C. Kendall amazing mentorship

Hello peops, so I recently was just taught a couple things by @C.Kendall, joined his little mentorship program to see what he has to offer. And WOW, that’s all I can say, just two days and I’ve got killer results. His guided meditations give great results, and for some reason gets you even deeper. He’s truly one of the best.

Thank you @C.Kendall


Good morning. How did you join?

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Pm @C.Kendall

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Glad you’re enjoying brother.


Can I join the mentorship too?

Message me for further details if anyone is interested.


But I can’t pm yet, can I?

Yeah thank you

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I’d like a mentorship too, please. Unfortunately I can’t send a PM yet.

Please, check this topic out. I don’t think he would do mentoring anyone momentarily.


He is. On other platforms.


Ask him to make sure his contact info on his profile here is up to date, people can put their personal storefront, Discord, etc on there. :+1:


@C.Kendall i thought you quit?. Like you made this big dramatic post about leaving the forum. That you did every type of system known to you?

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It’s a little-known fact this forum turns some people into were-cats: they quit, then they come back, then they quit again, and then come back… human version of meowing to go out then to be let back in.

True fact. :smile_cat:

Or, magicians are just weird and want more than one thing at the exact same time, and probably get a lot of PMs that can be overwhelming, and so on. :smiley:


Very well put. I was just curious

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Maybe he just left the forum’s public part for reasons. Who knows. There are people who also did the same and now they’re use only PM option of the Forum been a while.
Whatever the truth behind it, it was his decision. Of course I’m curious about it too, but it is irrelevant.

He’s still popping into the forum occasionally, try PM-ing him. :+1:


I’m not that girl, Honey. :see_no_evil:

Look who we have here, a walking ball of sunshine.

Just not an another deathling?