Can somebody curse you to have Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease if nobody in your family has it?

Is this possible for someone to curse you with this usually hereditary prion disease. My friend claims she has it but nobody in her family has it. This leads me to think that she was cursed.

Just because no one in the family has the symptoms of the disease, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the gene that causes it.

The genetics are passed down the family line, from parent to child, but not everyone who has the gene will necessarily develop the disease. It only means she is the unfortunate one whose gene became active.

You can’t lay a genetic predisposition at the feet of magick, but you can always get a reading from a neutral party and ask.


DarkestKnight has the right of it. I know a family where one of the children has West’s Disease. Nobody else has had in it their family. For some reason, the genes just became active when she was a month old.

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Yes, it’s possible.

No, it is not likely.

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Do you think her enemy cursed her?

Personally, no, I don’t, but you would have to do a divination to know for sure.

What divination method is best?

That\s up to the reader but tarot, scrying, or pendulum are probably the best options.

If you use a pendulum who answers you? The universe?

Can anything be used as a pendulum?

Anything with some weight to it. A key, or a nut can work.

You can be a silent carrier.

You can also get the disease if you are injected with brain products from an infected person. For example, if you were treated for human growth hormone deficiency prior to the hormones for that being synthetically developed - they used to be literally made from the pituitary glands of human donors. Kind of like how pig thyroid is still made today, only injectable.


I don’t see that anyone mentioned, that many hereditary issues can skip entire generations.

My children for example, have a much higher chance of developing schizophrenia as adults, than I do as a direct descendant of a schizophrenic. I don’t know the particulars of this disease however.

The other thing is recessiveness. Me and my ex-husband both have hazel eyes. ( I thought they were green for 30 years but my 14 year old science whiz tells me I am incorrect)

My son has blue eyes. My daddy had blue eyes, as well as my ex-husbands father. The genes just happened to line up together where my son got beautiful blue eyes. One my younger brothers, is the same story. My daddy had blue, but my stepmom brown. Brown is dominant, unless you manage to catch the recessive trait from both parents-whether or not they exhibit the trait, they carry it. (which I did see about silent carriers, but I was already rambling sorry.)


She used a peptide nasal spray. Could that have caused it?

Literally no person in her family has it. No person. I think it might be sporadic.

First, I corrected the spelling of the disease in your title.

Second, apparently it’s cause by an abnormal infectious protein in the brain called a prion. I’m not a licensed professional so I’m not going to attempt to explain what that means, I’ll just include the source, more info can be found there. I’m not posting this to say it can’t be caused by someone throwing a curse her way, I just posted it to show how it’s caused medically.

I’m sorry your friend is going through this. :bouquet:

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thanks so much hon

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Sounds unlikely. You’d have to read the packaging insert for the specific product in question. That will list origins and side effects. If she threw it out without reading it you can look it up online.

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While I don’t think she received it from a curse, it is way more likely that she was cursed than that she got it from peptide nasal spray.

I’m afraid your friend was probably just unlucky. I’m sorry.

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