Can a death spell backfire?

Can the death spell backfire and cause harm or death to someone or something you care about like a pet or a friend?

Only if the target has protection and does a “return to sender” reversal.

However, depending on the type of spell and the energies that are called, there can be spillover if proper spiritual hygiene is not practiced. In his early book, Baneful Magick, for example, EA Koetting talks about how he would perform his baneful work in his outdoor temple and he would make sure he was cleansed afterwards so he did not bring those energies back into his home where his daughter lived so they would not affect her.


Thank you for that answer. That makes sense, so do NOT do the spell in your home, where your family and pets live.

Anyway, I don’t think death spells are required. The person I want to target, I can use the legal system as they have incriminated themselves. It seems like magic is used by people who cannot take action in the real world. A balance would be to take action in real life, and also use magic. That’s a middle path.

Okay, so maybe doing a death spell is way too much. What are some harm spells, that could be used? Anyway regardless, most people have taken the (thing we are not allowed to mention) over the past 3 years since 2021, so most people are already on their way out. Using magic to hurt or kill them seems like overkill, as most people are doing a perfectly fine job killing themselves already.

Is there any way to find out if the target has magical protection, a “return to sender” spell?

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You can do divination about it. You could also scry them and try to see what’s around them.


i just did a divination with Focalor and i got a very clear NO, the person does not have a magic spell or protection spell or anything like that. Praise him! Now i will move on to promoting his sigil openly, to tens of thousands of followers on social media. And then hear the enn. And finally, make the request.

Thank you DarkestKnight for your help, and advice.

You can also call upon King Vine to remove someone’s protection. Thought you might need it in case he got one.


Vine is good for this!
Agares also has an ability ‘to weaken the magickal power of another’.
those two as groundwork, to soften 'em up before hitting them with a curse would be good.
but if you can communicate with spirits and ask, that’s better of course

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