Calling all UK occultists

Hello again! I was wondering if there are any occultists on this group that are from the UK at all? It is difficult meeting folks into the occult in the UK other than the wicca community.


THe search function is your friend…

There’s a thread asking for Brits.

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I’m from the UK, I know most people on this forum are in the US and yeah most of the Wiccan practitioners are from the UK ahahah.


not much of a friend i am afraid. I cant find any such thread

Here’s this one

This one is a little older

I just did meeting UK or form UK in the search bar.


There’s a small chat (top one linked in above post). Just request to be added in the thread, @Darius777.

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Hello! Are there any meetups or anything in the UK that you know of?

no idea, sorry

I am in UK

I saw meetups for witches on the meetup website