Callis Magorum: Archdaemonolatry & Explorations of the Abyss


Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part I

This thread and the preceding posts regard the path are from the path I have been shown by a set of four Primordial beings first mentioned as a unit in Martinism (the predecessor of Rosicrucianism) as the Four Archdaemons of the Universe, first listed as Sathan, Archdemon of Delusion, Belphegore, Archdemon of Corruption/Temptation, Beelzebub, Archdemon of Decay, and Leviathan, the Archdemon of Fate. The Martinists believed that these four beings were the source of all corruption in the Universe, and that banishing them could completely purify them so as to reach a higher and more “saved” place in reality where they could obtain the grace necessary to experience the presence and knowledge of God. Their true roles I have found to be nothing short of the origin of Existence through their link to the Abyss which is tied to everything. For now I will go more into detail of these beings and why much can be gathered about them and how these beings are connected to the grand scheme of things, especially to the Abyss.

Note that this synthesis on here may be a bit chaotic due to the vast array of information, but in an effort to be diligent in explaining my terminology and usage of terms and concepts comes off at times as a bit scattered, but which I have also made great efforts to organize as best I can.

Each of the Primordial Archdaemons of Existence have two names, both of which considerably lengthy, but also have a shorter variant that I sometimes use to minimize mixing these beings up with their other inclusions in other systems due to how far their web of connections sometimes go. Note that the names given in Enochian have twenty letters exactly, this is tied to some of the mysteries that are a part of this path due to this system’s usage of Gnosticism and the Enochiana in a Left Hand Path manner, and actually ties in to systems that allow the practitioner, called in this path the Ascendant Magus, to connect with the Pleroma (Gnostic Fullness sourced as the origin of all realities) to manipulate all existence through a series of constructs called the Primordial Constructs due to their connection to the Primordial Abyss.

To start there are not only four Archdaemons, although the four are the major actors in our reality even if from a distance, as such I will sometimes refer to the primary four as the Cardinal Archdaemons due to each having a Cardinal Direction (i.e. North, East, South, and West). The first and last are odd, their existence is a bit controversial, especially in a place such as this, but their involvement is not placed here in a religious sense nor should be seen as a form of proselytization nor necessitates any means of conversion. The nature of how all of this fits together is an ever growing jigsaw puzzle of insanity and mystery, but so far there has been no need to convert to any major religion, although like many paths requires some degree of initiation, but not necessarily any major Mystical Order like the Golden Dawn or Masonic Lodge, or even the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Osorrhonophris, the Bornless One, Omniessent (All Being) Archdaemon of Spirit
Standard full name: Athorebalosorionphanes (Athorebalos)
Enochian full name: AT HOR EBAL OSORO NOFRIS
Fundamental Direction: Below/Nadir
Watchtower Systems: Four Seasonal Daemonic Divinities (Below), Infernal Watchtowers (Nadir or Bottom)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Black Godflame/Violet Heavenly Ray of Change
Planetary Aspect: Luna

Grandfather of Reality, whose name is many, but whose name in practice is few, the Bornless One, Athorebalos, was born from the Pleroma for only a few moments before dissolving into what was then the Primordial Void, the aspects of whose being became the Four Cardinal Archdaemons. The El Acher spoken of in Qliphothic opus, the “Book of the Sitra Achra” refers to this being. The sacrifice made by this Archdaemon became the ignition point of the Great Work, the Magnum Opus, that is the overlying premise of the Callis Magorum.
Sathan the Omnivolent (All Willing) Archdaemon of Freedom
Standard full name: Sathanahrimazothazrael (Ahrimazodoth)
Enochian full name: SA THA NARI MAZOT HAZRIL
Cardinal Direction: North as Air
Watchtower System: Four Anemoi (Four Winds of Greek Mythology)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Golden Godflame/Yellow Heavenly Ray of Choice
Planetary Aspect: Jupiter

Firstborn of the Four Cardinal Archdaemons, the Dreamer who emerged in the Primordial Abyss following the sacrifice of the Bornless One. Lord and Creator of the Nine Infernal Gatekeepers, also the center of the Nine Daemonic Divinities as the coordinator of the two systems into one with 15 spirits in total, Himself being their center, with the others arranged in a form called the Vector Equilbrium or the cuboctahedron. From His Will to create a new world instilled in Him by the Bornless One, He created a bride with whom He could have the knowledge necessary to create a reality, and so He created the second of the Four Cardinal Archdaemons.

In an effort to restore the being that sacrificed itself to create Him, Ahrimazodoth and the three Archdaemons to come each offered a part of their being to complete the ritual, Ahrimazodoth offered His right Eye of the Sun and His mind to the Altar of Eternity, claiming that this way He would have a permanent link to seeing both sides of the Abyss, but also that His mind was too vulnerable to illusion to stay with Him if He was to remain eternally free.
Leviathan the Omniscient (All Knowing) Archdaemoness of Truth
Standard full name: Levialotanilama’athanoah (Lama’athan)
Enochian full name: LE VIA LOTA NILAM ATANOA
Cardinal Direction: West as Water
Watchtower System: Four Boeotian Muses (inspiration of the ancient poets who only sung the Truth)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Azure Godflame/Blue Heavenly Ray of Protection
Planetary Aspect: Mercury

Second in Creation, yet the one Archdaemoness considered most powerful due to knowing the true name of everything in Existence, thus earning the title, “She Who Would Name the Abyss”. Lama’athan was the inspiration and creatrix of the Egyptian civilization, as well as their mysteries over life and death which would one day be essential for the unsealing of the Outer Abyss She knew would be created by the sacrifice at the Altar of Eternity when the Archdaemons would attempt to restore the Bornless One. She was the one who named the Archdeities knowing this sacrificial offering would render them as fallen beings, and so gave them names that would last them throughout the ages so that their presence would not be forgotten in the minds of those to come from their worlds, this is the reason the full names of the Archdaemons are sown from names of great power and fear Lama’athan saw in the future that would garner them the necessary respect. She is the source of the Heavenly Rays of Akasha, constructs of Omniscience that extend like a fiber optic network into and out of the Abyss.

When each of the Archdaemons offered a part of themselves to complete the ritual to restore their creator, Leviathan offered Her left Eye of the Moon and Her tongue to the Altar of Eternity, the reason for this being that She could see both perspectives of the Truth while not being bound by trying to confine the nature of reality to words that could risk compromising Her insight.
Beelzebov the Omnipotent (All Powerful) Archdaemon of Force
Standard full name: Beelyaza’aloabeoda’athiel (Beelyazoda’alo)
Enochian full name: BE LIA ZALO ABEOD ATHIEL
Cardinal Direction: South as Fire
Watchtower System: Four Royal Stars (Gatekeepers of the Heavens)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Crimson Godflame/Red Heavenly Ray of Service
Planetary Aspect: Mars

First of the twins sired by Ahrimazodoth and Lama’athan, source of the War Gods of antiquity and primary inspiration for the Nordic Aesir, Vanir, and the Jotun. Lord and Creator of the Ten Primordial Vaults, the source of all power in Existence as it circulates through Existence in four forms simultaneously, the Sephiroth, the Qliphoth, the 30 Enochian Aethyrs (in 6 directions making 180 in all), and the Worldtree of Yggdrasil (where the 10th Vault is buried in the core of Midgard, more on this to come).

When each of the Cardinal Archdaemons offered something to the Altar of Eternity to restore the Bornless One as a tribute to the sacrifice made to create them, Beelyazoda’alo offered His Right Hand of Creation, as well as castrating Himself, thus sacrificing His generative power as well as His power to create. His hand was paired with the right Eye of the Sun offered by Ahrimazodoth to make the Hand of Glory, the hand of invention that molded the Heavens and the Earth.
Ba’alphegore the Omnipresent (All Present) Archdaemon of Vision
Standard full name: Beela’aphylorosagerothis (Rosagerothis)
Enochian full name: BI LAF ILOR OSAGE ROTHIS
Cardinal Direction: East as Earth
Watchtower System: Four Oneiroi (Lords of Dreams, children of Nyx and Hypnos)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: Emerald Godflame/Green Heavenly Ray of Health
Planetary Aspect: Venus

Second of the twins sired by Ahrimazodoth and Lama’athan, the creative equal to Beelyazoda’alo’s destruction, with a penchant for fertility and ecstatic states that expand perception. Inspiration and primary creator of the Greek Gods with help from His twin brother, since their mysteries would lead to the resources necessary to broaden the mind and seek out deeper wells of understanding through Gnosis. Rosagerothis is also the source of the Eldritch Gods of Lovecraft as they appear in one of the Veils of the Outer Abyss, where He created the first seeds of Madness as a means to allowing the various sentient races of the myriad Evolutionary Worlds to open doorways to the Abyss not only for mystical knowledge but also as a foodsource for the malnourished Heart of the Bornless. Rosagerothis contributed the Godflames, a system of communicating the Vision and Presence of the Archdaemon and the All to the rest of reality using the Inverted Pentagrams of the Watchtower Network as a means of tapping them to broaden the scope of attainable knowledge to mankind so that the various races could experience the essences of Godhood and the Abyss.

