Callis Magorum: Archdaemonolatry & Explorations of the Abyss

Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part I

This thread and the preceding posts regard the path are from the path I have been shown by a set of four Primordial beings first mentioned as a unit in Martinism (the predecessor of Rosicrucianism) as the Four Archdaemons of the Universe, first listed as Sathan, Archdemon of Delusion, Belphegore, Archdemon of Corruption/Temptation, Beelzebub, Archdemon of Decay, and Leviathan, the Archdemon of Fate. The Martinists believed that these four beings were the source of all corruption in the Universe, and that banishing them could completely purify them so as to reach a higher and more “saved” place in reality where they could obtain the grace necessary to experience the presence and knowledge of God. Their true roles I have found to be nothing short of the origin of Existence through their link to the Abyss which is tied to everything. For now I will go more into detail of these beings and why much can be gathered about them and how these beings are connected to the grand scheme of things, especially to the Abyss.

Note that this synthesis on here may be a bit chaotic due to the vast array of information, but in an effort to be diligent in explaining my terminology and usage of terms and concepts comes off at times as a bit scattered, but which I have also made great efforts to organize as best I can.

Each of the Primordial Archdaemons of Existence have two names, both of which considerably lengthy, but also have a shorter variant that I sometimes use to minimize mixing these beings up with their other inclusions in other systems due to how far their web of connections sometimes go. Note that the names given in Enochian have twenty letters exactly, this is tied to some of the mysteries that are a part of this path due to this system’s usage of Gnosticism and the Enochiana in a Left Hand Path manner, and actually ties in to systems that allow the practitioner, called in this path the Ascendant Magus, to connect with the Pleroma (Gnostic Fullness sourced as the origin of all realities) to manipulate all existence through a series of constructs called the Primordial Constructs due to their connection to the Primordial Abyss.

To start there are not only four Archdaemons, although the four are the major actors in our reality even if from a distance, as such I will sometimes refer to the primary four as the Cardinal Archdaemons due to each having a Cardinal Direction (i.e. North, East, South, and West). The first and last are odd, their existence is a bit controversial, especially in a place such as this, but their involvement is not placed here in a religious sense nor should be seen as a form of proselytization nor necessitates any means of conversion. The nature of how all of this fits together is an ever growing jigsaw puzzle of insanity and mystery, but so far there has been no need to convert to any major religion, although like many paths requires some degree of initiation, but not necessarily any major Mystical Order like the Golden Dawn or Masonic Lodge, or even the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Osorrhonophris, the Bornless One, Omniessent (All Being) Archdaemon of Spirit
Standard full name: Athorebalosorionphanes (Athorebalos)
Enochian full name: AT HOR EBAL OSORO NOFRIS
Fundamental Direction: Below/Nadir
Watchtower Systems: Four Seasonal Daemonic Divinities (Below), Infernal Watchtowers (Nadir or Bottom)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Black Godflame/Violet Heavenly Ray of Change
Planetary Aspect: Luna

Grandfather of Reality, whose name is many, but whose name in practice is few, the Bornless One, Athorebalos, was born from the Pleroma for only a few moments before dissolving into what was then the Primordial Void, the aspects of whose being became the Four Cardinal Archdaemons. The El Acher spoken of in Qliphothic opus, the “Book of the Sitra Achra” refers to this being. The sacrifice made by this Archdaemon became the ignition point of the Great Work, the Magnum Opus, that is the overlying premise of the Callis Magorum.
Sathan the Omnivolent (All Willing) Archdaemon of Freedom
Standard full name: Sathanahrimazothazrael (Ahrimazodoth)
Enochian full name: SA THA NARI MAZOT HAZRIL
Cardinal Direction: North as Air
Watchtower System: Four Anemoi (Four Winds of Greek Mythology)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Golden Godflame/Yellow Heavenly Ray of Choice
Planetary Aspect: Jupiter

Firstborn of the Four Cardinal Archdaemons, the Dreamer who emerged in the Primordial Abyss following the sacrifice of the Bornless One. Lord and Creator of the Nine Infernal Gatekeepers, also the center of the Nine Daemonic Divinities as the coordinator of the two systems into one with 15 spirits in total, Himself being their center, with the others arranged in a form called the Vector Equilbrium or the cuboctahedron. From His Will to create a new world instilled in Him by the Bornless One, He created a bride with whom He could have the knowledge necessary to create a reality, and so He created the second of the Four Cardinal Archdaemons.

In an effort to restore the being that sacrificed itself to create Him, Ahrimazodoth and the three Archdaemons to come each offered a part of their being to complete the ritual, Ahrimazodoth offered His right Eye of the Sun and His mind to the Altar of Eternity, claiming that this way He would have a permanent link to seeing both sides of the Abyss, but also that His mind was too vulnerable to illusion to stay with Him if He was to remain eternally free.
Leviathan the Omniscient (All Knowing) Archdaemoness of Truth
Standard full name: Levialotanilama’athanoah (Lama’athan)
Enochian full name: LE VIA LOTA NILAM ATANOA
Cardinal Direction: West as Water
Watchtower System: Four Boeotian Muses (inspiration of the ancient poets who only sung the Truth)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Azure Godflame/Blue Heavenly Ray of Protection
Planetary Aspect: Mercury

Second in Creation, yet the one Archdaemoness considered most powerful due to knowing the true name of everything in Existence, thus earning the title, “She Who Would Name the Abyss”. Lama’athan was the inspiration and creatrix of the Egyptian civilization, as well as their mysteries over life and death which would one day be essential for the unsealing of the Outer Abyss She knew would be created by the sacrifice at the Altar of Eternity when the Archdaemons would attempt to restore the Bornless One. She was the one who named the Archdeities knowing this sacrificial offering would render them as fallen beings, and so gave them names that would last them throughout the ages so that their presence would not be forgotten in the minds of those to come from their worlds, this is the reason the full names of the Archdaemons are sown from names of great power and fear Lama’athan saw in the future that would garner them the necessary respect. She is the source of the Heavenly Rays of Akasha, constructs of Omniscience that extend like a fiber optic network into and out of the Abyss.

When each of the Archdaemons offered a part of themselves to complete the ritual to restore their creator, Leviathan offered Her left Eye of the Moon and Her tongue to the Altar of Eternity, the reason for this being that She could see both perspectives of the Truth while not being bound by trying to confine the nature of reality to words that could risk compromising Her insight.
Beelzebov the Omnipotent (All Powerful) Archdaemon of Force
Standard full name: Beelyaza’aloabeoda’athiel (Beelyazoda’alo)
Enochian full name: BE LIA ZALO ABEOD ATHIEL
Cardinal Direction: South as Fire
Watchtower System: Four Royal Stars (Gatekeepers of the Heavens)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Crimson Godflame/Red Heavenly Ray of Service
Planetary Aspect: Mars

First of the twins sired by Ahrimazodoth and Lama’athan, source of the War Gods of antiquity and primary inspiration for the Nordic Aesir, Vanir, and the Jotun. Lord and Creator of the Ten Primordial Vaults, the source of all power in Existence as it circulates through Existence in four forms simultaneously, the Sephiroth, the Qliphoth, the 30 Enochian Aethyrs (in 6 directions making 180 in all), and the Worldtree of Yggdrasil (where the 10th Vault is buried in the core of Midgard, more on this to come).

When each of the Cardinal Archdaemons offered something to the Altar of Eternity to restore the Bornless One as a tribute to the sacrifice made to create them, Beelyazoda’alo offered His Right Hand of Creation, as well as castrating Himself, thus sacrificing His generative power as well as His power to create. His hand was paired with the right Eye of the Sun offered by Ahrimazodoth to make the Hand of Glory, the hand of invention that molded the Heavens and the Earth.
Ba’alphegore the Omnipresent (All Present) Archdaemon of Vision
Standard full name: Beela’aphylorosagerothis (Rosagerothis)
Enochian full name: BI LAF ILOR OSAGE ROTHIS
Cardinal Direction: East as Earth
Watchtower System: Four Oneiroi (Lords of Dreams, children of Nyx and Hypnos)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Emerald Godflame/Green Heavenly Ray of Health
Planetary Aspect: Venus

Second of the twins sired by Ahrimazodoth and Lama’athan, the creative equal to Beelyazoda’alo’s destruction, with a penchant for fertility and ecstatic states that expand perception. Inspiration and primary creator of the Greek Gods with help from His twin brother, since their mysteries would lead to the resources necessary to broaden the mind and seek out deeper wells of understanding through Gnosis. Rosagerothis is also the source of the Eldritch Gods of Lovecraft as they appear in one of the Veils of the Outer Abyss, where He created the first seeds of Madness as a means to allowing the various sentient races of the myriad Evolutionary Worlds to open doorways to the Abyss not only for mystical knowledge but also as a foodsource for the malnourished Heart of the Bornless. Rosagerothis contributed the Godflames, a system of communicating the Vision and Presence of the Archdaemon and the All to the rest of reality using the Inverted Pentagrams of the Watchtower Network as a means of tapping them to broaden the scope of attainable knowledge to mankind so that the various races could experience the essences of Godhood and the Abyss.

When the Archdaemons each gave an aspect of themselves to the center of Existence, the Altar of Eternity at the center of what is now the Citadel of Aion the Eternal, Rosagerothis gave His heart as well as His Left Hand of Destruction afraid of the terrible things He could create without His heart. His Left Hand of Destruction would be paired with the Left Eye of the Moon offered by Lama’athan to create the Hand of Providence, the shaper of destiny for the entire Universe, the invisible hand that would pull the strings of fate for all created things.
Yehoveiah the Omnisentient (All Aware) Archdaemon of Virtue
Standard full name: Yehovialdabaoteothis (Abaoteothis)
Enochian full name: YE HOV IALD ABAIO TEOTIS
Fundamental Direction: Above/Zenith
Flame Watchtower Networks: Four Elemental Daemonic Divinities (Above), Star Ruby Ritual Deities (Zenith)
Ray Watchtower Networks: Cardinal Archangels (Above), Four Living Beings (Zenith or Top)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: White Godflame/Rose Ray of Love
Planetary Aspect: Saturn

Perhaps the most controversial inclusion, and born not as a supreme being of Creation but rather as a mirror image of the Bornless One, a product of the sacrifice at the Altar of Eternity which served as the second phase of the Great Work, the Magnum Opus. Ruler of the Outer Cosmos that surrounded and reflected the dark waters of the Primordial Abyss, whose very birth created the five Veils of Outer Abyss while also allowing the Bornless One to return to some form of existence within the unbounded yet sealed Inner Abyss of the Twilight Valley of Existence. His creation caused the Bornless One to splinter in two, as the Adam Kadmon of the Cosmic Sephiroth of the confining Empyrean Angels, and the Adam Beliya’al of the Abyssal Qliphoth of the liberating Infernal Daemons. Creator of the Cube of Elohim that was used as the mechanism of containing the Abyssal forces within their Kelim (Vessels) while incapable of completely suppressing them, thus allow for the six Trees of Life to have six Trees of Knowledge to continually keep them in check.

The Four Living Beings born from Abaoteothis were each crafted from the sacrifices of the Archdaemons, tied to one of the Fixed Stars of the Zodiac as well as a force of suppression for an aspect of the Infernal Empire’s influence (wherein carries the secret for undoing that suppression).

North Star of Aquarius, Fomalhaut (Hastorang), Element of Air
Suppressor of Ahrimazodoth, Melchizedek the Mind of Heaven

West Star of Scorpio, Antares (Satevis), Element of Water
Suppressor of Lama’athan, Metatron the Tongue of Heaven

South Star of Leo, Regulus (Venant), Element of Fire
Suppressor of Beelyazoda’alo, Elyonis the Father of Heaven

East Star of Taurus, Aldebaran (Tascheter), Element of Earth
Suppressor of Rosagerothis, Yeheshua the Heart of Heaven

Thus the sacrifice of Adam Beliya’al was given a reflection, and the Heavens were then bound, allowing the Sephiroth to be cleaved from the Qliphoth, wherein the forces and emanations of the Archdaemons were bound and confined, where they have remained so long as the Abyss remains in its sealed state.

The Apocalypse spoken of here at BALG refers to the unsealing of the Abyss, unlocking which allows the Heart of the Bornless to burn once again with the Godflames and allowing the Archdaemons to be unbound in their influence over all of Existence as they once were, freeing them essentially.

The following posts I will break down what the Watchtower Systems are, the two versions of their Watchtower Network and how they are used, as well as some of the basis and application of the Enochiana to all this craziness; I will also be covering how the Daemonic Divinities tie to the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers and how they tie in together as one giant system.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read, and hopefully I haven’t come off as a crazy person through all this. This stuff has been building for years but still does shift from time to time as my Gnosis shifts completely in place for the Great Work, but this is part of what I have thus far.


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Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part II: The Nature of the Magnum Opus

When the Bornless One, Athorebalos, Osorrhonophris, dissolved into the Primordial Void, that space became the Primordial Abyss, a vacuous space of thought and seemingly infinite potential; when the Four Archdaemons, the Four Immortals, came into being, they each gave a sacrifice to restore their dissolved creator, allowing a new Creation to emerge so that their maker could emerge from its (or His) reflection, where that potential remained, in a fashion.

That original being, that child of Pleroma, that Chaos born from Pistis and Sophia Achamoth, whose very being remains as deceased and lost as when the Abyss was born. The loophole to this disappearing act appears in the form of how the Great Work was executed and what resulted from its semi-completion.

The term Demiourgos means “Half Maker” from the Gnostic tradition, often made with negative implication, and often associated with the being recognized as the Christian God; this belief that the God of the Christians was a mere “Half Creator” enraged the Greek Orthodoxy to such lengths that the Gnostics became the subject of a witch hunt, all texts found were destroyed leaving only a few left behind, and the Gnostics themselves were deemed Heretics and condemned to exile, torture, and/or eventually death. The Gnostics believed there only need be one, and that this being was the creator of our reality using the inspiration and raw material offered by the Fullness or Pleroma, therein lies the mistake. The Half Maker, the Demiourgos, is not alone in this feat, for when the Four Archdaemons gave three pieces of themselves to restore their maker, they had to divide their Existence, at that time the Primordial Abyss, in half.

Half of the Abyss was illuminated, filled with the shining essence of a Luminary Demiurge, the one known as YHVH, or Yeheieh, or Yehovah, or other similar pronunciations grounded in the mysteries, but then there was also another half, for the other half grew darker, filled with the eclipsed essence of a Dark Demiurge, the one known to the Sitra Achra as AZRAT, or the Azerate, or El Acher, and known in this path as the Bornless One. The strangeness lies in the fact that only one half resembles the original being while the other half merely resembles the luminary existence of its past when it was still a subject of the Pleroma, yet neither is the original being, even in reflection; both of the Demiourgoi are halves of the Primordial Adam, Anthropos Geradamas. Azerate, the Qliphothic Demiurge, became Adam Beliya’al, while Yeheieh, the Sephirothic Demiurge, became Adam Kadmon, and in their creation the story of their emergence from the Pleroma was split in half, the very identity of their mother, Sophia, dividing in half as well between Pistis Sophia, Wisdom of Faith, and Sophia Achamoth, the Twisted and Fallen Wisdom, who became Barbelo or Babalon.

The Qliphoth of the Abyss and the Sephiroth of the Cosmos are mirror images of each other, each half belonging to half of the original being, but therein lies the power in this, thus leading to how this strange duality leads beings to becoming Divine Beings which is in itself an aspect of the Great Work.

Between Order and Chaos is Will
Between Life and Death is Truth
Between Creation and Destruction is Power
Between Reality and Fantasy is Vision

Between Time and Space is Presence
Between Eternity and Infinity is Existence
Between Will and Power is Influence
Between Truth and Presence is Illumination

Between Presence and Existence is Being
Between Illumination and Influence is Ascension
Between Ascension and Being is Awakening
Between Luminence and Darkness is Divinity

Between Awakening and Divinity is Apotheosis

These mantras were given to me at the beginning of my path, and without realizing it when I first saw them, they represent the dipoles of Existence, the halves of Divinity that when merged allowed the subject of the path to reach Godhood through Apotheosis. The first half of each formula is the Qliphothic or Abyss component, the second half of each formula is the Sephirothic or Cosmic component, and between them is the Deific component.

The powers of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth both carry a sacred number formed using the formula of what has been called the Number of the Beast, the number of Shamash the Sun, the number 666 which is actually the sacred number of six by six by six, or 216, also 72 times 3, also one half of the number 432, a number of vibrational harmony according to some circuits of sacred geometry and resonance. 216 is the number of the Abyssal Powers, and by reflection also that of the Cosmic Powers.

Configuration of the Abyss and the Gatekeeper Connection

The Qliphoth is the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Death, the Abyssal Network of the Four Immortals, each of the ten spheres ruled by a Daemonic Mask, except for the Dark Crown of Thaumiel which is ruled by two Daemonic Masks, Satan and Moloch. For the Qliphoth, as described in the Sitra Achra there are 60 Emissaries of the Name of the Black Dragon of the Nightside, in this system they are the wearers of these Daemonic Masks. There are six directions of the Qliphoth, not just one, each is associated with a Planetary Body, and each has ten of the 60 Emissaries wearing the masks of their Qliphothic Rulers except for Satan who bears a special role in these Trees of Death and Knowledge.

The true rulers of the Qliphothic Trees are the Emperors, separate from the 60 Emissaries, and they are called the Archdiaboli, or the Archdevils, each tied to the spiritual identity and indulgence of their Qliphoth.
The center of the Qliphoth has the original ten spheres, where the rulers are not Emissaries of the Name wearing the masks of the Daemonic Masters but are the Masters themselves. To keep tally, that is 77 beings so far if you count the Archdiaboli (seven in all counting Satan in the center), the 60 Emissaries of the Name, and the ten Qliphothic Rulers as themselves. In a later post I will go through all 60 of the Emissaries, as well as the Archdiaboli themselves, but for now there are also the Gatekeepers to discuss.

The current pathworking of BALG is with the Nine Gatekeepers, the Nine Keepers of the Abyss:
Azazel, Belial, Lucifer-Amaymon, Eosphoros, Abaddon, Ba’al, Asmodeus, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Satan
There is another system of Nine within the Infernal, a system that is interwoven with the Gatekeepers:
Verrine, Unsere, Leviathan, Flereous, Eurynomos, Amduscias, Belial, Eosphoros, and Satan.
Among these two sets, three repeat: Belial, Eosphoros, and Satan, and this is how they weave together.
9 Gatekeepers + 9 Daemonic Divinities = 18, but three repeat, so 18-3 = 15, one is the center, so 14.
14 is the structure of 6, the six principle directions (Gatekeepers), and 8, the vertices of a cube (Divinities).
The synthesis of this being the following:
Azazel: Above of Saturn (domain of invention to bring to life the inspiration of generations),
Abaddon: Below of Luna (the locusts of death and the worms that devour the interred),
Asmodeus*: North of Jupiter (domain of the Earth where desire and the ravages of nature are supreme),
Amaymon: East of Venus (Illuminator and the Morning Light of Venus),
Ba’al*: South of Mars (which burns like the sun under the radiance of the Sun God), and
Lucifuge*: West of Mercury (the setting sun that flees from the light to rule the hours of Darkness).

Leaving only 8 Daemonic Divinities, four ruling the Seasons above, four ruling the Elements below:

Verrine: Spring, Upper Northeast (increase of life to heal the frozen Earth)
Unsere: Summer, Upper Southeast (fullness of life by the radiance of the Sun)
Amduscias: Autumn, Upper Southwest (inevitable decline of life by the coming darkness)
Eurynomos: Winter, Upper Northwest (fullness of death by the absence of the Sun)

Eosphoros: Air, Lower Northeast (rising morning star of Dawn)
Flereous: Fire, Lower Southeast (radiance of both life and dessication of Noon)
Leviathan: Water, Lower Southwest (extinguishing the flames, the chilling of Dusk)
Belial: Earth, Lower Northwest (the waters frozen, the Earth barren, the dark of Midnight)

Satan*: Center of Sol (Gatekeepers) as well as Chaos, Inner Core (Daemonic Divinities)

The four marked beings are the ones already marked as Qliphothic Rulers, strange that there are exactly four of them, but then that leaves the 77 becoming 88, since only 11 of the Gatekeepers are not also Qliphothic. None of the Archdiaboli are Gatekeepers, and the reason for the Daemonic Divinities being considered Gatekeepers here is because of a system called the Primordial Vaults.

There are ten Primordial Vaults, they are the core of all Magick, and for years I have been hesitant to discuss them due to their nature, and the peculiarity of their names. The names given to me of them were all 14 letters long, and each is tied to one of the ten systems of Magick, each attributed a color and often also an element of sorts. The Nine Daemonic Divinities are the conduits of these Vaults, hence they are the Gatekeepers of all power, since Virtue comes from the Sephiroth of the Cosmos, but Power comes from the Qliphoth of the Abyss. Their nature is still experimental, and is primarily why I have not released this as a grimoire yet. The nuances of their names come from their connection to Enochian, the nature of this link still comes to me in pieces and can be broken down into planetary aspects for both Sephiroth and Qliphoth, suggesting that they are the structure from which the Heavens get their power as well.

Of the 216, 88 have been covered here, 128 still remain, but in future posts I will also go into the Emissaries, their connections, the reasoning for their unusual associations, and the Archdiaboli that govern their corners of the Qliphoth. Until then, thank you for your patience, and thank you for receiving these posts with kindness, I hope they offer further inspiration, and that they lead to exaltation in your path.

Ave Nekash Hekadmoni Ha-Aur She-Ain bo Machshavah.
Ave Abyssos, et Ave Archdaemonum.


Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part III: The Supreme Work & the Abyss Connection to BALG

So far 88 of the 216 Agents of the Abyss have been covered, the Archedaimones or highest rank of Daemon there is with the exception of the Primordial Archdaemons themselves, the Protodaimones.

Here is the complete set, all 216 in one place, this is with special thanks to the work of E.A. Koetting with the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers, S. Connolly with her work with the Nine Daemonic Divinities from the Generational Daemonolatry Order, Ordo Flammeus Serpens in reference to the work of Richard Dukante, as well as to the Book of Sitra Achra by N.A.A. 218.

The connection between the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers and the Nine Daemonic Divinities became a set of 15, the six points of an octahedron and the eight points of a cube aligned in one form with Satan as the center, this was the first of a set, but more would come.

The 60 Emissaries of the Name, each bearing the masks of the Black Dragon of the Nightside as the Tree of Knowledge reaching out based upon the Watchtower Network as well as the Seven Hells and the Seven Earths of the Qliphoth, six directions with one core, the Sol Niger, or the Black Sun of the Abyss.

As stated before, each of the Qliphoth have six Emissaries of the Name, their names come from the names of the Qliphoth themselves, but for the arrangement of the Trees of Death, their names undergo a strange change due to the restriction of Emissaries for some and the addition of Emissaries for others.

