Calling the Necronomicon spirits using their the power words

Has anyone used the power words when calling the Necronomicon spirits? What differences did you experience?
I am using Zahrim, Zahgurim and Suhgurim and have previously used the sigil consecration method described in EA Koetting’s Baneful magick.

I got the feeling these spirits can take someone out in a second when feeling them out, but in reality it is slow. With Zahgurim I experienced an 80% decrease in the intensity of the astral attacks I am a victim of, but then it stopped. I know he is supposed to kill slowly, so in this case it probably was a success.

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I’ve not worked with this grimoire, or the beings in it but.

Do you know who or what is causing the attacks? Maybe there is a more efficient way or something you could do to protect yourself in the mean time, while you wait for the end result?

Are you shielding yourself or calling upon your guides and trusted spirits for protection and with creating barriers and banishing the attacks before they reach you on this plane?

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I tried Zahgurim and it wasn’t a positive experience - basically he didn’t give a shit. But I wanted him for an attacked not protection. He wanted offerings I wasn’t interested in giving, and all in all we just didn’t get along.

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@Keteriya I know exactly who is causing the attacks. Have approached him and he blankly denies everything, but I see it is him when he attacks and when I specifically defend against him it subsides. A powerful healer who also has had problems with him has confirmed. She even warned me from breaking my friendship with him. Said goodbye after noticing he constantly vampyrized on my energy. Same with his sister.

Has been ongoing for almost eight years. Several painful astral/psionic attacks everyday. I can counterattack pretty good, but he does not stop.

Have tried every trick in the book. Circles work, but only when I am awake. God used to make everything disappear when I began working with him, but not any longer. Think I am supposed to learn and develop from this and I have.

@Maulbeere Did you call him the Necronomicon way or just through his sigil, like EA in Baneful Magick?