When the Archdaemons each gave an aspect of themselves to the center of Existence, the Altar of Eternity at the center of what is now the Citadel of Aion the Eternal, Rosagerothis gave His heart as well as His Left Hand of Destruction afraid of the terrible things He could create without His heart. His Left Hand of Destruction would be paired with the Left Eye of the Moon offered by Lama’athan to create the Hand of Providence, the shaper of destiny for the entire Universe, the invisible hand that would pull the strings of fate for all created things.
Yehoveiah the Omnisentient (All Aware) Archdaemon of Virtue
Standard full name: Yehovialdabaoteothis (Abaoteothis)
Enochian full name: YE HOV IALD ABAIO TEOTIS
Fundamental Direction: Above/Zenith
Flame Watchtower Networks: Four Elemental Daemonic Divinities (Above), Star Ruby Ritual Deities (Zenith)
Ray Watchtower Networks: Cardinal Archangels (Above), Four Living Beings (Zenith or Top)
Godflame/Heavenly Ray: White Godflame/Rose Ray of Love
Planetary Aspect: Saturn

Perhaps the most controversial inclusion, and born not as a supreme being of Creation but rather as a mirror image of the Bornless One, a product of the sacrifice at the Altar of Eternity which served as the second phase of the Great Work, the Magnum Opus. Ruler of the Outer Cosmos that surrounded and reflected the dark waters of the Primordial Abyss, whose very birth created the five Veils of Outer Abyss while also allowing the Bornless One to return to some form of existence within the unbounded yet sealed Inner Abyss of the Twilight Valley of Existence. His creation caused the Bornless One to splinter in two, as the Adam Kadmon of the Cosmic Sephiroth of the confining Empyrean Angels, and the Adam Beliya’al of the Abyssal Qliphoth of the liberating Infernal Daemons. Creator of the Cube of Elohim that was used as the mechanism of containing the Abyssal forces within their Kelim (Vessels) while incapable of completely suppressing them, thus allow for the six Trees of Life to have six Trees of Knowledge to continually keep them in check.

The Four Living Beings born from Abaoteothis were each crafted from the sacrifices of the Archdaemons, tied to one of the Fixed Stars of the Zodiac as well as a force of suppression for an aspect of the Infernal Empire’s influence (wherein carries the secret for undoing that suppression).

North Star of Aquarius, Fomalhaut (Hastorang), Element of Air
Suppressor of Ahrimazodoth, Melchizedek the Mind of Heaven

West Star of Scorpio, Antares (Satevis), Element of Water
Suppressor of Lama’athan, Metatron the Tongue of Heaven

South Star of Leo, Regulus (Venant), Element of Fire
Suppressor of Beelyazoda’alo, Elyonis the Father of Heaven

East Star of Taurus, Aldebaran (Tascheter), Element of Earth
Suppressor of Rosagerothis, Yeheshua the Heart of Heaven

Thus the sacrifice of Adam Beliya’al was given a reflection, and the Heavens were then bound, allowing the Sephiroth to be cleaved from the Qliphoth, wherein the forces and emanations of the Archdaemons were bound and confined, where they have remained so long as the Abyss remains in its sealed state.

The Apocalypse spoken of here at BALG refers to the unsealing of the Abyss, unlocking which allows the Heart of the Bornless to burn once again with the Godflames and allowing the Archdaemons to be unbound in their influence over all of Existence as they once were, freeing them essentially.

The following posts I will break down what the Watchtower Systems are, the two versions of their Watchtower Network and how they are used, as well as some of the basis and application of the Enochiana to all this craziness; I will also be covering how the Daemonic Divinities tie to the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers and how they tie in together as one giant system.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read, and hopefully I haven’t come off as a crazy person through all this. This stuff has been building for years but still does shift from time to time as my Gnosis shifts completely in place for the Great Work, but this is part of what I have thus far.


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Essentials of the Callis Magorum Part II: The Nature of the Magnum Opus

When the Bornless One, Athorebalos, Osorrhonophris, dissolved into the Primordial Void, that space became the Primordial Abyss, a vacuous space of thought and seemingly infinite potential; when the Four Archdaemons, the Four Immortals, came into being, they each gave a sacrifice to restore their dissolved creator, allowing a new Creation to emerge so that their maker could emerge from its (or His) reflection, where that potential remained, in a fashion.