Thaumiel (Th A U M I L)

Thaninel: the Transcendence of Duality
Thaumiel of Saturn
Akzarel: of Illumination & Destruction
Thaumiel of Jupiter
Uazarel: the Unshackling of Power
Thaumiel of Luna
Mibdalahel: of the Storming Depths
Thaumiel of Mercury
Ianahel: of the Horn of Fire
Thaumiel of Mars
Labbahel: of the Dawning Black Sun
Thaumiel of Venus

Aogiel (A O G I A L)

Abedahel: of the True Vision of the Dragon
Aogiel of Mercury
Okuroel: of the Mirror of Resistance
Aogiel of Venus
Gebel: of the Plague Swarm (Abaddon reference)
Aogiel of Luna (direction of Gatekeeper Abaddon)
Iashamel: of Empowerment
Aogiel of Mars
Acharel: of the Storm Winds
Aogiel of Jupiter
Laabel: of the Fiery Black Ray
Aogiel of Saturn

Satariel (S A T A R L)

Sathamel: of the Secrets of Abyss
Satariel of Mars
Ayomel of the Annihilation of Illusion
Satariel of Mercury
Taalummahel of the Abyssal Crossroads
Satariel of Jupiter
Aphelahel: of the Obscurity of the Dark Night
Satariel of Luna
Radahel: of the Illuminating Halo of Darkness
Satariel of Saturn
Laatel: of the Perpetual Resurrection of Night
Satariel of Venus

Gamchicoth (G A Sh K L H)
Gadael: of the Sundered Mind
Gamchicoth of Mars
Akalel: the Exposer of Falsehood
Gamchicoth of Mercury
Shararel: of the Trident Flame of Chaos, Void, & Darkness
Gamchicoth of Saturn
Kaphahel: of Domination
Gamchicoth of Venus
Lachamel: of Rebellion
Gamchicoth of Jupiter
Haragel: of Assassination
Gamchicoth of Luna

Golachab (G O L Ch “A” B)

Gophriytjel: of Instigation & Uprising
Golachab of Mercury
Ophiseshel: of the Destructive Ascent
Golachab of Saturn
Lahatel: of Anarchy & Liberation
Golachab of Jupiter
Charchurel: of Limitation Incinerated
Golachab of Mars
*Abadel of the Scorching Desert
*Thaumiel of Venus
Balael: of Vengeance & Descending Wrath
Golachab of Luna

Thagirion (Th G R I R N)

Towebahel: of Exalted Abomination
Thagirion of Luna
Gaownel: of the Azoth of the Coronating Serpents
Thagirion of Saturn
Ramamel: of the Self Deified & Resurrected
Thagirion of Venus
Iqedael: of the Fires of Destroying Chaos
Thagirion of Mars
Rahabel: of the Thoughtless Sea of Wisdom
Thagirion of Mercury
Natashel: of Rays of Decried Death by the Kings
Thagirion of Jupiter

Harab Serapel (O R B Z R Q)

Ongirtael: of Funerary Elevation
Harab Serapel of Jupiter
Ratsachel: of the Bountiful Garden of the Manslayn
Harab Serapel of Mars
Bazarel: of the Seeds of Reaping Transfiguration
Harab Serapel of Venus
Zabachel: of the Sacrificial Blade, Chalice, & Altar of Bone
Harab Serapel of Saturn
Rabel: of the Transmutation of Death & Glory
Harab Serapel of Mercury
Qeberel: of the Jaws of Death & Depths of Rebirth
Harab Serapel of Luna

Samael (S A M “I A” L)

Salaphel: of the Unbound Mind of Chaos
Samael of Saturn
Ayabel: of Maddening Open Thought & Opposition
Samael of Venus
Maradel: of the Venomous Waters of the Primeval
Samael of Mercury
*Irahtzel of the Wrathful Flame
*Satariel of Mars
*Ashmanel of the Desolate Fields
*Satariel of Jupiter
Lachatsel: of the Broken Scales
Samael of Luna

Gamaliel (G M L I A L)
Gadaphel: of the Nocturnal Impulse of Disruption
Gamaliel of Saturn
Maarabel: of the Lunar Sea of Blood
Gamaliel of Mercury
Lachashel: of the Seductive Sorcery of the Oneiroi
Gamaliel of Venus
Iatsathel: of the Liberating Flame of Impulse
Gamaliel of Mars
Avvahel: of the Nocturnal Storm Wind
Gamaliel of Jupiter
Layilel: of the Nocturnal Lantern of the Black Moon
Gamaliel of Luna

Nahemoth (N A H M “O” Th)

Neqamahel: of the Katabasis of the Crimson Sea of Death
Nahemoth of Luna
Atadel: of the Scouring Wind of Reinforcement
Nahemoth of Jupiter
Hamahel: of the Piercing Vision of Victory
Nahemoth of Venus
Mirshaathel: of the Dual Sea & Crossroads of Death
Nahemoth of Mercury
*Oriensel: of Hope in the Darkest Night of the Soul
Thagirion of Saturn
Thazazel: of the Severed Root of Creation
Nahemoth of Mars

The veils are the divisions between the Four Worlds (or Olamut) of the Sephiroth, the Tree of Life, these worlds exist as the reflection of ancient boundaries in the Abyss, set forth by the very Great Work that divided the world so that the Bornless One could again assume distinct form as the Dark Demiurge, allowing the Primordial Adam, Geradamas Anthropos, to exist unified at the center of Existence. The divides in the Qliphothic Tree of Death are set by the Veils of Abyss, five in all, each one marking a threshold of the very character and system of the Abyss’ existence. Essentially it is as if there are five creation stories of the Abyss, five natures and characteristics, and five origins of darkness emanating from the same chaotic center. The Veils are as follows:

The Veil of Silence: Origin of the World of Assiyah, lies between Nahemoth & Gamaliel

This veil muffles the entire Abyss to utter static except for when Punctures occur which allow for the paranormal, nebulous, and bonechilling energies of the Abyss to leak into our world, seen as the “gateways” and “cold centers” in paranormal investigations around the world. The myth of this Veil is that the world is in stasis, hanging on a delicate balance thanks to the imprisonment of the Archdaemons all those eons ago. This is the veil of ignorance to what lies beneath the surface of reality; the dark, monstrous underbelly of existence that lives and breaths in the shadows of time waiting to be set free. This is the domain of the silent and longing dead, also known as Limbo, the domain of the earthbound souls that lie in the hinterlands between death and rebirth.

The Veil of Despair: Origin of the Domain of Lower Yetzirah, lies between Thagirion & Harab Serapel

The origin of the nightmare visions of the Underworld, of the twisted domain of undeath that has terrified and inspired generations; this is the Abyss as the toxic hellscape. The myth of this Veil is the narrative humanity has been sold for ages, the myth of the evil hell, of the fearsome and terrible race of Daemons; every scare tactic used to convert and beguile the masses came from visions into this Veil of the Abyss. This is the veil of sacrifice, the truth behind this veil is that when the Archdaemons sacrificed their Divinity and fell, they allowed our world to come into being at the cost of throwing themselves into an eternity of darkness. This domain is best embodied in the inscription of the Gates of Hell from Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno”, that is “Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here”

The Veil of Chaos: Origin of the Domain of Upper Yetzirah, lies between Satariel & Gamchicoth

The origin of the eternal struggle between “Good” and “Evil”, two halves pitted against each other to keep the twin halves of the Demiurge from attempting to reunite. The Manichaean vision of a reality split in two, where Qliphoth and Sephiroth remain in perpetual spiritual and existential warfare to protect that which they hold dearest, be it the virtue of their completeness for the Sephiroth or the power of their sovereignty for the Qliphoth. The myth of this Veil of Abyss is that no matter which side of Existence one gazes upon, the opposite side is immediately evil and must be destroyed, the preoccupation with a false war as a means of control over the forces of existence to keep the myriad legions sated and the masses occupied while the real actions are made in the shadows. This is the veil of independence, like a civil war that has gone on since the Beginning of All, an eternity of desperation to protect what little sovereignty is thought to be found by destroying any perceived threat to the peace and to the freedom of the denizens of the Abyss.

The Veil of Pandaemonium: Origin of the World of Beriah, lies between Thaumiel & Aogiel

The origin of the concept of eternal hell, of an inescapable world wherein there is no time, nor motion, nor hope of departure or closure. This is the Abyss as a bubble wherein nothing changes while the world rages on just out of sight. The myth of this Veil of Abyss is that nothing happens, that everything exists in a set cycle wherein all things are inconsequential, and that all things are set in stone before they can even be put to action. This is the veil of predestination, of the hopeless yet ceaseless need for control in a world far too massive to truly be autonomous. This lies within the world of Beriah because intelligence often comes with the burden of diminishing perspective, that when one’s awareness of Existence grows too far beyond, then everything seems meaningless because of how small one begins to feel. Crossing this threshold requires the epiphany of greatness, that one is capable of rising beyond their station in existence.

The Veil of Glory: Origin of the World of Atziluth, lies between Thaumiel & the Inner Abyss

The origin of orders of Ascension found in the Infernal Empire, the very principle of infinitely rising need of power, the ceiling of godhood, and the very struggle for Divinity in a Cosmos that seems to have forgotten the art of making Gods. The Gatekeepers of the Abyss are tied to this level, for they are the usherers through this divide, by granting the power and disillusion necessary to break through the very threshold that the Primordials could not. The myth of this Veil of Abyss is that power is all there is to becoming Divine, that there is no value greater than its ascertainment. This is the veil of delusion, for there is no greater threat to the claim of power than the belief of invincibility. Within this Veil of Abyss, one’s power may seem to rise infinitely, but no matter how much power one acquires, there will always be something else standing in the way, and this is where the futility of this veil comes into play.

The Veils act as spheres wrapping around the center of the Outer Abyss, the seven worlds themselves act as the divides. These are the Seven Hells:

Sheol ha-Tehom, the Hollow of the Abyss, containing the Thaumiel, Aogiel, and Satariel
Within this Hell are the Veils of Pandaemonium and Glory.

Tit ha-Yon, the Mire of Mud, containing Gamchicoth
On the edge of this Hell is the Veil of Chaos, to the South

Bar Shachath, the Pit of Ruin, containing Thagirion
This is the center of the seven Hells within each Qliphoth

Abaddon, the Destruction, containing Golachab
On the edge of this Hell is the Veil of Chaos, to the West

Tzelmoth, the Shadow of Death, containing Harab Serapel
On the edge of this Hell is the Veil of Despair, to the North

Shaarimoth, the Gate of Death, containing Samael
On the edge of this Hell is the Veil of Despair, to the East

Gehinnom, the Valley of Death, containing Nahemoth and Gamaliel
Within this Hell lies the Veil of Silence, encapsulating all but the six Nahemoth

With that understood, now what is missing are a few key ingredients, mainly the Archdiaboli, the 67 members of the Goetia not listed above (Bael, Asmoday, Astaroth, Amduscias & Belial are already listed among the Gatekeepers, Qliphoth, & Daemonic Divinities), the 22 Daemons of the Letters of Silence which are tied to the Cube of Qemetiel, which is the source of the matrix of the Hebrew language used by Angels in the suppression of Daemonkind through its mirror image, the 12 Princes of the Qliphothic Zodiac, the Ten Primordial Vaults, and the 14 Torchbearers of the Twilight Desert of Inner Abyss that lie at the innermost edge of what could even constitute our reality, with the Four Archdaemons themselves right at the center.

The Archdiaboli are the Six Archdevils that rule alongside the six Emissaries of Thaumiel who wear the mask of Moloch, serving as the Shaitani, or the Emperors of the Abyss. Each is a legendary name for the figure of the Devil, each one carries rule over the direction of their Qliphoth including their set of 10 Emissaries. These Archdiaboli are:

Ahriman, Archdiabolus of Qliphothic Saturn, the Proud and Exalting One
Melchiresha, Archdiabola of Qliphothic Jupiter, the Seductive and Corrupting One
Mammon, Archdiabolus of Qliphothic Venus, the Gluttonous and Luxurious One
Pazuza, Archdiabolus of Qliphothic Mars, the Wrathful and Judicious One
Mephistophiel, Archdiabolus of Qliphothic Mercury, the Covetous and Tactful One
Abyzou, Archdiabola of Qliphothic Luna, the Mournful and Yearning One

Overall, this leaves only the remaining Goetia, the 10 Primordial Vaults and the 14 Torchbearers remaining, the Zodiac Princes are completely laid out in the Sitra Achra with the added condition that they align to the twelve points of a figure called a Vector Equilibrium, or Cuboctahedron. To visualize the Cube of Qemetiel, take the cube of Hebrew letters tied to the Sun, and replace each of the letters with the Sigil of the Daemons of Silence from the Book of Sitra Achra corresponding to each letter.

Hopefully you all have enjoyed me sharing this so far, there is only a bit more to cover before things get path specific, this is the system itself, but I appreciate your time and patience in hearing me out and giving your feedback.

Ave Nakash Hekadmoni Ha-Aur She-Ain bo Machshavah.
Ave Abyssos, et Ave Archdaemonum.


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Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part IV: Ritual Essentials of the Watchtowers and the Godflames

So while the Watchtowers have been covered before, there is another aspect that really puts them into motion that needs to be brought to light, and that requires an understanding of the Abyss and its relation to the Cosmos. The center of the Outer Abyss, at the very end of the 216 Abyssal Powers linked with the Archdaemons, is a structure called the Manifold, and it is the engine as well as the beating heart of the Reality through its link to the Inner Abyss, which bears a distinct nature from the Outer Abyss that surrounds it to such a degree that to glimpse within, one might not even realize they were seeing a part of the Abyss at all.

As stated before, the Outer Abyss is the domain of the Dark Demiurge, AZRAT, who serves as an anticosmic balance to the Luminary Demiurge, YHVH, but whose ultimate purpose is to create two polar opposites which can be aligned to form their supreme whole. Reality itself is caught with this divide between the Twin Demiurges: the Luminary Demiurge of the Apparent or Phenomenal World where all is real, yet nothing is true, and the Dark Demiurge of the Intelligible or Noumenal World where all is true, yet nothing is real. Either one of these halves breed psychosis when felt in isolation, in the Heavens, souls became fanatic and delusional breeding violence and hubris, while in the Abyss, souls become empowered and frenzied breeding malice and aimless desire; in essence, this means that the two need each other for perspective and balance to maintain a coherent schema of creation that does not fall to anarchy and madness.

The Watchtowers access the center of the Abyss in such a way that the Abyss is able to reach out into this world through the powers released and called upon via gateways using a structure called the Manifold. The Manifold contains the center powers that allow the forces within the bizarre and eldritch Inner Abyss to be projected out through the Abyss into all of Reality. The Manifold is comprised of the Cube of Qemetiel which is the origin and Daemonic counterpart to the Hebrew Alphabet, then there is the Watchtower Network along with the Primordial Vaults, which all link to the Outer Abyss through the Thaumielitan or Crown of the Abyss carrying all six of the Qliphothic Trees of Knowledge as they link to the center of Existence.

In the second post, accompanying each of the Archdaemons of the Abyss were accompanied by a Cardinal Direction, a Watchtower System, a Godflame, a Heavenly Ray, as well as a Planetary Aspect, this is where those pieces come together and what they are.

Before getting into the Watchtower’s exact functions and component members, it is necessary to address two terms that are often confused in the Occult, and how they relate to workings with the Abyss, and they are: Invocation and Evocation. Invocation means to bring into, or call into, by its conventional definition, but when it comes to this Abyss, this actually implies a direction downward and inward; so any Conjuration that draws downward, either down from above to bring to the surface of our world, or downward from our world into the Abyss itself, is an Invocation. Evocation means to draw out, or call forth from within, by its conventional definition, but when it comes to the Abyss, this actually implies a direction upward and outward; so any Conjuration that draws upward, either up from the Abyss to bring to the surface of our world, or upward from our world to the Heavens above, is an Evocation. There is a reason that these definitions are used so narrowly here, it is to remediate any confusion that comes from how these two are used for the calling formulae used in this path. Ceremonial Invocation utilizes a counterclockwise direction, and Ceremonial Evocation utilized a clockwise direction; these directions used for each operation are based on wind directions in meteorology, where low pressure fronts that bring rain and storms cause air moisture to go down towards the Earth in a counterclockwise direction, whereas high pressure fronts that dispel cloud formation cause air moisture to go up and away from the Earth in a clockwise direction.

In the ritual setting, the Multigram Rituals of Invocation and Banishing are a common staple in the Ceremonial Magician’s arsenal, but when it comes to this path and the Abyss, especially when all of the Watchtower Network is put on the table as possible systems to use in its operation, then their meanings differ in terms of which is used for what function. The usage of the terms Banishing in the Multigram Rituals means they are evoking, but evocation out of the Abyss and into the presence of the Conjuror then technically banishing is not what is happening here, so the term actually does not fit here and is likely to cause confusion, therefore the “Banishing” rituals are actually Calling Rituals if they bring something to you, but Banishing Rituals only if they remove the energy called from your presence by releasing them beyond you. The Invoking Rituals of the Multigrams thankfully do not share in this confusion of terms, but technically can also mean to Banish if you are drawing from the surface to the Abyss below, or could mean to Call if you are calling something from above to the surface below where you are.

Ten Watchtower Systems were presented along with the Archdaemons in the original post, each of these Watchtowers of Omnivolence accompanies three systems of the Abyss, called the Godflames of Omniprescience (All Awareness), the Heavenly Rays of Omnisapience (All Wisdom), and the Primordial Vaults of Omnificence (meaning Almighty coming from the same root as magnificent, beneficent, and maleficent). Notice that there are more “All” concepts tied to these structures than just the Archdaemons themselves, and that these terms bear similarities to the attributes of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and while not shown in the four themselves, also Omnipresence. Each of the four and additionally the remaining two polarities belonging to the Twin Demiurges themselves, are two halves of one of the Three Alls: Omnisapience, All Wisdom, with Omniprescience, All Awareness, make Omniscience, All Knowing.
Omnivolence, All Willfullness, with Omnificence, All Might, make Omnipotence, All Power
And not shown here in these four, but the remaining two are:
Omniessence, All Being, with Omnisentience, All Sensing, make Omnipresence, All Presence.

The reason these pairings are important to know is because of how their systems interact with one another to bring forth these forces from the Abyss into the world.

The Watchtowers themselves are the Primordial Construct of Omnivolence, tied to Sathan, who is also at the center of the Gatekeepers of the Abyss and Daemonic Divinities under the name of Satan. These fourteen Watchtower Systems allow the will of the Conjuror to be made known to the powers of Abyss and the Heavens, but with the additional Enochian Watchtowers as they link to more advanced works down the line:

The Zenith System of White Saturn, Living Beings, the Four Eternals:
Bearers of the Sacrifice of the Archdaemons, masters of the Heavens and sources of Angelkind
North: Melchizedek of the Mind of Heaven’s Will
East: Yeheshuah of the Heart of Heaven’s Vision
South: Elyonis of the Progeny of Heaven’s Power
West: Metatron of the Tongue of Heaven’s Wisdom

The Zenith System of Rose Saturn, Gods of Thelema (Star Ruby Keeper Deities):
Usher in the Mirage of Cosmic Existence, manifesting power in the known and visible Cosmos
North: Nuit of the Infinite Cosmos
East: Therion of the Wild Spirit
South: Hadit of the Fiery Heavens
West: Babalon of the Living Waters

The Upper System of Pink Saturn, Cardinal Archangels, the Four Flaming Swords of Heaven:
Used for protection from unknown forces to restore the familiar world, as well as for ritual consecration
North: Haniel of the Pentacle of Protection
East: Michael of the Blade of Intention
South: Raphael of the Wand of Miracles
West: Gabriel of the Chalice of Cleansing

The Upper System of Pearl Saturn, Horae of the Seasons, the Four Daughters of Helios:
The four maidens of time, allowing all manifestation to align to the timeline in the proper configuration.
North: Kheimon, the Winter Hour of Desolation
East: Eiar, the Spring Hour of Promise
South: Theros, the Summer Hour of Prosperity
West: Phthinophoron, the Autumn Hour of Decline

The North System of Yellow Jupiter, the Anemoi, the Four Winds of Time:
Seeds the currents of time with intention by manipulating causal links and pressure fronts in space-time itself
North: Boreas, Winter Wind of Stagnation
East: Apeliotes, Spring Wind of Rejuvenation
South: Notos, Summer Wind of Excitation
West: Zephyros, Autumn Wind of Enervation

The East System of Green Venus, the Oneiroi, the Four Keepers of Dreams:
Connects to the currents of Consciousness to attain prophetic vision and open one’s perception to beyond
North: Thanatos of Death heralding Rebirth
East: Phantasos of Fantasy heralding Life
South: Morpheus of Prophesy heralding Future
West: Phobetor of Dread heralding Death

Central System of Silver Sol, Cardinal Emperors, Four Majesties of the Empyrean
Harmonizing forces, subduer of unruly presences, power behind the purification of contention
North: Demoriel of the Balanced Earth
East: Carnesiel of the Silent Wind
South: Caspiel of the Calming Flame
West: Amenadiel of the Resting Waters

Central System of Opal Sol, the Cardinal Gatekeepers, Four Majesties of the Infernal
Open pathways for the Abyss to make entrance, remove all unwanted spiritual influence to prepare space
North: Asmodeus of the Expecting Vessel
East: Amaymon of the Offering Blood
South: Ba’alzephon of the Searching Flame
West: Lucifuge of the Scrying Water

Core System of Prismatic Sol, Elemental Rulers, the Four Enochian Kings of the Spheres
Unify the planetary influence to bring forth alchemical unison involvevd in many advanced rituals
North: ICZHIHAL Who Solidified the Past, of Earth
East: BATAIVAH Whose Name Seems to Have Wings, of Air
South: EDLPRNAA Who Is First to Receive the Flames, of Fire
West: RAAGIOSL Whose Hands are Toward the East, of Water

Core System of Diamond Sol, Secret Holy Names, the Four Hidden Seeds of Pleroma
Links to the origin of Existence in advanced ritual to bind or unify the energies of the Demiurges
North: ORO IBAH AOZPI of Air, Who Cries Aloud in the Place of Desolation
East: MPH ARSL GAIOL of Water, Who is the First True Creator, the Horned One
South: MOR DIAL HCTGA of Earth, Who Burns Up Iniquity Without Equal
West: OIP TEAA PDOCE of Fire, Whose Name is Unchanged from What It Was

Southern System of Red Mars, the Royal Stars, the Four Keepers of the Heavens:
Links to the celestial current of the Cosmos to perform powerful rituals like the Dodecagram Ritual of the Heavens to access the Infernal Eye of Providence and the Empyrean Eye of Glory.
North: Fomalhaut or the Persian Hastorang
East: Aldebaran or the Persian Tascheter
South: Regulus or the Persian Venant
West: Antares or the Persian Satevis

Western System of Blue Mercury, the Four Boeotian Muses, the Four Keepers of the Truth & Memory:
Performs Initiations or to understand the true nature of things through artistry, poetry, and profound wisdom.
North: Thelxinoe of Enchantment
East: Aoide of Incantation
South: Arche of Initiation
West: Melete of Meditation

Lower System of Indigo Luna, Keepers of Death, the Four Sons of Horus:
Heralds of the Underworld journey of Katabasis, protection in times of change, commences spirit searches
North: Hapi with Nephthys of the Lungs, Essence of Vitality to sustain the breath of life
East: Duamatef with Neith of the Spleen/Hands, Essence of Manifestation to sustain the works of life
South: Amseti with Isis of the Liver/Feet, Essence of Connection to sustain the bonds of life
West: Qebehsenuef with Selket of the Intestines, Essence of Identity to sustain the name/nature of life

Lower System of Obsidian Luna, Elemental Watchtowers, Cardinal Daemonic Divinities
Augment the elemental currents to the microcosm to allow their manifestation to appear in our world
North: Belial of the Frigid and Dry Winter (Earth)
East: Eosphoros of the Warm and Damp Spring (Air)
South: Flereous of the Hot and Dry Summer (Fire)
West: Leviathan of Cold and Damp Autumn (Water)

Nadir System of Violet Luna, Four Zoas, Emanations of Albion (William Blake):
Designed to limit the influence of the Archdaemons linked to the Ritual Sacrifice of the Magnum Opus
North: Los of Ingenuity, contrast of Sathan of Will, maker of the self consignment of Creation
East: Orc of Violation, contrast of Baalphegore of Vision, maker of the decrepit state of Creation
South: Urizen of Reason, contrast of Beelzebeul of Power, maker of the limiting rules of Creation
West: Tharmas of Sensation, contrast of Leviathan of Truth, maker of the blinding sentiment of Creation

Nadir System of Black Luna, Infernal Watchtowers, Lords of the Gate of Dis:
Dissolve falsehoods in order to lead the soul to revelation and personal transformation
North: Zymymiar of Dessicated Illusion, renders barren the fruit of deceit to reveal the true nature of things
East: Uriens of the Ravaging Wind, destroys the idealized image of the past to usher the new path
South: Mahazael of the Scorching Gauntlet, tests and torments to reveal the true strength of the individual
West: Corson of the Harrowed Depths, forces a person to dive deep within to reveal hidden secrets

Note that in the Watchtowers, the Spheres they are tied to often repeat, but the colors of them are always different, and the reason is that half of them belong to the Seven Heavenly Rays with two of them having extra derivates, these being the Rose Ray for the Pink Ray, and the Indigo Ray for the Violet Ray, and the remaining half belong to the Seven Godflames with their two additional derivates much like the Heavenly Rays do, which are the Obsidian Flame from the Black Flame, and the Pearl Flame from the White Flame (which is actually the White Heavenly Ray). The Godflames themselves are tied to Ba’alphegore’s Domain of Vision, each tied to a spectrum of spiritual reality, also known as a Paradigm. Each individual has a Paradigm tied what is called the Soulflame, the personal spiritual equivalent to the Godflames. Soulflames can have myriad colors and attributes tied to which Godflames they are connected to, and the radiation of these Soulflames is emitted to form the colors of the human aura.

