Camazotz (Death Bat) Assistance with Regenerative Shielding

This is not something I would normally do, but I am reaching out for help from someone who really knows their stuff. Here goes…

I am able to call forth any spirit into the physical world as a gateway. I usually use this ability to heal people in real time (I have over 150 or so examples of my work posted on instagram.) But I am also able to do much more outside of the astral (inside too) in real time, with massive amounts of energy.

But there is an issue. The Camazotz (Death Bat) has latched onto me since I was born, through karmic entanglement (enslavement.) My incarnations have been generated as a sacrifice to the entity.

So it ruins whatever it can (basically everything.) but I figured I defeated it years. Turns out it has the ability to split itself into legions (sort of like a hive mind. Originally I had the assumption it just had a lot of followers or there were just alot.) Also, it had a backdoor within me. Soaking up my life force. Easy to deal with, right?

Well, all of that energy I mentioned? It only goes outward. It makes visions difficult in that I have to spend more time than I should, that goes with all other types of internal work. It blocks me out, but not other people.

I had my apprentice work on me, she saw the Camazotz, soaking up my life force at first and she described my own enemy perfectly. It attacked her immediately, but the thing is less strong but more annoying and infinitely persistent. Since then I have had her work on me regularly and it always has something else. She sees a semblance of a barrier, which she (tried) to remove but she doesn’t have the expertise. This keeps me from being able to do my work at it’s full potential. I cannot call energies within my body, for example. Everything starts external except the minimum (now including true-sight.)

So one day when I was working on someone, a vision of myself came up, within the shielding. It’s true nature. It’s clusters of ice and diamond that sort of can be chipped off. More on the left side of my body than the right which also effects my sense of touch on both sides of my body at varying sensitivity. It also regenerates after I (very slowly) am able to chip away at it, or if my apprentice removes it. This helps the Bat Demon’s portal stay open inside of me without me, personally being able to deal with it in this way.

I’m really to trade, barter, pay or whatever else. I need this fucking barrier gone so I can get inside of myself again.

Also the Bat Demon itself wants like 3 generations of souls or some crap in order to leave me alone, so there is no talking to the stupid thing. I go way back with the dumb piece of shit.


So, what have you tried?


Killing the thing, talking to the Camazotz, and tearing the shield itself down, day after day. It always comes back.

Banishing rituals? Cord cuttings? Petitions to God/desses? At face value, this sounds like a parasite, so I’m trying to establish what has been done to try to address it.

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Hahaha, it’s not a ‘parasite.’ None of what you mentioned works on anything other than a temporary basis. And as far as a fight, it has required full on spiritual warfare in the past. If it were that simple, I wouldn’t be here. Further, parasites can’t opens portals inside one’s body and protect themselves with a shield.

Honestly, I don’t care about the Camazotz. I can deal with it myself. I am more interested in the shield. I know exactly what it is, and whats going on btw. The problem is the shield which seems to be part of a soul phylactery.


No, normal parasites can’t. But there seems to be a lack of detail here and not a lot of information when asked. If I were having this issue, I’d be providing a list of what I’d done, what I felt, and why I thought it didn’t work.

I seriously want to help, but if you’re only going to provide what you have, in the way you have, it doesn’t give us much to go on.

I mean, I could evoke you, find the connection and deal with that, bit I need to make sure this isn’t something less serious that warrants that.

I am literally going into ritual for a few workings and likely bed after that . So, if I don’t respond for a bit, that’s why. Just being honest.


I appreciate that. Let me give you details. Will take awhile. I’ve been dealing with this in one form or another (consciously) for 25 years. A friend actually did evoke me once, but then neither of us had the realization on how it’s able to split itself.

I’ll message it over to you. I’d rather all of these details not be public. Also,
I see that you are an initiate of Hekate. She’s never led me astray but this has been a long, complicated process.

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(We go way back too, this dude beefs for legit no reason)
Deities and rarely other spirits have the ability to fragment themselves for a task, and merge back together later.

It seems to me the shield is the thing’s placeholder and security so its always got a spot waiting for it. This one isnt a very popular deity anymore, so it makes sense its guarding the few sources of income it does have. I’m going to assume from your posts that this isnt your first rodeo.

I recommend Fenrir. Known as the Breaker of Chains, he can either outright break the shield, or crack it briefly so some quick work could be done. Fenrir has been able to pull off everything so far, up to and including a chain belial placed on a deity. While this shield might have multiple purposes, its main goal is to keep you trapped, and as such there arent any I know of better than Fenrir for the specific job.