That original being, that child of Pleroma, that Chaos born from Pistis and Sophia Achamoth, whose very being remains as deceased and lost as when the Abyss was born. The loophole to this disappearing act appears in the form of how the Great Work was executed and what resulted from its semi-completion.

The term Demiourgos means “Half Maker” from the Gnostic tradition, often made with negative implication, and often associated with the being recognized as the Christian God; this belief that the God of the Christians was a mere “Half Creator” enraged the Greek Orthodoxy to such lengths that the Gnostics became the subject of a witch hunt, all texts found were destroyed leaving only a few left behind, and the Gnostics themselves were deemed Heretics and condemned to exile, torture, and/or eventually death. The Gnostics believed there only need be one, and that this being was the creator of our reality using the inspiration and raw material offered by the Fullness or Pleroma, therein lies the mistake. The Half Maker, the Demiourgos, is not alone in this feat, for when the Four Archdaemons gave three pieces of themselves to restore their maker, they had to divide their Existence, at that time the Primordial Abyss, in half.

Half of the Abyss was illuminated, filled with the shining essence of a Luminary Demiurge, the one known as YHVH, or Yeheieh, or Yehovah, or other similar pronunciations grounded in the mysteries, but then there was also another half, for the other half grew darker, filled with the eclipsed essence of a Dark Demiurge, the one known to the Sitra Achra as AZRAT, or the Azerate, or El Acher, and known in this path as the Bornless One. The strangeness lies in the fact that only one half resembles the original being while the other half merely resembles the luminary existence of its past when it was still a subject of the Pleroma, yet neither is the original being, even in reflection; both of the Demiourgoi are halves of the Primordial Adam, Anthropos Geradamas. Azerate, the Qliphothic Demiurge, became Adam Beliya’al, while Yeheieh, the Sephirothic Demiurge, became Adam Kadmon, and in their creation the story of their emergence from the Pleroma was split in half, the very identity of their mother, Sophia, dividing in half as well between Pistis Sophia, Wisdom of Faith, and Sophia Achamoth, the Twisted and Fallen Wisdom, who became Barbelo or Babalon.

The Qliphoth of the Abyss and the Sephiroth of the Cosmos are mirror images of each other, each half belonging to half of the original being, but therein lies the power in this, thus leading to how this strange duality leads beings to becoming Divine Beings which is in itself an aspect of the Great Work.

Between Order and Chaos is Will
Between Life and Death is Truth
Between Creation and Destruction is Power
Between Reality and Fantasy is Vision

Between Time and Space is Presence
Between Eternity and Infinity is Existence
Between Will and Power is Influence
Between Truth and Presence is Illumination

Between Presence and Existence is Being
Between Illumination and Influence is Ascension
Between Ascension and Being is Awakening
Between Luminence and Darkness is Divinity

Between Awakening and Divinity is Apotheosis

These mantras were given to me at the beginning of my path, and without realizing it when I first saw them, they represent the dipoles of Existence, the halves of Divinity that when merged allowed the subject of the path to reach Godhood through Apotheosis. The first half of each formula is the Qliphothic or Abyss component, the second half of each formula is the Sephirothic or Cosmic component, and between them is the Deific component.

The powers of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth both carry a sacred number formed using the formula of what has been called the Number of the Beast, the number of Shamash the Sun, the number 666 which is actually the sacred number of six by six by six, or 216, also 72 times 3, also one half of the number 432, a number of vibrational harmony according to some circuits of sacred geometry and resonance. 216 is the number of the Abyssal Powers, and by reflection also that of the Cosmic Powers.

Configuration of the Abyss and the Gatekeeper Connection

The Qliphoth is the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Death, the Abyssal Network of the Four Immortals, each of the ten spheres ruled by a Daemonic Mask, except for the Dark Crown of Thaumiel which is ruled by two Daemonic Masks, Satan and Moloch. For the Qliphoth, as described in the Sitra Achra there are 60 Emissaries of the Name of the Black Dragon of the Nightside, in this system they are the wearers of these Daemonic Masks. There are six directions of the Qliphoth, not just one, each is associated with a Planetary Body, and each has ten of the 60 Emissaries wearing the masks of their Qliphothic Rulers except for Satan who bears a special role in these Trees of Death and Knowledge.