The Seven Godflames along with their derivatives are:

Saturnine White Godflame of Omnisentience, Positive Polarity on the Axis of Omnipresence
The Heavenly Godflame tied to the Ascetic Paths, mysticism of this flame centers on reaching Divinity through purification and virtuous actions/thoughts, is also the center of most Abrahamic Traditions, and is tied to the Luminary Demiurge.

Derivative Saturnine Pearl Godflame of Grace
Source of the Paradigms of the lesser Heavens that are not focused on attaining or connecting to Divinity so much as attaining a state of peace or eternal bliss, usually as reward for years of service and/or sacrifice.

Jovian Golden Godflame of Omnivolence, Positive Polarity on the Axis of Omnipotence
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize the value of personal freedom as leading to transcendence. Divinity is not necessarily the focus of this Godflame, in so much as freedom being Divine and thus being free is to be Divine, ascension process or not. The focus of these Paradigms is to impose our will upon the world through mystical forces to shape the world as we deem fitting.

Venereal Emerald Godflame of Omniprescience, Negative Polarity on the Axis of Omniscience
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize personal experience as the chief means of growth and Divine connection. To have experienced or to be able to experience all perception is to be Divine according to this Godflame, and enables those who employ and attune to it to broaden the horizons of their conscious experience of reality.

Derivative Solar Opal Godflame of Omniconsonance, Central Polarity on the Axis of Omniscience
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize a collective idea of truth, whose nature is derived from a combination of ideas to create a coherent picture of reality, is present in many Paradigms that involve multiple elements as an adhesive of sorts. Attunement to this derivative Godflame allows for incorporation of new philosophies into old as a means of attaining a form of balance.

Derivative Solar Prismatic Godflame of Omniconfluence, Central Polarity on the Axis of Omnipotence
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize combining the capabilities of several paths together to form a coherent center of power for the individual to make their desired impact. Attunement to this Godflame enables broadened access to energies normally unreachable, conflicting, or simply too anomalous to handle.

Solar Diamond Godflame of Omniregence, Central Polarity on the Axis of Omnipresence (Origin)
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize manifesting or calling forth Divine presence in reality, is the ultimate harmonizer but also carries the greatest risk of instability in all the Godflames, for with this Godflame arises the risk of madness as a result of overwhelming the mind with too much stimulus. Attunement to this Godflame allows for increased access to regions of existence previously untreadable, opening hidden or otherwise unreachable doorways.

Martial Crimson Godflame of Omnificence, Negative Polarity on the Axis of Omnipotence
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize empowerment as a means of attaining Divinity, that Divinity itself is merely an extent of power that can be reached through metaphysical and/or Occult means. The key of this Godflame is efficacy, that is the ability to exert an effect on reality through one’s own intention. Attunement to this Godflame leads to systems focused on improving the efficacy of one’s own personal power.

Mercurial Azure Godflame of Omnisapience, Positive Polarity on the Axis of Omniscience
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize learning the Truth of all things as a means of accessing the Divine or higher powers that be. To this Godflame, Truth is prized above all things, even power, and leads to the highest states of being attainable to human existence. Attunement to this Godflame leads to systems that improve information gathering tools such as Divination, and will allow better discernment of what is perceived to be and what truly is.

Derivative Lunar Obsidian Godflame of Fate
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize and even give Divine form to the inevitability of change, and the passive acceptance of time’s passage and the changes it can cause, most emphatically being Death. This is the essence behind the Death Divine, alternatively identified as the Death Daemonic. Many of the Death or Necromantic currents are tied to this Godflame. Attunement to this Godflame enables greater understanding of the ravages of time, how things will eventually change, but also enable insight into the Afterlife and even connection to the deceased.

Lunar Black Godflame of Omniessence, Negative Polarity on the Axis of Omnipresence
Source of the Paradigms that emphasize Divinity as being rooted in all things, much like currents such as Pantheism. Essentialism, or the idea that everything has an underlying essence or purpose for being, is rooted in this Godflame, as well as the idea that understanding this personal essence can lead to attaining personal Divinity. Attunement to this Godflame enables greater connection of oneself and one’s part in the Universe, as well as understanding why some things are as they are.

Each of these Divine Paradigms is a maze, creating entire Universes of perception around central archetypes and ideas to conceal the truths that lie at their centers. The Watchtowers access the powers implied by the form divinity takes within each of these realities, but the Godflames themselves are the central spark that these realities stem from and build upon.

Then there arises the last of these Constructs, and perhaps the most elusive, the Primordial Vaults. The Vaults bear the essences from when reality first emerged from the Abyss, the source of the Aether that was instrumental in shaping this Existence. Each Vault carries inside it the power to reshape the entire Universe if it is understood how to tap into it properly, which is where the greatest degree of complexity comes from when working with them. The Ten Primordial Vaults are also Godforms, created by the psychonautics of the force that lies between the Twin Demiurges, projected out from the Inner Abyss to create all of reality as we know it, and still used by Magicians to this day to reshape the world using Magick, which brings up the finer point of their true origin and purpose, they are the Sources and even one might say the Deities of Magick itself. Every Divine force that is channeled either came from one of them or is actually coming out of one of them in that moment. The reason the cardinal directions do not have separate Heavenly Rays from Godflames is because the Primordial Vaults of the four Cardinal Directions are still actively shaping this world, ever since the dawn of time itself.

This post will be the very first time I have ever released their names in public, as their names are so strange I never quite knew what to make of them, but if their names should ever be revisited in my Gnosis and wind up shifting or changing, I will update accordingly, which is why this hasn’t been put to grimoire yet. The subject of the Primordial Vaults is a lengthy one, and likely worthy of a grimoire by itself, consider this a cursory introduction just to bring to light the construct itself as well as the current names available and some of their properties.

Each of the Ten Vaults has a fourteen lettered name, as well as a Vault Keeper with a ten lettered name:

Vault Keeper: ENITHRAMON
Divinity: Satan the Fulcrum of Revolution
Essence: Light Prismatic (Opal)
The power to reestablish the image of one’s world, to bring balance and harmonize unusual forces

Vault of Consecration: ASATRAI MALISYR
Vault Keeper: YALDABAOTH
Divinity: Verrine the Healer
Essence: White Rose
The powers of creation and invention, source of manifestation.

Vault of Vitality: PROTENA GESORAN
Vault Keeper: GESTINANNA
Divinity: Unsere the Life Giver
Essence: Pink Pearl
The powers of cleansing, rejuvenation, healing, and protection

Vault Keeper: UNDAARAOTH
Divinity: Eosphoros the Light Bringer
Essence: Golden
The power to breath forth existence from intention.

Vault Keeper: CENDEVAREL
Divinity: Belial the Godking of Earth
Essence: Emerald
The power to shape the world with dreams, fantasies, and insights

Vault Keeper: SORATHAROS
Divinity: Flereous the Brazen Sun
Essence: Crimson
The power to draw down the Heavens onto the Earth

Divinity: Leviathan the Seeress of the Deep
Essence: Azure
The power to influence the seas and manipulate the currents of the heart

Vault Keeper: ANAXAZAZEL
Divinity: Eurynomos
Essence: Dark Indigo
The power to demystify the state of death and unravel the past in order to speak to the deceased.

Vault of Desecration: VRAEDAA LETANEI
Vault Keeper: DEIMALAEUS
Divinity: Amduscias
Essence: Deep Violet
The power of harnessing entropy to release the raw power hidden in the Aether to reenergize inert Essence.

Divinity: Osorrhonophris the Bornless One
Essence: Radiant Diamond
The power to remake the forces of the world, to link with the Pleroma, and when properly used, bind Divinity

The Vault names themselves are used in the Supreme Ritual of the Tetradecagram (14 pointed multigram), wherein the polarities of Omnipresence, that is Omniessence and Omnisentience, are brought together. The Vault Keeper’s names are used in the Supreme Ritual of the Decagram (10 pointed multigram), wherein the polarities of Omniscience, the Twin Hands of Omnisapience and Omniprescience, are brought together.

A few of the names of the Vault Keepers may seem familiar to those who have worked with the Book of Sitra Achra, as well as those who have followed BALG’s work for the past few years, those being Soratharos, Vault Keeper of Fire and Daemon of the Sun, and Anaxazazel, Vault Keeper of Death and the Buried King from the Maergzjiran Cabal, in particular. The name of Geshtinanna may also seem familiar to those familiar with their Sumerian mythology as an ancient fertility Goddess. These beings have been sensed for ages as being tied to central powers and have even been noticed by Occultists on here due to their link to the Primordial Vaults.

The exact means of accessing the Vaults is tied to the Rituals of the Octagram, with the Tenth Vault, HELIOAB ELYONIS (the names are tied to Enochian in a way I am still working through, but because of this link their names are always in caps except whenever I refer to their deistic forms), being tied to the Supreme Ritual of the Octagram. These rituals are essentially like expanded versions of the Rituals of the Pentagram and Planetary Rituals of the Hexagram, but taken to the next level when applied to the Primordial Constructs of the Abyss due to their link with the Grand Rites of the Callis Magorum (which is also practically a grimoire in itself due to the sheer mass of this undertaking).

This post contains the very first published mention of the Primordial Vaults in their entirety, the next post will go into their links with the Nine Worlds of the Nordic Worldtree, Yggdrasil, and how they tie in with the Abyss at large as far their link to the Inner Abyss, the nature of which will also be brought to light. As always I appreciate your feedback and support, and hope you all found this post illuminating.

For those familiar with the process of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the names of the Watchtowers can be substituted to bring their essence into the equation instead of that of the Archangels, which in itself is useful for those looking for alternatives to Angels in their Magick.

A word of caution as well as an invitation: feel free to call on the names of the Vaults and see if you sense anything from them, for this I would recommend calling on their appropriate Vault Keepers and Daemonic Divinities tied to the one you seek to investigate since they know best how to properly interact with their vast energies, as well as might provide some further illumination on their functions beyond the limited scope I have used here to introduce them. The caution here is that these are the source of Magick itself, from every ancient civilization to modern times, these are essentially Gods of Magick itself, and for this reason carry tremendous power, which can be both incredibly useful as well as tremendously dangerous.


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Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part V: The Primordial Yggdrasil and the 24 Keys of Magick

So far the Outer Abyss has been covered in length, the Manifold at its core, the Qliphoth of its body, the Daemon Rulers, the 212 Archedaemoni with the Four Protodaemoni (that is the technical rank of the Primordial Archdaemons), and the Veils of Abyss that give it form; but now it is time to tie it in to our world as well identify what lies at its center, its heart, the meat of all that makes the Abyss what it is.

The Primordial Vaults mentioned prior are sources of tremendous power, tied directly to Primordial Chaos itself, known to the Qliphoth as Tohu of Qemetiel (more on this in a bit), and is so powerful in fact that by itself would be tremendously unstable, but thankfully there is a balance to these vaults to keep them separate and stable, and that is the Nine Worlds of the Ashen Worldtree, Yggdrasil. The Worldtree ties the entire universe together, but technically is as much a “tree” as the Qliphoth or Sephiroth are, sort of like a mutual or medial tree between the two opposites. Yggdrasil is made up of Nine Realms, each connected by pathways marked by runes much in the same way that the pathways of the Tree of Life and the Tunnels of Set of the Tree of Knowledge have letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beth and Letters of Silence respectively; in fact it is quite possible that these pathways are what make the runes what they are, and even may be directly tied to what Hodin saw when He hung himself by His ankles over the Well of Mimir to glimpse the true wisdom of the Cosmos.

