Can Angels "Bend" Time & "Shape Reality"?

Hello All,

I’m a 1st time poster dabbling with some of the GoM Gallery Of Magick / Damon brand stuff,

Can Angels bend time i.e. past and future , and augment present reality, as GoM claim ?

If the above claim is true , then won’t this upset or disrupt general time-space , upset God , universal balance etc ?!



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When you say “upset god”, which god do you mean?
If you mean biblegod, why should we care what upsets him?

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general “God” , universal creator .

Only being able to speak from personal experience, if there is a universal creator, it is indifferent to anything we do.


So you’re saying they are able to bend time, shape reality ?

Perhaps not quite in the spectacular way you may be imagining, but yes. Use the search function (magnifying glass, top right corner) if you want to know more. Plenty of people on here have worked with angels, myself included, though to a lesser degree.

Hey shinri thanks for your feedback - yes I’ve tried Words of Power and Gretaer Words of Power - there is definitely something there !

Would the Omnipontence Transformation ritual affect factors outside my career ? Say financial windfalls , general luck, love etc or is this only a career-centric ritual ?


thanks for your responses TheSilverLich :slight_smile:


Thank you for having sincere interest and an open mind :slight_smile:


Dear Tony,

Non of these skills are usually known to be inhabited by Angels.
Angels serve the creation as it is.
To be the way it is.

Demons oppose the allready existing reality,
challanging it to advance and change.

So simple said:
The trait’s you mentioned, count towards demons, but not towards angels.



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I must try those Wealth Magick rituals especially the Omnipotence one.

I’ve tried the Master Money ritual from Magickal Riches , and yes I agree it seems to be opening up financial opportunities on the long run.

Incidentally , have you seen the below kamea/talisman - I wonder if the GoM authors copied into Magickal Riches ?
Looking at the kamea closely you can map the pattern to the Master Money ritual’s talisman. It’s definitely more in depth “binding” the angelic names and holy names etc to yourself :

However, I still can’t figure out what most of the Hebrew names mean in the talisman , and whether if it binds his associates’ name in it , or just a generalized talisman anyone can use ?


Bible God is mentioned within the bible, countless times to be vengeful.
So yes, he’s very upsetable.

Yet, Angels are his servants, and they usually have no desire to upset him in any way.
Fallen angels are considered fallen for going against their father / creator.
So those are the ones which align with the human desires over their natrually given loyalty towards “god”.




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Would you recommend that I jump straight into the Omnipotence Rital in Wealth Magick ? The author advices not to skip the preceeding rituals, but is there any harm in skipping ?


Thanks Shinri - your “long-winded” response definitely appreciated :slight_smile:

You said the spirits were talking to you - is this expected and did this communication come through intuition or voices/dreams etc , and did it throw your life into chaos as part of the transformation (for the Omnipotence ritual) ?

I’m definitely going to try the Omnipotentce ritual but perhaps later in November, as going on long vacation soon.

Did you experience any noteable and significant effects from the “Talisman of Wealth” and “Changes and Competition” ?

Outside of the book, have you also tried the Abramelin squares and other wealth building/money rituals, I have been reading about here ?

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Insightful feedback , thanks Shinri

Did the demons Aniquel and Clauneck in Wealth Magick have any negative side effects for you (of course the author Damon Brand would have people believe that it’s 100% safe ! )

I’m looking forward to your next instalment !

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Could you further elaborate on what more there is to the ritual? I’m in the middle of doing it now and have had some hard affects to deal with, which I just made a posting about. I just bought the 6th and 7th book of Moses. It looks really long. Is there something I should specifically look out for while reading? Thank you.

I’ve got some other stuff to do for the moment, but yes I’ll write about that very soon. I haven’t worked through the entire book myself, but I’d take a look around the bits with the actual sigils and incantations and stuff. You should be able to find the angels called upon in the ritual mentioned in there, as well as some other interesting tidbits about the words in the center of the Gallery’s sigil.


Thank you. Do you have a book you recommend? The one I downloaded doesn’t show how to pronounce the names properly like GOM books do. I’m sure there’s a book that is easier to follow? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!

Been a while since we heard form you on this topic , and other queries.

Hope to hear soon :slight_smile: