Burned incense looks interesting

Hi there, so I did my first ‘true’ evocation of King Belial, incense stick, candles, offering and all, and at the end of the session I noticed that the burned incense stick looked kind of interesting.
I send a picture to one of my friends who also does magick, and he said it looked like a snake and that it probably had something to do with Lucifer (who I wanted to evoke, but ultimately decided on Belial).

What do you think, does it mean something or is it just a funny coincidence?

I think that’s just how that type incense burns down. But you should look to your own intuition to decide.

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Don’t think there’s anything unusual to it. Looks just like normally burned down to me-

Naturally, we like to see something because we want things to mean something.

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There is a system of divination called Tephramancy, which involves divination by using ashes from a fire. It would be read by how the ashes were left after the fire went out. For example, if a mound of ashes looked jagged (as bigger ashes were surrounding the center of the mound), it could be read that there is success in the task you are tackling, although it will not be easy to achieve.

Now, as far as your ashes go, I am not sure how it would be read as the ashes fall in a pretty ordinary fashion for stick incense burned on an angle. If you try burning it up straight in a bowl with salt or sand in it, you might be able to use tephramancy for additional information of the ritual you performed while using the incense. Just some food for thought

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