Can Ancestors demons hold a person back?

I do feel i am held back my ancestor demon or i feel the only thing thats blocking me is wealth i dont know how to find the demkn that is blockk g me. Any suggestions what i can do ?


Your problems might not be spiritual but a slowing and contracting economy. If you feel very strongly that you have transgressed in a past life or perhaps another family member and it is holding you back do a casting or divination to gain information.

Perform a ritual ask why the forces of the universe are holding you back, and for the demon to give you a name, or give you a sign as to his idenity and the reasons for the punishment. Also perform a ritual of contrition and ask to be forgiven for your past so you can move forward.

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I would also recommend the tarot and proceed with some powerful divination to see what the future holds to gain insights for success or what you think is holding you back.

Knowledge is power don’t let fate dictate terms become the master of your own destiny. Knowledge is the awareness of a situation or a fact. It is a unique possession that cannot be plundered. Therefore those who have wide-range of knowledge can obtain power and wealth.

Why should you trust the universe to seal your fate. Below are some great links to get you started in determing your future success and other answers.



I don’t know if your ancestors’ demons can hold you back. It seems plausible.

I DO know that your ancestors can hold you back.


Thanks for the answer.

How can one change that ?