Can a Incubus take anything?

I got this necklace that has a Moon and a topaz stone in the middle

I bought it as a gift for my Incubus sense I read somewhere that Incubi are associated with them. So I meditated to him Sunday night about twoto three weeks ago to give the necklace as a gift and last I remember I put it right next to my lavender and rose candles for meditation. However I noticed that Monday that the necklace was completely gone and I searched just about everywhere to find it. I search in my room, my bathroom, under the bed, under the candles, etc. So I really don’t know if I miss placed it, put it somewhere else, thrown it away by accident, or if possible maybe he took it for himself. Can a Incubus do that?


You should ask him and try to feel out his emotions if you can’t hear a confirmation from him yet. Sounds to me like someone may have pinched it…

pinched it?

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stooooole it.

I guess. Whats the best way to contact him?

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If you don’t know that you really should be reading through Succupedia’s helpful articles. Study and practice. Buying gifts for him when you don’t even know him that well is a nice sentiment, but try to improve your claircognizance and all that so that you two have more of a relationship. So you can get to know “him”.

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Try out a pendulum. :+1:


I don’t know your potential incubus may of taken it. :joy: You may want to ask him.


Offer the spirits milk or heavy cream.

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I agree, pendulums are perfect to get fast answers about questions that you may have.
Ground yourself with a Pendulum I recommend this topic because it was with this that my pendulum worked the first time I tried it (after cleansing it ofc, you can see some methods on how to do it in the topic as well), don’t know if it’s gonna work with you the first time though but one thing i’m sure about is that it will work sooner or later :slightly_smiling_face:


Can the Charlie Charlie Challenge work as well but with a Incubus instead of Charlie?

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You should ask the spirit about this directly. Yes, I have no doubt they can hide objects but often it is our brain fog which achieves the same. When I lost a cherished object I asked my spirit about his and she said “I will give it to you”. It re-appeared some time later and I have no doubt she was responsible.


Well I tried using The Charlie challenge to try and get a response about the neck and even offering a glass of milk, but sadly nothing came from it.


Where did you put the milk ? Kitchen or the place where your necklace was hided? I get the signal that it’s there but they made you “blind”.

Did you cleaned your necklace before charging? It could be that they want to protect you.

I put the milk right next to my bed which probably was a bad idea sense it spoil over night. But I did end up finding the necklace in my parents closet where my moms jewelry is. I would say maybe something supernatural happened, but now looking back at it I may have left in my folks bathroom when I went to weight myself on their scale and probably got mix with some clothes or jewelry.


It is a good signe with your milk. They made it to their milk. I’m happy you find it. Talk to them and say “thank you”.

Consider yourself gifted.

Such physical Manifestations do happen,
but it’s few that actually get them to see,
just as their will was stated.



this is my take on it, no offence intended:

You gave your incubus a necklace, he took it (spirits often take small metal objects, especially the ones closest to this plane), then you panicked so he had to create a plausible cause > effect chain for where it went.

Also, I think playing with these shock-horror methods like Charlie Charlie are a VERY bad idea, they’re designed to create physical phenomena at the risk of safety and control of the operators.


Is there a way I can say sorry?

Can a Incubus take milk more then once? Cause I tried it again last night and there was no spoiling nor any of it leak over the nightstand. I getting worried here.