Can demons hear our thoughts during evocation?


Just wondering about this. I can’t see spirits or hear them. I only feel their energy when they are there. I wonder if they can hear what we think when they are in front of us. For example, if I think a request or a question instead of saying it, will they hear it?

Not that I plan to do this. The reason I’m asking is that it would really worry me if they can. My thoughts are mine and I would not like for any spirit to be able to read them.

Lately I’ve been having trouble concentrating during evocation because of personal problems, and sometimes I get weird, random, or very negative or destructive thoughts out of somewhere. Thoughts that I wouldn’t like the spirits to hear so that they won’t influence my petitions.


I know they do if you visualize and intend for them too.

I too have been wondering if they constantly hear us uninvited.

Entities attached to your aura likely do.


Try to do divination with Lucifer. You don’t even have to speak and he already comes with the answer :slight_smile: .

Uninvited means we don’t open up to them so no. If we open up, invite them. Even if it’s just thinking of them they can hear us.

Lucifer comes and goes when he likes, of course if there is mutual respect and you have a working with him or you are familiar.


What do you mean by open up?


Allow their energy to connect with yours


Yes I mean it exactly like @SeekerofK said. An example. I mostly evoke daily. I cannot do that during my vacation because I am with my brother. But in my sleep I do open up to the entity i’m working with and what happens he is there :slight_smile: and I can speak to him due telepathy. So he knows what I’m thinking.


Yes they can, many demons can even tell you the thoughts of others


As all the others have said yes I got my first connection my constantly repeating King Paimons name and Enn In my head


Spirits are incorporate beings and communicate telepathically. So, yes of course they can and do read your mind as well as others. Not only during your ritual work but whenever the deity chooses to do so.

Not only can spirits read your thoughts but can send messages, visions and even speak to you via your mind.


Thank you. The main reason that I ask is that lately my mind is my worst enemy. I have been getting weird thoughts during ritual. Thoughts I’m almost sure are not mine.

For example, my petition could be Health To A Love One. But I get weird thoughts in my mind that contradict this during ritual that say Sickness and Misfortune to a Love one. This thoughts repeat themselves in my mind and I can’t control them. I get frustated and stop the ritual just so the demons won’t hear my thoughts and misinterpret my petitions. I don’t want these thoughts. They are not mine and i’ve tried to banish, but the thoughts won’t go away.

I feel like i’m losing my mind. Every time I do a ritual this happens. My mind starts repeating by itself the opposite of what I want.


Dude I swear I’m going through this right now!

How long have you been practicing?


I can tell you that it’s a lesser Spirit or a Parasite but removing it I don’t even know…


Four years. But I started to work with the Goetia two years ago. Before that, my focus was on angels, archangels and NAP.


So if these are Spirits that are going around, they’re not just targeting Newbies :thinking:


I have tried the Sword Banishing and a banishing to clease a place from negative energies, both from the Gallery of Magick, but the problem persists.


State that you are not manifesting that thought. A memeber told me think of blessing them afterwards.

Are you having any physical symptoms? Are these thoughts popping up randomly outside of Ritual as well?


No. Only when I’m about to do a ritual. They start as soon as I begin the ritual. And they get more intense when I get to the part of petitioning the spirit. No physical symtoms.


Ahhh so what we’re going through is different. Just state that you’re not manifesting those results and try not to linger on them.


Okay. I’m going to try that. Thank you.


That is definately a parasite that is intruding on your rituals to cause harm. Which deity are you petitiong for health?

Since you are banishing before and after. I would reccomend a ritual for shielding call upon a higher deity or your patron spirit and ask that your mind be shielded with purity of thought so you can use your own mind without interferance.