Calling Zozo a Bozo and this happened

I woke up the other night to a presence in my room. I asked who was there and the name Zozo came to me.
I don’t know what happened next but I woke up the next morning remembering the visitation.
That night I was awoken again with the same energy. Playfully I said, Zozo the bozo. Immediately I was struck with sleep paralysis. It got cold and so I said hold on and let me get a blanket. I broke out of the paralysis and got a blanket. I invited Zozo back but I slept like a baby afterward.
I have been trying to astral project for a while now. In the past I had terrible fits of sleep paralysis that I now understand better as a point from which I can astral project. I think now that the going into sleep paralysis was me entering that vibrational state? And I guess Zozo was trying to help me.
I need to read up more on Zozo here I know, but has anyone else had this kind of experience with him?
And also, I thought Zozo was possibly a Hoax but he keeps popping up for me in different ways.
Thanks all


I’m sorry but I laughed way too loud on that…! You said to Zozo that thing? Ahahahahahahaha! No wonder why he knocked you out with sleep paralysis!

Use the search function you will find few posts about him :smirk:


Lmfao i’m glad it made you laugh @Anassa . I like his energy. Hopefully he’ll visit again and put me into sleep paralysis once more so I can attempt to astral project. Thankful he’s around.
One other thing. I can see everything even though my eyes are closed. What’s up with that?


Hahaha, hilarious, loved reading this one!:joy:
And also wonderful, a sleepy paralysis right way? i am attempting to have those at will and it never happens, congrats, for you and Bozo!:laughing:

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that’s really cool!

Zozo is described by the culture as the odju board demon, that’s all I know I have not worked with him personally.

Mostly because lower vibration entities like to pretend they are higher beings.
They would present them self as Lord Satan most of the time.

I think they do this to strike with fear in our hearts

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