?

Ok I have seven years worth of practice with magick as I have some spells manifested and some not. I personally had people done me wrong and what not but never cursed them or anything. But I was assaulted couple months ago and wish to see this person in a coffin. I really need a successful spell of help because two heads are better than one. Can anyone help me?


These threads have good info that can hopefully help you.


There is an old coffin nail spell that’s very popular in old world witchcraft and necromancy that I can look into for you if you’re interested


Thank you! That would be much oblige

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I’ll search through the grimoires I have to find it and let you know when I do

I wanna get deeper into these subjects, mind kiking me?

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Definitely !

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Will do when I get home !

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I’d be very grateful for it as well. People have fucked me over one time too many.

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use Fengir


Send Djinn after him !

If you didn’t work with them before, you can use a ritual from Baal Kadmon’s Djinn Magick, or Corwin Hargrove’s Practical Jinn Magick.


Me too please.

Hey, to all who wanted the spell I’ll look through my old grimoires and make a post about it soon.

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Email me at [email protected]
I would like your assistance with a death spell please.

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Have you had any success carrying out your death spell?

I’m looking for something that works as I have been trying for months now with no results.

My advice is let it go, which will probablt be ignored. I got jumped by a guy three times my size, got slammed in the back of my head, fell to the sidewalk nearly on my face, rolled out of the way before he stomped me, and pleaded for my life to be left alone.

I forgave the guy. Doesnt mean I like what occurred or he will not get karma for it. I couldve called a crip hit crew on his ass. I actually talked a crip friend of mine out of doing so.

If you really wish to proceed, then I recommend Vovins freezer spell.

If you’re looking for success stories Goetic, I have a thread here where I’ve amalgamated some of the forums best success stories, ranging from baneful magick, to love magick and everything in-between. Frankly, the thread was partially made for folks such as yourself who have doubts about magicks efficacy.


Thank you. I will bookmark that page.

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Kronus, who might or might not be EA, helped me write a death spell on, I can find it for you if youre interested.