Calling all dream sleuths

I have a fun one here to any who wish to try and interpret it.

I am on a navy ship sailing through the ocean. I am sitting in combat trying to shoot at these giant creatures on the ocean that tower over the ship. The first looks like a shrub, but it is all tentacles and teeth. It shreds and dismembers any person that gets close. The second looks like a giant weeping willow. It spreads its branches and shows people their greatest dreams and wishes come true, but when one gets close to examine them, it surrounds them with its branches and absorbs them. The captain of the ship wants to stay out of range of the guns and fire on them. I want to get within optimal range of our fragmentation/phosphorus rounds to destroy them so they can harm no one else.
~end dream


What do these things mean to you? What they imply to other people could be really off the mark for your system, so much so that anything we say is mostly irrelevant. This is your own mind talking to you and we don’t know you.

There’s a tutorial collection on dreamwork somewhere you might like to check out :slight_smile:

Yeah, here:


Just threw it out for fun. It seemed kinda warningish to me, but I feel I didn’t see enough. Also, it was on the edge of lucid, but I couldn’t feel anything yet (physically).

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Any recent dealings with Lilith, Gamaliel or Samael?
Reason I ask, is I for some reason associate tentacles with Lilith and Gamaliel.
Also, the Hebrew letter Mem, per the path between Samael and Golochab, means water. Men and Binah share something with each other, the water or sea is our memories.
Any repressed events/memories?


Just my two sense: Did it happen recently? I’d be a bit worried because sounds like you’ve been contracted to fight magical creatures in the astrals; not a good thing for chaos black magicians who value personal freedom and magic…

3 options in my opinion of what it could be 1. You actually experienced and did it for real in the astrals, (youll know this because it feels like you were living another life) 2. Someone sent you that vision (if thats the case it may be very short more like everything happened in less then 10 secs, even tho the visual download you got felt longer. 3. You were thinking about it and created a visual adventure (if thats the case, details will be blurry blurry, plain and simple, and repetitive, and familiar to you.


The first is hard to answer, as i usually have 3 variations of dreams and they always feel like actually living another life. So much in fact that i’ve always wondered if dreams were parallel lives.

Definitely wasn’t short as i dreamed it over 3hrs of uninterupted sleep.

Details weren’t blurry. Almost to the point of becoming vivid, as i could see the condition of the ship, the ladders between levels, and the compositions of some materials. The only reason I wouldn’t call it vivid, is that in my vivid dreams I can physically feel things.

Outside all this, I have been working on meditation, increasing my clairs, and making contact with Lilith. I also tried lady eva’s shamanism tutorial to try and meet my spirit guide, but i haven’t had success yet.


For me its a parallel astral life, but time is speed up X3 compared to the physical so it can seem random and more then one life at times if your dream continuity is interrupted

I have a suggestion; if you really, really want to meet your true spirit guides easily- I would find the nearest deer forest and spend a few days camping there, do your preferred ritual summonings and journal your dreams- no doubt you’ll meet them- its harder for them to interact freely in urban areas I find.

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I’m lucky, my house is surrounded by trees:)

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