Can reconciliation love spells work on Jewish people?

I was seeing someone who was from Israel originally, but has lived in the US for 20 yrs. He’s not particularly religious, but he does go to synagogue every once in a while. Right inside the front door on the wall is an “evil eye” piece of decor which dangles down about 16 inches.

I hired someone to reconcile us back together. I’m also going to do a few rituals as well. Do you think the evil eye decor and the fact he’s Jewish might keep magick from working on him?

Thanks for your thoughts on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, they work for anyone but not on anyone: you see you shift your consciousness into alignment with reconciliation and then that emerges as your experience. It seems like you influence others but you don’t actually do so because others are just an aspect of you. Know thyself.


No, it won’t.
And answer to you question (the title) is a YES.


I have no idea what you just said

Well, since the Kabbalah is a very well known system of Jewish magick, I sincerely doubt his ethnicity would be a factor in any possible immunity to magick.

Generally, what matters is strength of will. If he is the sort that cannot be swayed once his mind is made up, then a reconciliation spell will be unlikely to work.


Then there’s no point to magick at all because everyone has a mind they use.

There is a big difference between having a mind and knowing how to use it.

When it comes to manipulative and coercive magick like a reconciliation spell, there are few who have the strength of will to completely resist. 99% of people are pretty wishy-washy in their decisions, and can be fairly easily swayed from them.


That actually reminds me of a few gay men I knew in my 20s. They swore that if you get enough alcohol into any man they can turn them gay for a night.

Hmm…save it for later. It may come handy.

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Most men, especially in the US based on my experience, only care about sex and it doesn’t matter who they get it from.

Yeah, that’s mostly true IMO.

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