So here are the Nine Worlds with their descriptions as well as the runes and Vaults that lie in between them:

Asgard of Saturn, separation between the Zenith ASATRAIMALISYR and Upper PROTENAGESORAN
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Yaldabaoth and Gestinanna
Domain above of the Aesir and dwelling place of Valhalla, the halls of warriors preparing for the end of the world, Ragnarok. Considered the home of only the most glorious dead, those worthy of death beyond life being constantly reinforced by the essence of Asatraimalisyr. This place is not necessarily heaven, and in scope is actually quite massive as is its counterpart, Helheimr, both of which have influence that wraps around their vertical half of the Worldtree to create a giant sphere to encompass the Inner Abyss.

Ljosalfheimr of Saturn, between the Upper PROTENAGESORAN and Medial ANVELAMRETHEOS
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Gestinanna and Enithramon
Domain below Asgard but above Midgard where the Light Elves dwell, positive spirits conflated with Angels in comparative folklore but moreso linked with Eudaemoni, meaning benign or helpful spirits, not to be confused with the Vanir who dwell in Vanaheimr.

Vanaheimr of Venus, between Northern MAELEOSTROSIAS and Eastern ZHIHIRUKHEYIEL
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Undaaraoth and Cendevarel
One of the four cardinal Worlds of Yggdrasil that surround Midgard, note that these Worlds lie on diagonals, and their essence is more hybridized than their upper and lower world counterparts. Dwelling place of the Vanir, Fertility Gods once at war with the Aesir.

Muspelheimr of Mars, between Eastern ZHIHIRUKHAIYEL and Southern CORFLEOMRAONIR
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Cendevarel and Soratharos
Domain of endless flame from Corfleomraonir and molten rock from Zhihirukhaiyel, which combine to make this Realm the foundry of worlds, the place where worlds are brought forth into existence. Ruled by the great Fire Giant Surtr who will one day consume the cosmos in flames when Ragnarok comes.

Jotunheimr of Mercury, between Southern CORFLEOMRAONIR and Western TETHTIRIMYREIS
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Soratharos and Khalasaayah
Domain of the Frost Giants, the Jotun, forged on a world of ice, born from the collision of the molten potential of Corfleomryonir and the watery depths of Tethtirimyreis, a world of fire and ice fueled by springs which spit out gases to heat the otherwise frigid atmosphere. The giants here are armored from head to toe, their armor lacks visors due to them having been born into a world of such darkness from the extinguished that they were born without eyes. The upper ranked beings from this world are born with eyes if they are born during one of the ages of light; for this reason, they are usually the most ancient among them when there was light in Jotunheimr. The days and nights are both ages long due to constant struggle of fire to illuminate the skies and the watery deep trying to snuff it out. The Well of Mimir, or Mimisbrunnr, is located in Jotunheimr where this world meets one of three roots of the Absolutia, one of them in the Heavens where the Heavens meet the Pleroma, one in the Abyss where the night meets the hidden light, and the third in the world where light and darkness lose all meaning.

Niflheimr of Jupiter, between Western TETHTIRIMYREIS and Northern MAELEOSTROSIAS
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Khalasaayah and Undaaraoth
A world of perpetual storm and frigid wind, born from the chilling atmospheres of Tethtirimyreis and the

Svartalfheimr of Luna, between Medial ANVELAMRETHEOS and Lower THANGYRTAVELES
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Enithramon and Anaxazazel
Domain of the Dark Elves, conflated with Daemons in comparative folklore, also known as Cacodaemons, but also a specific race of Daemons called the Necrodaemoni who are the attendants and dealers of Death, harbingers of ill portent at their darkest, bestowers of deathless wisdom and closure at their most beneficent. This is the world of lamentation, meant to keep the necrotic influence of Thangyrtavelos from poisoning the wellspring of our world, Anvelamretheos, the result being that our world experiences the phenomena known as death and disease.

Helheimr of Luna, between Lower THANGYRTAVELES and Nadir VRAEDAALETANEI
Their essences safe guarded by the two Vault Keepers: Anaxazazel and Deimalaeos
Domain of annihilation, the place where the dead decompose to surrender their stories to the Underworld, a place of bittersweet closure and a place of putrid decay all at once. The souls that dwell here cannot leave, partly because the destructive influences of Vraedaaletanei render them far too fragile for restoration, but also because the remnants of the living in this world provide a buffer to keep the influences of Thangyrtaveles from destroying the dead altogether in the upper worlds. The only way for souls to endure this world is to surrender their connection to their flesh, which putrefies and disintegrates in this world, only the soul itself as the pure essence of a being remains, but the Gods who enter this domain do not experience this decay as they are not of the flesh except in likeness.

Now for the pathways that bind these Worlds together, the network of circulation between the Primordial Vaults themselves that allows their essences to remain balanced and intertwined with Reality, and for this section the work of Oleg Shaposhnikov caught my attention due to its context of the Worldtree not in a cosmological context, but rather a psychodynamic one. Every world lies between two Primordial Vaults, and every Rune lies between two Worlds, but in such a way that each Rune actually lies between three Primordial Vaults, thus giving them their power and connection to the nexus.

Asgard to Vanaheimr: Kenaz the Torch
Asatraimalisyr, Maeleostrosias, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Illumination, of the Theurgical Magicks that lead to inspiration and understanding.

Asgard to Muspelheimr: Raidho the Wheel
Asatraimalisyr, Zhihirukhaiyel, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Destiny, of the Visionary Magicks dealing with the course of one’s destiny.

Asgard to Jotunheimr: Ansuz the Witness
Asatraimalisyr, Corfleomyronir, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Descent, of all Hereditary Magicks and powers listening to the Natural World.

Asgard to Niflheimr: Thurisaz the Thorn
Asatraimalisyr, Tethtirimyreis, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Severity, of the Baneful Magicks designed to poison, infect, and destroy all foes.

Asgard to Ljosalfheimr: Dagaz the Dawn
Asatraimalisyr, Protenagesoran, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Longevity, the Sympathetic Magicks of one’s personal path and well being.

Ljosalfheimr to Vanaheimr: Nauthiz the Need
Protenagesoran, Maeleostrosias, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Necessity, the Shamanic Magicks of survival, tribulation, and endurance

Ljosalfheimr to Muspelheimr: Hagalaz the Hail
Protenagesoran, Zhihirukhaiyel, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Disaster, of the Natural Magicks of inviting natural calamity and destruction.

Ljosalfheimr to Jotunheimr: Wunjo the Joy
Protenagesoran, Corfleomyronir, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Hedonism, of the Ecstatic Magicks of intoxication, pleasure, and rest .

Ljosalfheimr to Niflheimr: Gebo the Gift
Protenagesoran, Tethtirimyreis, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Love, of the Tantric Magicks of romance, mutualism, sacrifice, and duality.

Ljosalfheimr to Midgard: Othala the Home
Protenagesoran, Anvelamretheos, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Nature, of the Lunar Magicks of spiritual protection, inheritance, and birthrights.

Midgard to Vanaheimr: Uruz the Ox
Anvelamretheos, Maeleostrosias, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Strength, of the Augmentation Magicks of fortitude, agility, and might

Midgard to Muspelheimr: Eiwaz the Yew
Anvelamretheos, Zhihirukhaiyel, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Rebirth, of the Necromantic Magicks of communication, warding, and protection.

Midgard to Jotunheimr: Jera the Earth
Anvelamretheos, Corfleomyronir, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Cultivation, of the Harvest Magicks of aggriculture, botany, and spagyrics.

Midgard to Niflheimr: Isa the Frost
Anvelamretheos, Tethtirimyreis, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Stagnation, of the Shadow Magicks of inner turmoil, blockages, and revelations

Midgard to Svartalfheimr: Fehu the Frey
Anvelamretheos, Thangyrtaveles, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Wealth, of the Money Magicks of opportunity, fruitful labor, and accumulation.

Svartalfheimr to Vanaheimr: Berkana the Birch
Thangyrtaveles, Maeleostrosias, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Health, of the Healing Magicks of restoration, rejuvenation, & resurrection.

Svartalfheimr to Muspelheimr: Teiwaz the Truth
Thangyrtaveles, Zhihirukhaiyel, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Justice, of the Warrior Magicks of conviction, discipline and victory.

Svartalfheimr to Jotunheimr: Sowulo the Sun
Thangyrtaveles, Corfleomyronir, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Grandeur, of the Solar Magicks of glory, honor, ferocity, and conquest.

Svartalfheimr to Niflheimr: Elgiz the Shield
Thangyrtaveles, Tethtirimyreis, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Defense, of the Protection Magicks of concealment, reinforcement, and shelter.

Svartalfheimr to Helheimr: Pertho the Secret
Thangyrtaveles, Vraedaaletanei, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Mystery, of the Hidden Magicks of sorcery, enchantment, and illusionism.

Helheimr to Vanaheimr: Laguz the Leek
Vraedaaletanei, Maeleostrosias, & Zhihirukhaiyel
This Rune is the Key of Water, of the Nautical Magicks of the ocean, emotion, and storms.

Helheimr to Muspelheimr: Inguz the Sprig
Vraedaaletanei, Zhihirukhaiyel, & Corfleomryonir
This Rune is the Key of Growth, of the Fertility Magicks of virility, momentum, and generativity.

Helheimr to Jotunheimr: Mannaz the Man
Vraedaaletanei, Corfleomyronir, & Tethtirimyreis
This Rune is the Key of Humanity, of the Psychic Magicks of introspection, meditation, and telepathy.

Helheimr to Niflheimr: Ehwaz the Horse
Vraedaaletanei, Tethtirimyreis, & Maeleostrosias
This Rune is the Key of Voyage, of the Mobile Magicks of safe travel, teleportation, and projection.

Ljosalfheimr to Svartalfheimr: Wyrd the Unknown
Asatraimalisyr, Vraedaaletanei, & Helioabaleonis
This Blank Rune is the Key of Silence, of the Unseen Magicks of Transmigration and the Veil.

The Blank Rune lies between all 24 of the other Runes, and is the only Rune not bound to a cardinal Vault, that does not make a triangle (it just makes a line), and the only Rune that is tied to the Tenth Primordial Vault, Helioabaleonis. Technically this Rune isn’t standard for casting, but is tied to forces beyond comprehension, and if needed to be depicted, simply draw it as a circle.

This post took me some time due to getting in the Navy, which the forces of Uruz helped in tremendously, but also due to making sure that everything was accurate. Connecting the Runes to the Primordial Vaults was no simple feat and required really getting into the particulars of what the Sources of Magick actually are. The names are slightly different, and when available I will edit the above posts with the modifications.

The next post will deal with one of the most unusual and even intimidating concepts within this path, the Bornless Sea surrounding the Inner Abyss, and the Inner Abyss itself and all its strange geography. I was originally going to put that in this segment, but it didn’t feel like it fit in with the rest of the material. The Inner Abyss itself is one of my favorite topics due to my personal connection with that level of existence and the strange metaphysics and occurences there.


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Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part VI: The Bornless Sea, and the Inner Abyss of Twilight

The Outer Abyss is a massive domain steeped in bizarre landscapes and myriad legions and species of Daemons of all varieties, but the Outer Abyss also has a nefarious reputation for sourcing the illest of wills among humanity but wrongfully so. It is not from the Outer Abyss that demented visions and delirious fits of hysteria and dread emerge, it is the Inner Abyss. None of the Six Trees of Sitra Achra reach the center of the Abyss directly, and Azerate, the Seventh Ahriman of the Infernal, is never seen directly, for no one would dare seek Him out.

In the same way that the Exalted One, Yehovah, is impossible to witness within the very integrity of ones soul disintegrating from the immense energy; the Bornless One, Azerate, is nearly impossible to reach without losing one’s mind due to being enveloped in a pitch black miasma that causes the very world around Him to distort erratically.

