Can I work with Papa Legba or Baron Samedi if I'm white?

So, I really wanna work with Baron Samedi, maybe Legba. I have to do a ritual to get in contact with Legba first before I can do anything.
I had a deep want to summon him, Imagined a door and was trying to get something out of me, I was clearing my chakras out from what I can remember.
A little after I heard three, quick, sharp knocks at my bedroom door.
Now I wasn’t terrified but it certainly made me jump, after I was just confused. I mean, is it a warning?

When I searched up on Youtube it either comes up as “Jesus is knocking at your door.”, “Your consciousness is waking up”, “death knocks.” etc. I truly don’t know if I offended any of the spirits and wondering if I should continue or not.
I am white as fuck and they are Haitian deities. Is that dangerous?

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There is also the possibility that it’s a sort of “Go ahead” sign.
Anyway you may do some sessions of attunement to Legba by looking at his veve; at the same time explore the related history, music (listen to Haitian drumming) and so on.


Three is Legbas number. Or 333.


Lots of white people work with Haitian deities, and go down the voodoo path. But its alot of root work that you need to be dedicated to if your are white.


Yeah it could be a sign to go ahead. I didn’t get any bad vibes from it at all. He does have some straight up Saturn and Mercury vibes if you have dealt with planetary magic.
The attunement is great for me because symbols are my thing.
I’ll put some drumming on too.
Thank you for the advice.


The answer is, yes, you can. I am working with Legba and Damballah, and I’m a white, Western ceremonial magician. They came to me.


Holy moly that’s actually crazy! I do love me some sacred numbers popping up.
Yeah man. A lot of root work if that’s what I have to do. I will actually get started on some tonight. They are semi-sorta meditations, right?


Sounds like you have been invited and contact is made. :slight_smile:

No it’s fine, there’s a difference between the religion Vodoun which is a closed practice, and the folk magick hoodoo/voodoo. Kind of like, there’s a difference between doing witchcraft and saying you’re a Wiccan, if Wicca was a closed practice.

The people doing the gatekeeping on this have religious views and vested interests to protect, and it’s them you have to get approval from and the initiations into the religion. But that’s not what you’re looking for here. Anyone can practice voodoo and recipes and spells are easy to find as much as they are for witchcraft.

I tend to think the entities are above the human religions and politics, most of them, and working with the Loa or the Orisha is the same as working with any ascended spirit. Papa Legba would not introduce you to anyone not willing to work with someone outside of religious orders, he is the liaison, and that makes life easier.

Someone asked me once if I wanted to work with the Loa, and I said I would not approach the Loa, but if they wanted to invite me to work with them I would be honoured. That happened a few months later, and it was Papa Legba that came. I don’t do much work with them, but it’s been very good to be able to recognise when a new entity shows up if it’s one of the Loa, and act appropriately. :slight_smile:


This. My opinion is he was asking to come into your life. What do you do when you want entrance into someones home or room? You knock on the door lol


Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for this information. Gods are much more bigger than a box like religion. Yeah and the practices are way different.

There are a lot of gatekeeping but I do understand why.
I am thankful that you made me see it in a different light. <3


Yeah and I was super surprised because it was really fast!! Do you have any encounters?


Only very brief encounters, nothing really worth mentioning.


So the best practical advise I could give is if you feel a draw to a specific god or goddess it is entirely possible that they may be call to you or your own energetic makeup resonates with them.

For reference i say this as a someone of mixed heritage from at least 7 different cultures in their family( mom got on a research kick at one point lookin for pirates :joy: don’t ask me why.) And in my own practice i work with norse, vedic, and persian pantheons to name a few. Have for years at this point cause my original work lead me to do so through many twists and turns and my life has and continues to improve as a result.

If you are unsure of where to begin you can cast a ritual circle and ask for guidance or a teacher to help explore how to best effectively work with them. I have done this multiple time with gods and goddess i have felt random pulls to at time but had no earthly idea where to begin. This would often end up with various resources of some kind that would connect to that entity.

Edit. As a side note when i say a basic ritual circle mean just that. Anything from the lbrp to the various methods floating around hear that serve the same function will work fine. My 2 main methods switch between one from black magick of ahriman and a norse based circle casting depending on what i am doing. Previously used the lbrp before i got lead to these methods and the general requests for guidance and teaching works the same so long as the ritual space to make an honest request is made.


Spirits don’t care about ethnicity. I’ve interacted with Egyptian gods before and none of them complained about me being white.

So go ahead.