Nergal, The God of Death,

P.S This Article written by Magus Eonyrius(Its my Magickal Pen name)was Posted on the Website Master of the Sun.


Who is Nergal:
Nergal is a Mesopotamian Deity of death, war, plague and the Underworld, He was worshiped throughout Mesopotamia, His main temple was in the City of Cutha. He co-rules the Underworld named Irkalla with his Wife Erishkegal.

The Powers and Role of Nergal in a LHP paradigm:
Nergal is a Very useful ally and Mentor for those walking the LHP, His various power , as a Death, Plague and War bringer can be interpreted on many levels of understanding,
As a God of Death, Nergal is a god that can be Invoked to free The Magus from Old and Destructive habits, He bring Death to the Former self of the Magus and By doing this, He make possible the Birth of the Higher Self of the initiate.

He can also be called to Bring Death to any Enemy the Magus May Have. Being a God of Death he can also Prevent it, by Doing so he become a God of Life, Nergal can be called upon to Heal agonizing People. Also when a loved one of the Magus Die, Nergal can be Called to Help the soul of the recent Death adjusting to his or her new state of Being.

Nergal can teach the Mage how to Work with the Shade of the Dead(Necromancy) He can also teach the Mage Methods of Baneful Magic that are Really Effective.

As a God of War, Nergal can be Called Upon to Fix or Create any Conflicts on any scale of importance, This Conflicts can be Physical or not. For instance, He can be called Upon to overcome any Obstacles or Challenges the Magus can be facing in his or her Personal Life, be it Physical or Spiritual. Nergal can teach the Magus how to Influence the Emotional State of People For Good or Bad Purpose, depending on the intent of the Magus.

Nergal is Often associated with the ‘‘Negative, destructive Polarity’’ of the Sun Deity Shamash.
In a LHP Paradigm, Nergal is the Bearer and giver of the Black Flame, the Individual Divine Spark. Nergal can be Invoked to Help the Magus advance and progress more efficiently on the Left Hand Path by Ascending as a God.

My Experience and Working With Nergal:
I’m Working with Nergal for at Least 3 years by the time I’m writing this article. Nergal Taught me how to become the Master of My own Life, how to free myself from many Bad Habits i had in the Past, He Also free me from a Big Anxiety disorder and Help me progress on the LHP by always pushing me Farther and Farther of my ‘‘own imposed limitation’’.

Nergal Appear to me most of the time in a Black Robe, He has a Pale Skin, Dark Hair to the Ear and a combed Black Beard. His eyes are Often of a Burning Black Flame. Nergal Presence is Calming and never intruding. He often speak in the manner of a Ancient Aristocrat. He will Often Walk around you while he is Talking to you with his arm crossed in his Back, Often Looking up to the sky or down to the Ground.

Nergal Reside in Irkalla(Sumerian Underworld) which is an Astral Plane that can be Acceded by Focusing on him or his Wife Erishkegal, the Architecture of Irkalla is a Mix between ancient Babylonian and Greek Architecture. Irkalla seem to be situated underground in a Giant Cavern, Blue and Red Light are the only Light Source giving illuminating this place, except for some case where Torch are Burning.

The Irkalla is Divided in Many City all governed by a King and a Queen appointed by Nergal and his Wife Erishkegal. Him and Erishkegal are the Ultimate Governor of Irkalla, they are the Highest authority of this Astral Plane.


Nergal is not a spirit, he is a man. All the Sumerian Gods were actual biological entities that came here from Nibiru. Him and Ninurta nuked the sinai spaceport because they didn’t want Lord Marduk and Nabu to obtain it. I will give you a hint: Baal Hadad = Baal Adad, Adad, Enlil’s son.

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I dont agree with you, and my Personal Long Interaction with Nergal prove me otherwise, Also, All the Ancient Alien Belief is easily Debunked and have no Scientific Values, or real Historical Proof, Feel free to check the Free documentary Ancient Alien Debunked.

But your Free to Believe what you want to, as i am free to Belief otherwise


These entities from Nibiru have already mastered immortality. Some of them (Nanna and Inanna) are still alive. Nergal might be dead, and yes, just like Jupiter/Zeus, they are capable from communicating from summerland.

Ok, Since i see that I cannot Use Logical Argumentation backed with Historical and Scientific Proof with you.

I wont Argue any more, your Free to Belief in Whatever you Want, But my Personal Experience with Nergal is very Clear for me and I Belief 1000% that he is not an Alien coming from Nibiru

Since all these Ancient Alien Theories are not backed up by Science nor History and that the Person who Teached this Theory are very not to be Trused in this Area, i dont Believe in it.

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Summerland? Isn’t that the wiccan version of after life?

Yes it is, here’s the link :

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As a Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan let me make clear that the myths of the ‘Summerlands’ is mostly believed in by eclectic or Wiccan pagans. The Reconstructionist branches of Celtic, Germanic, Saxon and Norse have their own idea of the Other World.
In many ways the ‘Summerlands’ is simply the Christian heaven with a pagan veneer over the top. It is mostly taken from the idea of the Elysian Fields of Greek myth mixed in with the misunderstood version of the Lands of Eternal Youth of Celtic myth.
As Wicca is a very young pagan tradition that simply ‘borrowed’ from older traditions and mixed in a lot of ceremonial magic ideas, there was little to no scholarship involved in deciding on some of these beliefs and then trying to say this is what our ancestors believed…
The Celts, for one, have no true ‘Summerland’ idea, although they do believe your souls reincarnate both in the Other World and here basically for eternity since spirits are eternal. There is no idea of ‘karma’ in true Celtic tradition, however. And you never come back as ‘you’ again.

Could you tell me what Nergal’s preferred offerings usually are?

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Thanks boss, anything else come to mind? I like to hit entities with an offering variety pack

While I’m very connected to Nergal, I suggest you ask the deity yourself.

Duly noted. I was just searching for a little info before I formally make contact, first impressions and whatnot. Or maybe its not the first contact… hm.

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Any special ritual to call him???


No and no. Also i suggest learning to evoke with no sigil. At some point, just like right now, you’ll be confronted by a situation where there is no such thing. Unless you’re clever.


A good thing to meditate upon :sunglasses:

So is NERGAL the “God of the Underworld,” or is he the Planet Mars—The God of War (Ares)?

From Wikipedia:

“ In the late Babylonian astral-theological systemNergal is related to the planet Mars. As a fiery god of destruction and war, Nergal doubtless seemed an appropriate choice for the red planet, and he was equated by the Greeks to the war-god Ares (Latin Mars)—hence the current name of the planet. In Assyro-Babylonian ecclesiastical art the great lion-headed colossi serving as guardians to the temples and palaces seem to symbolise Nergal, just as the bull-headed colossi probably typify Ninurta

A lot of Gods are linked to planetary Bodies, but that is human association, these Gods are their own people regardless of common associations.


Does anyone had experience with Ereshkegal ? I haven’t seen any here even if im planning on working with Nergal i’d like to know his wife outside the myths

Both. He presides over all those things.

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