Can anyone ask Amon a question?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m working with Amon to get my husband back.
After 5 months he called and cry to get me back, but then after 5 days he got cold and back to “I don’t love you”. I wanted to know if this is a step in getting back that Amon is doing, or he got mad at me or something?
Just wanted to know if he will help me like he did already.

Ugh. This is what happens when you do this to people. You’ve built a reliance on this man and he’s ready to move on. Confront your weakness.

Thank you for reply, but that’s not exactly what I asked for.

Alright, I’ll call up Amon. I don’t have anything better to do.

“Why can’t they ask me themselves?”

“They probably don’t have the ability to communicate.”

“I know that, but they should take that matter into their own hands.”

“Can you answer the question, please, sir?”

“Okay, fine. I told her that she would experience some turbulence, but apparently that didn’t stick. She needs to rope him in herself, I’m just helping.”

“Any advice for her?”

“Take fate into your own hands. I know you’re capable, don’t doubt yourself on that.”

“Thank you, Amon.”

Never talked to him before. Very heavy energy.

It’s not his doing, and he’s not mad. Other humans are higher beings incarnate too, and they all have their own magik.
You can try to treat them like puppets, but if your will to have them is not as strong as theirs not to be had, you can’t win.

It sounds to me like Amon did his part, but the man has his own very clear will and overcame.

Unfortunately, this experience may have solidified his opinion and resolve even more.


It looks like he did his part, because I had no contact with my husband, and now he wants me to be in his life as a best friend.

If you wanna think that, no one’s gonna stop you.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Have you tried freewill stick love spell ?

It’s not free will if it manipulates one’s choice. You’re doing this with any force love spell.

Amon is the kind of guy who starts a divorce to make you stronger.

Not all love spell ar force… there is freewill ritual

What does it do?

Freewill makes someone do what you want naturally

Thats… not how it works.

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