Can I have some help with the egyptian pantheon please?

Hi there, Id like to work with baset and the scorpion goddess serket. Im kinda in unfamiliar territory here, since this pantheon is unknown to me.
Could someone please refer me to a book on them or their sigils mantras or enns please.

So far I use seth’s enn and ask him to refer me to them, and get results but I get a ominous feeling when I do that.

I’m liking this book right now, Egyptian Magick: a spirited guide Paperback – November 30, 2020 by Mogg Morgan

They probably won’t have enns, as those are from the religion of demonolatry, or demon worship, and is so far removed from Egyptian magick in it’s philosophy I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Egyptian magick is more like assumption of Godforms and then performing the work yourself AS the god, not asking the god to do it for you as a separate being.

Similarly sigils are from the Grimoiric tradition of the middle ages and not related. They have names so use those. You can use them written in hieroglyphs or make your own sigils or find UPG sigils by other people online if you like, but I would learn how to contact them using the tradition they come from first before mixing up currents.


Well from my training with the dragons, they’ve shown me this to be true with all spirits mainly because all is self. They would like us to work with spirits as though they are spirits within a video game. Then they actually like working with us, because it’s an exchange of energy and power. And the more you do this, it becomes like a cell tower so you can do just through thought rather than rituals

This sounds exactly like the Golden Dawn’s Analysis of the Keyword ritual

Yes, you invoke the aspect or power and become it and then use it yourself. Also similar to “drawing down the moon” and other pagan invocation rituals.

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