Can drugs help with astral projection

I never stated I didn’t believe in projection but astral projection isn’t the soul leaving the body. It’s your soul using a projection of itself as your energy body to better interact with the mental plane/astral plane. Or if you go to the etheric/spiritual plane same instance.


Interesting. I want to possess my next body without killing myself. I want my empty body to be inhabited. Is that possible?

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Bind the energy of your consciousness to the new body

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Awesome! How?

A soul reincarnated into a body it’s compatible with, there’s cases of a specific type of walk-in where the next compatible soul comes in but that’s rare and most entities that want to reincarnate want the whole experience not pick up what someone left off but baby to toddler to kid to teen to adult type experience.

However a future body isn’t accurate as the future isn’t written in stone. So there’s no future body until you Leave this one and decide to reincarnate at that moment.

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How old is the body you want to possess

A baby

has it already been born or still in the lady

Actually it’s more like an embryo ( please God dont let this thread evolve into a pro life/ choice debate)


@anon48079295 may know when soul enters body
so you can try and have your soul enter the body. it may be like a permanent bilocation. unless you get rid of soul from current body.

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You’re the best

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Who do you think will be able to help me with bilocation?

i don’t know. You can make a topic and people who are experienced with souls and the incarnation process can help you


Focus all your Consciousness into one single point.

Project that point out of your body in front of you.

Aproximately 2-3 meters have prooven to be most reliable for the ejection process.

While traveling inside the Orb state,
go into the new vessle (your child),
and start filling it with your essence.

The Mantra “So hum Akal” will guide you through that process and make you succeed at it.

I almost skipped this topic for seemingly being unimportend.

when back in your own body,
you’ll need to absorb as much energy as you can,
for stabilizing back into your own vessle,
since without the re-stabilization your old body simply withers away and dies,
as you inhabit the new vessle.

There’s various different assumptions on how much of this technique is required to fully carve out the vessle you’re possessing,
and get complete host stage in both bodies.

I suggest you aim for the Month of practice,
and try to squeeze it down into three weeks.

The point here being,
that you want to find that sweet spot were you completely take full possession,
but still remain controled in your old vessle.

This technique normally requires some dedication aswell as having reached a certain energetic strength beforehand,
but you shouldn’t worry about that to much.

When re-charging yourself in your main vessle,
you’ll fill in the blanks which might normally hold you back from fully doing that exercise without proper training. (which basically no one offers, me even talking about it is already stepping out of the dark further than you’d normally get.)

So remember.
The Incantation for the process is:

So hum Akal

You basically do the opposite of what E.A. is doing here;
you’re not incarnating more into your current vessle,
but rather disincarnating yourself from it.

the mantra itself means:

“i am undying.”

You’ll know you’re successful,
when you can percieve and memorize the expierience,
of being within the other body,
and in there,
the consciousness present,
you’ll have to completely eat it up and become it.

at that stage,
it’ll be extremely difficult to get back out and into your normal vessle,
due to the early stage of that vessle,
and it’s huge demand on Spirit Energy for structuring it correctly.

So when it feels like you almost couldn’t leave the young Body,
you’ll know you succeeded.

and i recommend you research various grounding techniques on the forum.

You’ll need them,
once you’re multi-sleeved.

Operating several bodies simoteneausly is exhausting,
and you’ll be glad to know as much as you can,
on how to restore yourself from that exhaustion.




Thank you for this.

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Yeah not sure if i leave this sitting here.

It’s not ment to be publically available.



how come

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Because it’s the exact method of incarnation at will.

But it also allows even stronger forbidden arts,
like envocation.

(which is reverse possession.)




Can drugs help with blue ray meditation?


I give up.

There isn’t an “easy pill” for everything.
And even if there was,
you’d still have to understand what you’re doing to get the results.

The Drug you’re asking for is Ayhuasca, or simply DMT.
Just use the search function and google.

And please use a tor browser when doing so,
you don’t want the DFA or FBI or whatever it’s called your place to come knocking on your door. :wink:

why did i even answer in the first place.

And you’d need real ayuhasca,
not just DMT,
because DMT alone doesn’t work in the desired way in human system.

C ya.