Can only incarnates awaken Domar and Dehak?

I think that only those with physical bodies can awaken Domar and Dehak

according to Persian mythology the zohak was once a human with a physical body, Domar and Dehak being something so powerful and useful to be awakened and I couldn’t help noticing that ahriman and the divs don’t have Domar and Dehak on their shoulders as zohak, if I was a spirit whithout a physical body could I wake up Domar and Dehak?


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From my understanding they’re the sentient symbols of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. As incarnation sort of forces living perspective to the corporeal one I would say they’re exclusively an incarnated aspect as their purpose is to get closer and closer to the black sun, thus bringing the incarnate with them

Ahriman’s greatest sacrifice is being a “being” himself. This further displacement into the flesh would require them to sustain his perspective within Zohak

As far as I understand it, don’t quote me on that. I’ve come to understand a lot more about the biological interaction with spirit than I do the current itself and I’m constantly being surprised


Ahriman is the God of Darkness and his prehistoric Divs are his masks and forms. take the seven divs for example: Aeshma Diva is the lustful and wrathful aspect, a fire formed by darkness. Sovar is the Ruler, Sovar has control over all other divs.

zohak or aslo known as azi Dahaka is man who became god through the darkness, These Two Serpents are the darkness of his own soul and of ahriman.


thank you @Xag_darklight for explaining me about ahriman and the divs, lately i have been thinking that the physical body is necessary to practice inner alchemy, if i didn’t have a physical body and wanted to become a demon through qliphoth will the physical body really be necessary for that?

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Okay so domar and dehak or ida and pingala of you prefer are related to kundalini energy which is part of the psychological energetic system of the human body just as the chakras are.

As much as the energetic meridian systems and dantians are of the qi/chi system of the human body.

It is a different aspect of what makes up the energetoc systems of a human. The same way bones, muscles fibers, blood circulatory system and the nervous system make up aspect of how a human body works these aspects function in a similar manner on the energetic level.


I am very late to the party but I thought that I would give my input. So, if you read up on Azi Dahaka (an alternative name for Zahāk) he is depicted as a dragon-like monster with three heads and three mouths (the overall depiction of Azi Dahaka is more vivid then that but they aren’t relevant to the point that I will be making).

From a mythological standpoint it is actually debated as to whether he was originally considered to be a human in dragon-shape or a dragon in man-shape.

If I were to give you my own opinion, I think that Zahāk is a human avatar of Azi Dahaka. The serpents that lay on his shoulders are symbolic to his more dragon-like form where as I said before has three heads and three mouths (the two serpents on his shoulders as well as the man’s head equates to three).

So, I believe that this is partially why he is depicted with serpents on his shoulders. I also want to add that the serpents on his shoulders are a product of Ahriman kissing them which in my mind could be considered as some type of blessing. So with this said, could you possibly be granted the same thing? Probably, but in a more figurative way. I also would say that any entity incarnated or not could be gifted the same thing if they prove themselves.

In regards to Ahriman and the Div. I honestly would not consider them to be masks. Remember, the Div are a race of beings and there are more then seven of them. I would like to think that the ones that are explicitly named are the ones who play essential roles in being the main opposing forces of the Amesha Spentas.