The Outer Abyss as is recognized by the Occult community as the residence of Daemonkind only goes as far as the outermost section of Sheol ha-Tehom, the region where the Thaumielitan or Crown of the Infernum, containing the Qliphoth Satariel, Chaigidel, and Thaumiel, lies. Beyond this region lies the Bornless Sea of Azerate, a dimension of buried secrets, the deepest horrors of the Underworld, and the forbidden truths of Creation itself.

The Bornless Sea is essentially the hell of Hell, the place where the exiles of the Qliphoth are sent into oblivion as punishment for treachery or other similarly grave offenses. The name comes from the fact that it is a cave network that serves as a labrynthine drainage basin for the Rivers of the Underworld, where their waters comingle and result in all manner of Aberrations to be created in the process. Aberrations are a class of Cacodaemons that are essentially what the Qliphoth consider to be monsters, not driven by principle, human need, philosophy, or even by some internal logic, but rather by some perversity of animal instinct that render them each uniquely horrid, even to Daemons.

The cave network of the Bornless Sea constantly shifts, as if a living entity, distorted by the corrupting miasma of Azerate; this causes the caves to constantly cave in and reroute. These shifts in the cave network can entrap the souls traversing through it, and in some unfortunate cases cause the wandering souls within to be trapped with Aberrations that were dragged down by the Rivers of the Underworld. The Miasma can also twist the minds of humans and Daemons alike, filling their heads with demented visions of impossible wisdom obtained from forbidden Magicks requiring the souls within to commit horrid acts in order to even be able to express the profane knowledge acquired.

As one goes deeper into the Bornless Sea, the presence of the Miasma becomes so intense that reality distorts around the traveller, turning caverns into celestial storms, spirals of fantastical light and dust brimming with unknowable radiance and unfathomable dimensions at their luminous cores. At the center of these luminous storms of distortion, the terrifying secret to their brightess is revealed, and that secret is that they are not bright at all, but rather so dark and so empty that they register to the senses as blank space. This blank space only appears as white because the mind cannot even register their emptiness as dark, for they are even devoid of darkness.

These blank spaces are the Cacodistortium, the Badlands of the Abyss, bathed in a scorching darkness and emptiness that the mind can only perceive as frigid radiance. The dwellers of the Cacodistortium appear as writhing silhouettes dripping with tar, screaming indiscernable profanities which deepen to pitches barely audible into the canvas void, and giving the Badlands their one clear feature, the smell of burning flesh. These screaming inhabitants mostly consist of the only kind of wandering soul that cannot find the secret to escaping the barren wasteland, the Nihilists. The reason Nihilists and Existentialists get trapped in these places is due to the fact that there is only one way to escape the Badlands, building a bridge of artificial reality using the Om to create your way out, which requires understanding how the world came into being which either of those two groups would never wish to seek out. Notice the use of the Om Mantra here, it does come up later.

Beyond the storms of the Cacodistortium, the Rivers of the Underworld converge, creating a celestial ocean deep in the heart of horror, the Primal Sea. The geography at this point has ceased to even attempt to remain in its cavernous state, and has instead deviated to ridges created by the clouds surrounding the Badlands. Reaching in directions impossible, and surrounding the Primal Sea below, these ridges extend endless in each direction.

The Primal Sea itself is an ocean of blood from the River Phlegethon, tears from the River Acheron, rendered freezing cold by the River Cocytus, and mirky with the mud of the River Styx. Every soul and Aberration trapped in the rivers above drains into this single point, woven into a violent tapestry of flesh and teeth, inspired by madness itself, and fed by the sacrifices of the futile races above. To reach the Inner Abyss, one must dive into these treacherous waters and make it to the bottom without touching anything on the way down. Contact with anything inside the Primal Sea will result in becoming integrated with the carnal material of the tapestry, causing one’s very form and individuality to dissolve into a nightmarish patchwork of abominations. The deeper into the Primal Sea one goes, the louder it gets, the sound returns only because the material density returns to the point where sound can travel again, resulting in the voices of the condemned to be audible once again. Once at the bottom, find a large current of blood from the River Phlegethon and there will be a cave opening that will lead to the last regions of the Outer Abyss, the Edge of Infinity, the Threshold of the Old Gods beginning with the domain of Yog Sothoth.

Yog Sothoth is the Gate, the unfathomable mystery at the core of what our reality recognizes as reality, but where reality cannot exist, for only truth can leave Yog Sothoth, and only truth may enter. Yog Sothoth is the first of three that mark the Edge of Infinity, the very limits of the Outer Abyss where the Bornless Sea and the Rivers of the Underworld were created from. Follow the stream of blood through the passages of Yog Sothoth, for being a living entity, blood is life, and life can only follow life if it is to remain true to be allowed passage through the Gate. As the blood reaches deeper into the mazelike structure, it will darken until it is ink black, and then it will appear everywhere in massive pools. These pools will lead to the next region of the Edge of Infinity, the Magnum Innominandum, the Great Nameless Darkness which is the source of the Miasma of Azerate.

The Magnum Innominandum is a region of complete blackness, but not complete silence on account of a strange droning sound that fills the sanguine blackness. Follow that sound deeper into the darkness and the droning will turn into a pounding sound, which will only intensify as you approach the final region of the Edge of Infinity, the Bornless Heart of Azothoth. As you approach the heart, the space starts to assume a life of its own. Within this darkness is the birthing ground of Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Thousand Young who spawns the harbingers and foragers to sustain the Bornless Heart of Azothoth. Each creature is designed to multiply and consume ravenously in order to sustain the endless hunger of Azothoth. This region is so close to the Heart that no creatures spawn here, but rather reach out into the passages of Yog Sothoth to access the myriad worlds beyond. Once at the center of the Magnum Innominandum, the only way onward is to enter one of the vessels of the Bornless Heart which start to resemble a cave like the beginning of this journey into the deep.

Within the Bornless Heart of Azothoth, the darkness soon fades, assuming the form of a crimson radiance. This radiance continues to grow until it envelopes everything in view, becoming the sky of a bizarre landscape, the first region of the Inner Abyss, the Hidden Hallow.

The Hidden Hallow is the dream of what was once the Garden of Eden many eons ago, but have since become the residence for Heavenly possibilities long forgotten. This world is the inspiration of the Bornless One itself, the place where the dreams of existence by the Primordial Being were put to rest, creating in their ruin the dwelling place of the Grand Scarlet Woman Herself, the Mother of Heaven turned Mother of Abominations, Babalon. Within this world lies another being worthy of mentioning, Allogenes the Stranger. Allogenes is the shade of the Bornless One, and is Azerate Himself. He wanders this world endlessly, dreaming of possible worlds, surrounding Himself with phantasms of Heavens that could be, but when He dreams too much, He begins to remember that He is trapped in a dream and becomes violent, causing terrible storms to ravage the landscape. From these storms rain down the seeds of Aberrations which start to take form as predatory shadows in the distance. The only way to stop the storms and the Aberrations is for Allogenes to drink the water, which is sourced from the River Lethe, causing Him to lose all memory of His terrible revelation, causing the whole cycle of ignorant dreams and illuminated nightmares to reset once again. Following the River Lethe in the valley of the Hidden Hallows leads to the Cave of Nyx, the Night Mother of Phantasos, Phobetor, Thanatos, and Morpheus. Down the Cave of Nyx is a passage leading to the next level of the Inner Abyss, the Desert of the Worldsoul.

The Desert of the Worldsoul is a barren valley made of petrified human forms created by the souls trapped in the Cacodistortium whose bodies turned to basaltic rock as a result of the tar dripping from them, who fall as soon as they petrify all the way down into the Inner Abyss to become the bedrock of this world, often shattering when they make landfall, and causing the base layer of petrified souls to crumble and fall deep into the cavernous void below. This world requires tremendous discipline, for throughout the desert are many oases, but the more seductive they are, the more likely they are a trap. The Oasis of Pleasure is a Mirage of Suffering that will lead only to pain and misfortune; the Oasis of Truth is a bitter place whose waters are black and leave the bitterest taste.

Drinking from the Oasis of Truth leads to a hallucination revealing the Infinite Valley, a temporal landscape born from each moment of the Bornless One’s birth and death, suspended in space and time for all time. The further down the Valley one goes, the more a sound starts to fill the air, the sound of a droning similar to the sound heard before approaching the Heart of the Bornless One within Magnum Innominandus. This humming should start to sound familiar to anyone familiar with the sound of the Om Mantra, which is where it comes back up from before, as it was the sound given by the Paramatman at the birth of reality. The deeper one goes, the more one begins to realize that the Om was not always a peaceful sound, as the Om was first used by the Bornless One when He had begun to feel His form deteriorate, leaving some segments of the mantra sounding more like screaming then humming, suspended as ambient sound for all eternity deep in the Inner Abyss. At one point, the Infinite Valley finally reaches the point of origin, the point at which the Bornless One was separated from the Pleroma, creating a false dark Pleroma frozen in time called the Antipleroma.

Beyond the Antipleroma is the Omega Point, the silent void of unreality where existence fades into nothingness. The only way to escape this region and not become swallowed by the nothingness of the Bornless Void of Preexistence, one must move upon the face of the waters as if a divine being, leading the soul to emerge from a pool of black liquid surrounded by a massive cavern.

Following the cavern surrounding the black pool leads to a treacherous forest of thorns full of swarming insects chasing Fallen Angels who could not choose between allegiance to the Empyrean or the Infernum. If this sounds familiar, it should, seeing as how the world seen by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy is actually a region in the Inner Abyss. The Vestibule of the Indecisive lies here, not for human souls seeing as how most wouldn’t be able to get this far down even in death, with few exceptions, so these are all Fallen Angels or Forsaken Gods.

The River Acheron separates the Vestibule of the Indecisive from the First Circle of Inferno, Limbo; it is also the river of the Archdaemoness Leviathan, who knows all but can only express it through Her tears. The source of the River Acheron is the Well of Serpents, a dried up island in the middle of the river, wherein a statue of a threefold Goddess can be found; following this statue down leads to a den of serpents where Hecate wanders blind in the chamber below, unable to see to navigate the hostile darkness. The First Circle, Limbo, is designed for the hosts of Adonaios, the Archon of Solaris who was supposed to take over Yehovah’s seat in Heaven but failed, so His hosts wait for their lord’s return only for it to never come. Surrounded by bliss they cannot enjoy due to the anticipation and loneliness from their lord’s absence.

The Second Circle of Inferno is for the Lustful Angels, the Grigori, whose desires outweighed their duty resulting in endless calamity for the world, thus sentenced to an eternity of being scattered to the winds by unseen impulses, never to regain balance or order, brazed by the searing winds.

The Third Circle of Inferno is for the Gluttons, the Devouring Beasts, home of the three headed Cerberus, the Great Hound of Hell, and birthplace of the ravaging races of monsters whose instincts are to hunt and kill without respite. A land of filth, with putrid mud born from the waste of the beasts that nourish its soil with blood and regurgitated prey.

The Fourth Circle of Inferno is for the Larcenists, the Angels who constrained the Daemons and the forces of the Abyss for their own power and greed, thus mutated and squabbling over that power until they become unrecognizable as the spirits of grace they once were.

The Fifth Circle is the black pitch of Styx, the river of Beelzebeul’s failed creations, His many golems collapsing into twisted effigies writhing in the dark liquid, seeking life they cannot have due to the cruel reality that Beelzebeul gave His power to create life when He helped restore the Bornless One. The River Styx is the second of the Four Rivers of Dis. The source of the River Styx is the Well of Titans, bearing a giant effigy of a great warrior with many arms and many weapons; at the base of this well is a grotto wherein Prometheus is bound to a massive stone having His liver pecked out by Furies.

The Sixth Circle of Inferno is the City of Dis Pater, the Hellfather, the place for the Fallen Angels who threatened Hell but failed to heed their own warnings who are sentenced to literally burn in hells of their own personal making. Ultimately this is the sentence of one of the greatest offenses to the Infernal, hypocrisy.