Once that is negotiated, I would suggest either a deity you are very friendly with or someone you think is strong enough for the Bat’s full wrath & focus. Hes been around enough to learn some tricks, but is rusty. When the chain is broken, the deity or your chosen fighter or even yourself will slide in and help with keeping the shield broken on both sides. I recommend using all the help you have available to you for this one, angry deities are difficult to maneuver without other deities helping.

If none of that seems the move, I can guide you on the Christian workings of unbinding, though those are a little more drastic and as far as I know you’ve got to be ‘on board’ with monotheism


This method and variations of it are exactly the first thing I tried to do.

It seems to specifically be set up for ME not to be able to remove it. Basically I’m a sort of Gateway between the physical and spiritual and whoever I call works within my outer aetheric field in the physical. The shield itself blocks me from going inward, thus they can only do so much through that ‘weak point,’ only able to make cracks which are regenerating right after. It’s also how I’ve had to work. I have to spend time cracking the thing for anyone to give me visions, etc. They can’t get through and only a very limited amount of energy is able to come in, depending how I feel.

Christian unbindings. I am able to do this, and learned it because I do so such work for hapless Christians who fall into trouble. Same issue.

You mentioned Fenrir. Breaking the thing isn’t hard. The Bat demon has it set up so it works of me. It’s not new. It’s always been there and has stopped me from being able to do full invocations with my ‘gateway’ ability. I work with some really powerful beings too. They can seep through some of their energy, but they, nor I can’t get through if that makes sense. The shield also keeps me from leaving my body.

So because it’s always there, I thought that it must be a ‘normal’ built in shield until I realized that any outside else (entity OR person) can just walk through. This is how my apprentice found it and it attacked her immediately. She also found it’s portal and closed it to the best of her ability. Yet every 2 or 3 days it’ll throw some sort of my curse inside of me, and she’ll have to remove it. This amid dealing with the entity’s lame crap in the physical. The second time I had her go in, she found a ‘mirror’ that the Camazotz was using to 'watch" what was going on, through me. The fucking thing is obsessed with me. Always has been. I even had to deal with it in full human form once (through a complete possession it was housed in.) That shit was a nightmare and a half. This is when I went straight to attacking it head on to the point where I thought we did it in. Yet, like you mentioned, it had a safe house(s)… Me (among) one.

This brings me to the second thing. A few months before we found it inside of me, the Bat demon visited a witch friend of mine who I talk to regularly to see who I am talking to. She said she (bat demon is female) was VERY persuasive. But my friend is no dummy and kicked it out (it attacked her a few times after, nearly getting her into a car accident.) She told me about it after my apprentice did the work and I told her what we found.

As I mentioned, the shield seems to look to be made of hard clusters that ‘chip off’ before they regenerate and it does it almost instantaneous @norse900 is this enough info for you? I also want to mention. This is an entanglement from birth. I’ve never requested anything from it and my conversations are nonexistent other than the occasional insult.You have to admire it’s persistence, but it’s also the dumbest piece of shit deity around.


Also, this thing used to be a popular deity? lol

From my experience, it’s VERY good at manifesting things for people, but then wrecks everything once it gets a foothold into the person it’s ‘helping.’ Often pushing the person’s energy into that state of not being able to control themselves, reacting violently to every perceived problem or slight. The Camazotz is like everything Christians claim demons are. lol That’s the ironic thing about it.

I’m curious to know your experiences with it.

Seems to be a karmic thing from a past life, you know who you want to contact? Bhairava

I think they have worked together? Maybe they will be able to offer some advice

Also, this is dumb, but since its a “death bat” have you tried combatting or commanding it with life energy? Reiki may fit the bill.

I remove the physical pain for people for free through instagram. Reiki won’t do anything to the Death Bat. Also, as I mentioned, the problem is the phylactery (regenerative shielding) blocking me from it’s safe house (me) from me. I knew there was a phylactery for years, but since I have been feeling better physically, I assumed it was over.

Also, you’d be amazed how many dark entities ‘eat’ reiki. I mean, the death bat was soaking up my life force.

Also, this had nothing to do with the bible :roll_eyes:. It’s all from the fight the bat demon.

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Please delete your Instagram link. It is against the rules of the forum.

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Karmic? Absolutely.

In lives past I would meet a lonely, horrible end each time. Even during times when I killed the Bat Demon’s main human host, it would come back for me.




[quote=“DormiensDei, post:9, topic:151571”]
[/quote] @norse900 @MagickVigilante Okay. I had my apprentice send Fenrir. He broke the barrier and the Bat flew off. He went after it but he was caught by his own chains. I called in some allies and already the energy is much stronger.


Let me see if it somehow generates again. @DormiensDei great call. He shattered it hard.

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