The true rulers of the Qliphothic Trees are the Emperors, separate from the 60 Emissaries, and they are called the Archdiaboli, or the Archdevils, each tied to the spiritual identity and indulgence of their Qliphoth.
The center of the Qliphoth has the original ten spheres, where the rulers are not Emissaries of the Name wearing the masks of the Daemonic Masters but are the Masters themselves. To keep tally, that is 77 beings so far if you count the Archdiaboli (seven in all counting Satan in the center), the 60 Emissaries of the Name, and the ten Qliphothic Rulers as themselves. In a later post I will go through all 60 of the Emissaries, as well as the Archdiaboli themselves, but for now there are also the Gatekeepers to discuss.

The current pathworking of BALG is with the Nine Gatekeepers, the Nine Keepers of the Abyss:
Azazel, Belial, Lucifer-Amaymon, Eosphoros, Abaddon, Ba’al, Asmodeus, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Satan
There is another system of Nine within the Infernal, a system that is interwoven with the Gatekeepers:
Verrine, Unsere, Leviathan, Flereous, Eurynomos, Amduscias, Belial, Eosphoros, and Satan.
Among these two sets, three repeat: Belial, Eosphoros, and Satan, and this is how they weave together.
9 Gatekeepers + 9 Daemonic Divinities = 18, but three repeat, so 18-3 = 15, one is the center, so 14.
14 is the structure of 6, the six principle directions (Gatekeepers), and 8, the vertices of a cube (Divinities).
The synthesis of this being the following:
Azazel: Above of Saturn (domain of invention to bring to life the inspiration of generations),
Abaddon: Below of Luna (the locusts of death and the worms that devour the interred),
Asmodeus*: North of Jupiter (domain of the Earth where desire and the ravages of nature are supreme),
Amaymon: East of Venus (Illuminator and the Morning Light of Venus),
Ba’al*: South of Mars (which burns like the sun under the radiance of the Sun God), and
Lucifuge*: West of Mercury (the setting sun that flees from the light to rule the hours of Darkness).

Leaving only 8 Daemonic Divinities, four ruling the Seasons above, four ruling the Elements below:

Verrine: Spring, Upper Northeast (increase of life to heal the frozen Earth)
Unsere: Summer, Upper Southeast (fullness of life by the radiance of the Sun)
Amduscias: Autumn, Upper Southwest (inevitable decline of life by the coming darkness)
Eurynomos: Winter, Upper Northwest (fullness of death by the absence of the Sun)

Eosphoros: Air, Lower Northeast (rising morning star of Dawn)
Flereous: Fire, Lower Southeast (radiance of both life and dessication of Noon)
Leviathan: Water, Lower Southwest (extinguishing the flames, the chilling of Dusk)
Belial: Earth, Lower Northwest (the waters frozen, the Earth barren, the dark of Midnight)

Satan*: Center of Sol (Gatekeepers) as well as Chaos, Inner Core (Daemonic Divinities)

The four marked beings are the ones already marked as Qliphothic Rulers, strange that there are exactly four of them, but then that leaves the 77 becoming 88, since only 11 of the Gatekeepers are not also Qliphothic. None of the Archdiaboli are Gatekeepers, and the reason for the Daemonic Divinities being considered Gatekeepers here is because of a system called the Primordial Vaults.

There are ten Primordial Vaults, they are the core of all Magick, and for years I have been hesitant to discuss them due to their nature, and the peculiarity of their names. The names given to me of them were all 14 letters long, and each is tied to one of the ten systems of Magick, each attributed a color and often also an element of sorts. The Nine Daemonic Divinities are the conduits of these Vaults, hence they are the Gatekeepers of all power, since Virtue comes from the Sephiroth of the Cosmos, but Power comes from the Qliphoth of the Abyss. Their nature is still experimental, and is primarily why I have not released this as a grimoire yet. The nuances of their names come from their connection to Enochian, the nature of this link still comes to me in pieces and can be broken down into planetary aspects for both Sephiroth and Qliphoth, suggesting that they are the structure from which the Heavens get their power as well.

Of the 216, 88 have been covered here, 128 still remain, but in future posts I will also go into the Emissaries, their connections, the reasoning for their unusual associations, and the Archdiaboli that govern their corners of the Qliphoth. Until then, thank you for your patience, and thank you for receiving these posts with kindness, I hope they offer further inspiration, and that they lead to exaltation in your path.

Ave Nekash Hekadmoni Ha-Aur She-Ain bo Machshavah.
Ave Abyssos, et Ave Archdaemonum.