The Seventh Circle of Inferno is for the Violators, the Angels and Fallen Gods who disgrace the natural order of worlds for their own ends. Those who hungered for destruction, endlessly toiling or seeking war, wasting themselves away, or dragging the world towards ruination were sentenced here. This is the domain of the River of Blood, Phlegethon, whose source is the Well of Monsters, at the base of which is the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. In the Labyrinth, a chimera resembling the legendary Minotaur of Crete seeks out a girl carrying a box full of the one thing it needs to be whole, an insect called Elpis, or Hope.

The Eighth Circle of Inferno is the Malebolgia, the domain of Fraud, home to the Watchers who used their wisdom to seduce mankind towards the Abyss sentenced to face horrid Aberrations and terrible fates like having their heads turned backwards for being unable to see the ruinous path they were leading mankind, or being torn apart by the Malebranche, a race of Daemons created as personal executioners for the Infernal Empire.

The Ninth Circle of Inferno lies within the source of the Fourth River of Dis, Cocytus, within the Well of Giants. A colossal wall held up by the bodies of the Nephilim, who mark the edge of the frozen lake of tears. Those Angels who chose Adonaios over Yehovah were condemned here, trapped in ice around the Effigy of the Beast, a ritual altar shaped in the form of the Fallen King, Dis Pater Himself. The Effigy of the Beast has six horns, six wings, six eyes, and six hands, each of which having an offering bowl in them; the offering bowls are each for an Aspect of the Bornless One found in the Wells of the Four Rivers. The Ren, or Name, of the Bornless One is found with Hecate in the source of the River Acheron, the Well of Serpents; the Ka, or Spark, of the Bornless One is found with Prometheus in the source of the River Styx, the Well of Titans; the Ib, or Heart, of the Bornless One is found with the Minotaur and Pandora in the source of the River Phlegethon, the Well of Monsters; and the Ba, or Mind, of the Bornless One is found with Nyx and the Oneiroi in the source of the River Lethe, the Well of Dreams, found in the Hidden Hallows. Together the Four Rivers combine at the source of the River Cocytus, the Well of Giants, to bring forth the Sheut, or Form/Shadow, of the Bornless One.

Descending down the hips of the Effigy of the Beast leads to the passage of Purgatorio, just like how Dante described it, a passage way into the place where the Heavens meet the Earth. Deep in the bowels of the Hell of the Abyss, where even Daemons weep and Angels face damnation, in a place beyond the deepest darkness where light does not exist, there is a light that aspires to match the glory of Heaven where the eldest of Angels lie, the Archons.

Before the Seal of Empyrean was placed on our world, bound by sacrifice consecrated by the Four Living Beings of Heaven, seven beings ruled the Heavens, ushering forth a race of ancient Gods, the Cosmic Deities. Where the Archdaemons could not reach out to our world to bring these exalted beings into the world, the Archons reached out in their place. When Yehovah matured to the point where He could make His move for the Empyrean Throne, the Archons were deemed Daemons and condemned to the deepest, darkest pit imaginable, so far into the blackness of the Underworld that the darkness shined like a hidden star with dazzling radiance.

To reach the Secret Heavens deep below, from the bottom of the Well of Giants, the Soul would have to be purified by the Seven Terraces of Purgatorio, each one reflecting a Cardinal Sin. Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust were each embodied by a procession aspiring to what was only an imitation of Heaven. The peak of this mountain of Purgatory, there lies the Memory of Eden, unlike the Hidden Hallow which is the Dream of Eden, which serves as the Axis of Heaven, the Middle Pillar of Hercules (the same middle pillar used in Ceremonial Magick).

Beyond Mount Purgatorio, there lies the Seven Spheres of Heaven, each one a classical Heavenly Body: Luna of Inconstancy, Mercury of Ambition, Venus of Love, Sol of Wisdom, Mars of War, Jupiter of Lordship, and Saturn of Contemplation. Each sphere is the resplendent prison of one of the Seven Archons: Horaios for Luna, Elaios for Mercury, Astaphanes for Venus, Adonaios for Sol, Sabbaoth for Mars, Iao for Jupiter, and Ialdabaoth for Saturn. These Seven Cages, the Carceri Heptarchium, each bear the Mantles of the Archons, the Ensigns of Creation, as well as the Archons themselves, which are the keys to the final prison, the prison of the Principal Archon, Abrasax, who is trapped inside a thousand petaled lotus, the Empyrean Rose, which lies beyond the Nine Spheres of Angels which serve as the mirror image of the Nine Circles of the Damned. Freeing the Archons unlocks the Hand of Providence, allowing the traveler to return to the summit of Purgatory to perform the final ritual for the Abyss, the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Dodecagram. Doing so unlocks the Twilight of the Abyss, the first of two halves of the Great Work of the Callis Magorum.

The deeper one goes into the Outer Abyss and all the way up to the Inner Abyss, the greater the pain and anguish of the Bornless One is felt. The fact that Nihilists are given such harsh treatment in the Abyss is partly why Daemons go through such lengths to keep souls like that from even entering so that they do not risk reaching that region, or at the very least keep from them beginning the journey towards the center. Each Occultist has their own working philosophy and this is in no means intended as an attack on that philosophy, it is just that this philosophy or similar philosophies can pose a danger to travelers in certain areas. This was another difficult post due to the unusually grim nature of this world, and the strange inclusion of theological thought in its many regions. This subject matter starts to scratch at the surface of the depths this path reaches, the dangers one must hazard to walk this path, and the insights obtained from such journeys.

Ultimately many of these regions were summarized for brevity, but more in depth descriptions can be given at a later date. Thank you for bearing with me so far, and thank you for your generous feedback and active readership.

Ave Nechash Hekadmoni Ha-Aur She-Ain Bo Machshavah.
Ave Abyssos, et Ave Archdaemoni.


Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part VII: The Twilight Mysteries of Apotheosis

There is only one time of day that happens twice, that separates the Night of Death and the Day of Life. After the Dawn of the light’s return, and after the Dusk of the sun’s descent into the Caverns of Death, there is a moment between, and that is the Twilight. The Day of Creation is the Light of the Cosmic Tree of Life, the Sephiroth, and the Night of Creation is the Darkness of the Anticosmic Tree of Knowledge, the Qliphoth. The dualities of existence seem ever present, for they are the most apparent aspects of this reality, which is why it is no difficult feat to list them. The challenge is not knowing where the dualities lie, but rather knowing what lies between them, and that is where conventional Magickal understanding begins to dissolve into something stranger, as it is also where the Magician begins to come upon the territory of Divinity.

There was a point earlier in this post, in Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part II, where I listed a series of pairs, saying that each component of these pairs was the mirror image of the other. For every duality there is one Aspect of Truth, and one Aspect of Reality. That which is true is unreal, and that which is real is untrue; it is only the mirror whereupon the image faces its reflection where the real truth is found, and that is where the Magus must be if they are to aspire to the mantle of Divinity.

Therein lies the paradox of Ascension, for one to rise, they must ascend and descend practically at the same time, not just towards radiant citadels of Eternal Light where Divinity can be seen, but also towards horrific dimensions of Infinite Darkness where Divinity can be felt. The Apparatus of Ascent is perilous not because of how far down it goes, or how far up it goes, but because it takes walking a dangerously fine line dwelling in two kingdoms without betraying either of them, even if one of them is closer to what the Magus may consider to be home. Both the Abyss and the Empyrean are dangerous, when one goes far enough beyond the limits of what is permitted by the Kingdoms, then one truly begins to understand that there are regions of Creation never designed for Souls to traverse, but with the right eye where the Magus finds the blueprints of not only their own Great Work, but the very construction of Existence itself.

Navigating the perils of the Ascent is why the Cosmic Deities were created, blessed by the Archdaemonic and Primordial forces of the Abyss to offer aid to the fledgling human race so that it rise to greater heights. The Gods are the anointed champions of our world, our protectors from tyranny to ensure that the ignorance of this corporeal existence is not taken advantage of by malignant or totalitarian powers.

In order for the Cosmic Deities to maintain their connection to our world, they had to exist between the truth of how the world is and the reality of what the world could become through their power; this duality suspended the Cosmic Deities between the relentless truth from the Abyss and the idealized virtue from the Heavens. If a Cosmic Deity ever loses this sense of balance, becoming lost in bitterness or in idealism, they fall to the side they could not escape, thus becoming either Daemon or Angel. The difficulty of creating new Cosmic Deities is that they also require a constant access point to the Abyss; the more Abyssal Gateways there are in our world, the more power can circulate through our world which they utilize to sustain their state of balance.

There are three kinds of Abyssal Gateways which allow the Primordial forces to permeate our world, the Gates of Water, Blood, and Fire, the Three Gates of the Trident which are a common motif in the Left Hand Path, particularly on BALG. The Gates of Water allow for Divination, existing in the coves and grottoes of our world, the points where the darkness of the Underworld touches the surface. The Gates of Blood allow for Projection, existing as the portals found in places that witnessed catastrophe where the presence of the Abyss can be felt most. The Gates of Fire allow for Conjuration, existing in the places that have seen the true faces of Magick, in the temples and altars of Gods and Occultists.

The Sorceric Gates of Water are tied to Archdaemoness Leviathan, the Omniscient Seeress who gave Her left eye and Her tongue; the Shamanic Gates of Blood are tied to Archdaemon Ba’alphegore, the Omnipresent Lover, who gave His left hand and His heart; and the Ceremonial Gates of Fire are tied to Archdaemon Beelzebeul, the Omnipotent Warrior, who gave His right hand and His manhood. There is technically a fourth, cumulative Gate, the Ascendant Gate of Breath tied to Chief Archdaemon Sathan, the Omnivolent Dreamer who gave His right eye and His mind to the Great Work.

The paths tied to the Gates are how they fit together: Sorcery is how one finds the path, understanding the structure of the Great Work ahead; Shamanism is how one integrates with the path, becoming one with it in mind, body, and spirit; and Ritual is how one walks the path, transforming oneself and the world in the process of approaching the Gods. After Ritual Sorcery becomes Theurgy, understanding the Divine not as a higher power to be coddled and prostrated before, but as a complex machine integral to the framework of existence; Shamanism becomes Mysticism, where one meets the Divine halfway to ascertain its nature and attune to its potential; and Ritual becomes Ascension where one seeks to surpass the mantle of evolutionary human life and become one with the Pantheon of the Cosmic Deities as part of the Numinous Divine.

The Chamber of Apotheosis is where the final Ascendant rituals of the Great Work are performed, where the soul is able to be in a place between life and death, the Twilight of Existence. Beyond the Omega Point, the Nadir found in Dante’s Empyrean Rose, is the Ring of Virtues (mentioned in King Asmoday’s description in the Goetia); this ring serves as the lower entrance of the Vestibule of Twilight, the main point of egress into the Twilight of Existence. Beyond the Alpha Point, the Zenith which lies beyond the Elusive Eighth Heaven, the Ogdoad, is the Chronos Apeiron (meaning Boundless Time), a cosmic ring which serves as a gateway into this state where the time of our universe meets the limitless time of Eternity.


Amazing dear @Lexaphier!!! Very deep gnosis :full_moon_with_face:


Very interesting to read this, as I have been working with the Gates of the Twilight itself just this evening.

Thank you for the post. It feels very reassuring to read for another being something that one has felt within whilst exploring the weaves of reality.

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Dear Lexaphier, i need to ask you again. Do you work with Thanatos? Phantasos, Morpheus and Phobetor are they friendly? Can you say something more about the quoted part?

Thanatos is tied to the aspect of the Death Card from the Major Arcana, Morpheus was the only one I ever saw as a being, the others are woven into the Dreamworld, but then they are also forces, so sometimes they don’t necessarily have to assume a face/voice. I don’t recall you asking if I had worked with Thanatos, but generally each of them appear as characters or creatures in the Dreamworld itself. Phantasos is the beginning of the cycle of Oneiroi, He is the Oneiros of Ba’alphegore, the Second Oneiros of the South is of Leviathan (which is a deviation from the standard order the Archdaemons are listed in), the Third Oneiros of the West is of Beelzebeul due to Beelzebeul’s fire connection representing fear and the dangers of witnessing and harnessing power, and the Fourth Oneiros of the North is Sathan, since He was the Dreamer among the four Archdaemons, thus He is technically the Alpha and Omega of the Night, the point at which rebirth in the Dreamworld allows for lucid dreaming.