Can I use an iris flower in a curse?

Hi! So I was in the park on the day of the eclipse and I found a broken off iris flower. I took it and voiced my gratitude to Gaia and any spirits or entities that were allowing me to take this flower. I often pick herbs and such from this park but hadn’t come across iris’s here before, so this seemed like some sort of gift?

Anyway, My question is can I use an iris flower for curse work or banishments? Since I know it’s a toxic flower, I figured that might be a good use for it, but I’m not familiar with using this flower in my craft, so any advice would be appreciated!

Iris flowers in the general public eye represent things like

  • honor, grandeur, and unity.
  • communicates love, faith, wisdom, hope, and admiration;

Irises will do the needful for you. This unique and elegant bloom symbolizes royalty and new beginnings. In the language of flowers, Iris flower also symbolizes passion, determination, and relentless hope to fight adversities.

Doesn’t sound that great for curses in my mind, but then for me no flower would, unless you can think of a way to make Irises nasty in your mind in some way.

Maybe let it get wet and slimy and rotten, and then that can represent the death and rot of all the lovely things it represents in it’s prime.

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I personally follow the principle of if it does one thing, it can do the opposite for example Marbas a healer can cause illness as well as heal them. The power of our planets and elements have benevolent and malevolent properties, so look at some of the things associated to it.

If it’s known for wisdom, it can have the adverse effect for example causing stupidness or folly. If it communicates love, let us wield its adverse effect for separation and miscommunication. If it symbolises faith, weaponise that for the target to loose their faith whether that be in their god or In themselves.

If it symbolises hope, be this the flower which can drain all hope from your victim, all that’s really required is the activation of the dormant properties of it. Whilst programming it via your intent before using it, however of course as with almost all baneful ingredients as @Mulberry mentioned it’s a good idea to let it dry and rot. Ground it into a powder-like substance, hold your right hand over it. Breathe in deeply pulling the minor amount of energy from the flower into yourself, hold your breath and as you do feel that energy of that ingredient awakens inside of you, as you exhale push it back into the flower, you can repeat this two or three times for optimum effectiveness.

As you do this feel that minor amount of inactive energy suddenly intensify within you, growing in size and increasing in terms of energetic vibrancy. This will immediately start to happen because the human self is an active energy system that when in contact with inactive energies it’ll instantly activate them. As you do this exhale deeply and push this energy back into the flower, feel that the light fills every fibre, and it keeps increasing and building in terms of vibrancy, potency and power, simply then state something along the lines off.

“Creature of earth, spirit of iris flower, I awaken within you the powers, energies and functions of a baneful nature, to drain my victim of any and all hope, I seal this calling upon you and I seal the power to perform this function within you, Eternal”.

Once done simply envision how the energy of the once shining iris flower darkens, sit with it and notice the adverse and sinister nature of the flower once undetected, this works surprisingly well. Simply then employ this and or mix it with other things of your desire in your upcoming baneful operation.


I greatly appreciate your advice and am super grateful for your input! I will let you know how it goes! I’m absolutely inspired!

Using what you wrote, I put my own twist to it, what do you think?

“Child of the earth, spirit of this iris bloom, I stir in you the ancient energies, those uses of a darker nature, to strip my prey of every last ember of hope, leave them blind to wisdom, let them drive away that they love with the bumbling stupidity of their waggling tongue, isolate them as loose faith in themselves and in their power, I bind this tasking and power to you, invoking your hidden toxic nature, and bestow upon you the authority to wield this force, Evermore.”