Getting started with cartomancy/Tarot

Hi, i’m kinda new on this and, i’m very interested in tarot, do you have anything to say, any useful links, things to know and such things to help me ? That would be really sweet, thanks a lot.~



There are so many different readers who do so many different spreads and have so many different ways of reading the cards in different (‘real life’) combinations…

Plus if you want to preview decks before buying check out the channel by ‘Dark Star Tarot’ as she has a large collection of decks that she does complete flip-throughs of so you can see them all before committing to purchase.



Bought he deck that seemed to “call” me, i saw a card and knew i was gonna take it. It’s the dark exact tarot (if i remember well?). And thanks for your answer, but, if there’s so much ways to do it, what’s the right one ? :slight_smile:

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Connect with your deck. Go through them and meditate on each of them. EA has a video on just that floating around somewhere…

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I find Crowleys Tarot Toth very good

Try this to get to know your cards:


I love this feeling, I recently ordered my new Tarot deck which called me from the first time I saw it back in July!


Tarot is an interesting subject and there are many variables. There are hundreds of types of tarot decks to choose from, Aleister Crowley created several. A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana (or trumps). There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, sixteen Court or Personality cards; the Kings, Queens, Princes and Pages. There are four elements or suits: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, with 10 cards in each.

You can choose a number of systems to analyse the cards and there meanings. Here is a great link that gives many details of how to interrupt the tarot and has some nice color image’s of the 22 cards and a description of each card and there meaning.

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What do Taro cards represent? What do the cards symbolise?

The information I’m about to give took me far too many wasted years to learn.

A Taro card symbolises an energy. In patterns they symbolise energies. Major Arcana represents powerful energies (to put it mildly).

Analyse the Major Arcana: I to VII; then VIII to XIV until finally XV to XXI. Then study The Fool (always capitalised). Keep looking until you can close your eyes and see the cards – in every detail. (If you actually do this, things will happen, so you let me know.)

Ditto Minor Arcana. The closer to card X the more physical the energy represented by that card.

Learn (O.N.A.) and design your own sevenfold and inverted pentagram spreads. And keep notes in you Magickal Journal, because if you’re not keeping notes you’re having yourself on.



On the guide i got with the cards, there is the descriptions of the cards, and after each description, there is kinda the opposite written between parenthesis like :
World : achievement […] . (Entanglement, disappointment).
How am i supposed to chose between them ?

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Hello friend :grin:
To succeed in making good reading, it’s not complicated, trust your intuitions your feelings, the best at the beginning is to close your eyes when you have to draw the cards and start with the 22 major arcana, is much more complex when you start with the 78 tarot cards, because each minor arcana has a complex meaning but close at the same time. At first, use a little guide, but do not pay too much attention, it is only there to provide a base; in time you should be able to give your own meaning to each card, this is where the tarot makes sense, when everyone in his own way read a reading :thinking:
To know if it is necessary to choose the negative or positive side, it’s rather complicated at the beginning, but everything depends on the question asked, the thing that you asked, etc. Generally, the value of the card follows the value of the other cards, if for example, to a question like: “Will I finally manage to have a stable financial situation?”, You have : The House God (there, it literally wants it say that the situation will not calm down right now) and well the rest of the draw may be negative, it is also a matter of feeling, you should not either tell you that because the beginning of the reading is not positive compared to the original question, the rest of the draw will be negative, it’s very complicated to know that, it takes a lot of work. I advise you to concentrate, even to meditate while fixing the card, you will probably feel something, trust your intuition at that moment :ok_hand:

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J’avais pas fait gaffe, mais tu es français, moi qui est tout traduit :exploding_head:

I have seen well over a dozen decks all with different graphics and images even Crowley has a series of decks but seem complicated to use.

Any recommendations for a basic tarot deck with classic images to start off with?

This former member goes pretty in depth through the whole deck with this post.

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Personally, I started with the most basic of all, the deck Grimaud :thinking: but for a beginner it’s not really attractive, the illustrations even if they are full of meaning are outdated, it’s not really attractive, but is with this one that I learned. The deck costs in the 15 €. Otherwise I use the Mytics Mondays Tarot, it is colorful, the illustrations are clean and it is easier to come to understand the meaning of the cards. The only problem is that the cards are fragile.

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It’s a good post :face_with_monocle: The only problem is that he only talks about the deck that he presents, for example, the fool doesn’t look like that at all in the Tarot Grimaud or Mondlay Tarot, certainy there is a base that remains present, but the meaning is changed. As much as there is tarot, as much there is sense and as there is no one to interpret it, more there is sense to bring to the sense of the card itself. After as a base, it can actually be very useful î_î

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I will check both out. Thank you so much for your input.

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