Can demons hear our thoughts during evocation?


This happens to me. I was actually worrying about it so much I think it was hurting my magick for a while. This is what help me:

Before every ritual I tell myself, “The universe doesn’t hear what you say, the universe hears what you mean”.

Just focus on your dominant intentions, and if you have pure intentions while doing a ritual, you shouldn’t worry. If a weird, negative thought comes up it’s probably just due to nerves and is only there because you want what you’re casting for so much. Just power through the ritual. Don’t stop and acknowlegde it. I just tell myself that the spirits only hear my dominant thoughts and intentions. At this point, when doing rituals, I tell myself I’m just going to focus on what I’m casting for and not worry about negative thoughts.

Also, I know this sounds weird, but be yourself. At least for me, these thoughts were partly caused by nerves and stress. People often tell you to be emotional and dominant during the ritual, however I am such a calm person, that forcing myself to be authoritative and gather great emotions during the ritual was stressing me out and making me force things. Since I’m a calm person, I just state what I want calmly. Focusing on only what I want. Like I said, if a weird, negative thought comes up I completely ignore it and just focus on my primary thoughts. The spirits are only listening to your primary thoughts and true intentions (in my opinion).


I know from your perspective it seems like they’re judging you, but they’re not, because they can’t actually see any flaws within their own realm. It’s your own insecurity that makes you think that.


Something I’ve started doing when negative shit pops up in my head is to say “no” mentally or verbally depending on my environment. I’ve attached the idea that anything I say “no” to in reference with my mentality is instantly stripped from existence. When I say it I mean it with every fiber of my being and and mean the hell out of it lol. When trying to meditate and/or any attempt to work with entities I create a very specific scene of the universe and at the bottom there’s a black hole. Every bad thought I could possibly have at that moment come rushing to me as screens displaying the thoughts/ideas and they get sucked one by one out of existence until blank screens show. Then I can clear my head and focus with intent.

Hasn’t failed me so far. Try it it’s freaky but cool.


I don’t get intrusive thoughts like everyone describes. The only thing that plagues my mind, especially during ritual, are catchy tunes. But I have enough mental self-control to simply stop songs that are stuck in my head.


Guys, have you tried psychic vampirisim with those negative thoughts/parasites, whatever is there bothering you? John Kreiter states some interesting information in his books, also Robert Bruce knows few techniques.

Also, @lawclerk if I may ask. Can we banish in the name of the being we haven’t yet worked with? For example I have a quite powerful banishing ritual that calls for the Goddess Hecate and few others. Can a beginner use this? Will it automatically attach that person to that spirit? Thanks for the answer.


I myself haven’t…


Look up John Kreiter, Enoch Petrucelly and anything regarding psychic vampirism to claim your energy back and set yourself off from negs. Also Robert Bruce, he’s very detailed!

It’s hard though, especially when you read a lot as I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Annoying when you’re starting and you absorb so much information where most of it screams danger here, danger there. Cheers!


If you do not think they are demons have you tried fucking them? Like a sexual attack lol, I know it may sound weird but it works, kinda like a dog pissing to mark his territory you make love to unwanted energies with the intent to absorb and transmute them into something useful.


The banishing rituals i have employed called upon a series of archangels. Other rituals i have employed for cleansing my ritual space i did not invoke a deity but let my intentions be known that this is my sanctified space.

Metaphysical energy attracts a certain amount of attention from beings of a spiritual nature. Just as you wouldn’t leave the front door of your house open to anyone who happened by you likewise need to close supernatural doors.

Many times when casting even if what your requesting is beneficial what comes through the veil isn’t always positive and those that are called are not always the ones that are coming through but spirits that wish to harm.

I would recommend a shielding ritual with a deity that you are working with as opposed to summoning the unknown when it comes to important banishing work.


I think it depends on the power of the entity. I made a pact with Samael, to straighten my thinking out, after a “be careful what you wish” for manifestation. He comes in and out of my head as he chooses, but when my brain starts spinning he’s immediately there. It’s working too, things are turning around and my thoughts are mostly under my control now. He also brought me back to a daily meditation routine, which I tend to skip when I get really busy. I trusted him first because Lilith said I could, now I trust him because he has shown to be very helpful and trustworthy. Not the warm and fuzzy type though, I guess we got used to each other.


Very wise in “be careful what you wish for” and appealing to Samael. Start with knowledge and success will follow.


Yeah, I suspect it’s a parasite as well. I started doing a ritual to remove parasites recently. I hope it works. I’m also going to try your suggestion of petitioning a spirit to shield my thoughts. I’m thinking of asking Archangel Michael for this.

For health, I usually petition Marbas. But if it is a parasite, I don’t think I got from my work with the goetia. I must have got it from a couple of rituals I did a few months ago from a book that recommended the rituals be done without circles or angelic protection. And I went ahead and did it. I don’t think the entities I contacted are the ones doing this. But something must have gotten attached to me during one of those rituals.


I’m going to try this during my rituals. Also in my life in general. It could be good way to stop negative thinking patterns immediately. Thanks.


I didn’t know it was possible to do psychic vampirism on parasites. I’m gonna look that up! Thanks.


Hi, I just wanted to say intrusive thoughts are common and even with people who do not practice magick. I get very random images which are disturbing and disgusting, and it is possibly associated with anxiety, in my experience. As I really have a problem with anxiety.

Can you do things that could help to relax you and feel good, so that when you go to do your ritual your mind might feel peaceful? Sometimes I am still scatterbrained, even if I meditate.

It’s also good to keep in mind that it is coming from outside of you as it is not your own thoughts. Kind of like – there it goes again!-- kind of attitude towards it.


If the anger flashes and other malevolent thoughts started with your health rituals with Marbas you might also reconsider the deity you are summoning and turn to another deity for your rituals and see if the block and anger flashes disappear.