Busting the myth of Ghost K2 meter to detect spirits

I have read ghost k2 meter actually doesn’t detect spirits,it was actually meant for reading earth magnetic field.
What are your thoughts on this?

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EMF meters read electromagnetic radiation from any source. They do not read magnetic fields - for that you want a magnetometer or gauss meter.

The Earths magnetic field is relatively static anyway, as are readings from electrical wires, routers and appliances. You should be able to easily identify which source is which.
You can try this by taking readings from these sources - you should get a reliable and repeatable result.

So, when you’re standing in the middle of a room, in a house with the power out, and you are not moving but the meter detects a change in radiation, that means something giving off EMF radiation either came close and moved away, or there was a burst of radiation from another source in your direction.

What that source is is for you to identify. In haunted houses, it’s said to be caused by an entity putting effort into trying to communicate. I suggest adding other forms of communication to verify.

I would add, I prefer to detect spirits via feeling their presence. If I can’t feel them, they’re not talking to me so it doesn’t matter.


all these devices were meant for industrial use in buildings, electricity and so-on.

I saw ghost dimension where he was walking around going "this red light detects negative energy fields this green one detects positive " - yunno as in positive and negative electrodes in science (you can buy the device at screfix/diy stores)

He then went around going oo, look this is a negative spirit as it went red :laughing:

it literally picks up different fields of elctromagnetic energy as in youve got a bad earth! "oo a bad earth… does that mean the earth here is BAD? like a bad place "… No.