Can an angel recommend you to work with a demon?

I have got Archangels of magick by Damon Brand. I evoked Raziel.

I asked him: “how can I not be affected by enemies?” He said: “by evoking Belial”.

Can an angel recommend a demon to work with? He just said he makes an exception out of this since kept hearing: “please don’t pray to demons”


I think I read once about this on here. Not sure but should be possible I guess.


why not? they aren’t much different from one another. There’s even a book titled Magick of angels and demons. both work together.


Yes, they can and do.

Many here have mentioned before about having angels recommend demons, as well as having demons recommend angels.

The only real difference between them is how they go about getting the job done. Angels work from the top down, utilising celestial and cosmic energies, while demons work from the bottom up, using more earthly energies, and they can recognise when the other way of doing the job might be more successful.


Yes, I experienced this too.



Why would they do that there is nothings demons know that angels don’t, now is there…!


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Thanks. Where did you get this info from? Why don’t angels use earthly energies? Is cosmic better in the long run?

I didn’t get the info from anywhere beyond my own experience.

They can. There are many different flavours of energy in the universe that both angels and demons can manipulate, but some are simply better at it than others, and in my opinion, demons excel at manipulating denser energies more than angels.

It’s better for some things, less so for others.

It’s rather difficult to say what is “better” because there are too many variables involved. We humans suck at seeing the big picture, and demons and angels have a wider perspective, so they can see when a particular energy is needed. They also seem to have a good sense of their own limitations, so if an angel can see that a particular demon is better suited for a job, they have no problem pointing that out.


Yes actually they know plenty…they are all connected cause they all were born in the same place demon is just a term people use plenty have forgotten most demons are fallen angels so they are cut from the same cloth…


I see I was late to the party but yes they can n will it’s a good thing I believe honestly

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Yes experience this too but vice versa

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The whole demons vs angels story is BS

And unfortunately many occultists buy into this idea as well and lose the opportunity to benefit from working with all kinds of different entities


the only reason they buy into it cuz they believe in the concept of hell vs heaven. bad and good. demons work for hell and angels work for heaven. it’s a duality concept that they can’t get pass.


Prayer implies worship, and that is something I don’t do anyway, as in bow down and worship. I know I am just bad at things like obedience by so called divine command or even really just taking suggestions.


praying could also mean request or petition.


They rather have me not invoking demons I think. I keep hearing I shouldn’t work with them. They made an exception on two demons. No I don’t worship demons.

They say that Belial should be fine.

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yup. you shouldn’t worship anything else or anyone or any entity etc… . Just worship yourself. lol haha. While your at it. Make an Altar to yourself. It’s the thing to do now. I see so many people make altars for demons /angels. Might as well make one for yourself. Even more better cuz your still alive and kicking. Better than having a tombstone which is worshiping you when your dead. Better when your alive. :crazy_face:



Because contrary to popular belief, angels and demons get along just fine.

For example, Lucifer and Archangel Michael are best friends.

I’m a little confused by this sentence, but I think you were meaning to say that angels don’t know anything?


That’s because they serve the troll god Yahweh who is highly delusional. Take no notice. Do as you please.


Depends on the angels/demons, I know Baal doesn’t like many angels, but he tolerates some. Paimon from my experience doesn’t like most angels but there was one angel I met that he was okay with, it was a female angel.

All in all while demons aren’t limited the infernal empire, angels and demons have had issues with one another depending on the individual and group, there’s no general issue between them.

You’ll find that atleast if you go to their plane that it’s a bit grayer than it seems, i.e angels and demons aren’t all friendly as shown by people who haven’t experienced their plane i.e those individuals are just currently blind to the experience of the issues, and theyre not always at each other’s throats like religious ideology seems to project.