Can drugs help with astral projection

I need to detatch myself from this reality

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How about alcohol? Wouldn’t it seem disrespectful that you are inebriated?


Please elaborate

Can you suggest any?

nothing illegal

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What about phebibut or alcohol?

I have never heard of alcohol helping with psychic abilities so i don’t know

Phenibut? Pm me.

My questions were out of curiosity. I am relatively new to this, so in my opinion to approach a higher being, to curry his/her favor you must show respect.

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Dont try this, trust me

I am possesing my future body. My future body does not have a soul. I am not going to kill myself though.

How should I do it?

Anything that will help you relax, could theoretically help you astral project. One of the most important things to be able to detach is the ability to relax and let go. I have never tried it with alochol, but I have tried it with Kratom, with some good experiences.

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Thanks bro

It can help you fall into your imagination too. While the astral is a mental plane it’s slightly different from your own mentalscape. The astral is like where everyone’s imaginations connect as the collective unconscious then we all have our own mentalscape where we dream. However they’re connected. Drugs depending on what drugs will lead you down a delusional experience or a legitimate experience, it also depends on you.


Do you not believe in spirits or a soul?

I do but what does one have to do with the other?

Do you not believe that a spirit can leave the body without death