Can anybody confirm this as an icantation or magical mean of some sort

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Tenetur ut magni doloribus sit nulla consectetur veniam earum nemo quia dolorum itaque reprehenderit alias quibusdam temporibus.
Can anybody Identify this as some magick incantation or what ever?

This language is…Latin. Why don’t you try out Google?

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there you go

With kindest regards, every marketing person on this planet ever


^ This.

It’s gibberish, not an incantation at all. Doesn’t mean anything. It’s not real Latin either.

Unless you’re a chaos mage and want to make it mean something to you, maybe. But then I’d say, channel your own gibberish.

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Thank you I was only wondering

Somebody is writing their first paragraph tag in html lol

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