Bune, DNA and health

As i wrote in my presentation, i have not yet come into contact with Bune.
In high school i loved biology (especially regarding DNA and heredity) and over the years I worked as a salesman. Hence my attraction to the Duchess Bune.
I would like to ask you if Duchess Bune could help me to deepen my knowledge of this matter, especially with reference to the role of DNA in nutrition (i helped write a book on an experience, authorized by the mental health department of my city, which involved patients in psychic suffering who, following a particular diet, miraculously reduced or eliminated the drugs!).
Scientists know that, for example, that some patients find it difficult to metabolize carbohydrates (see patients with glycogenosis)…and therefore, unlike others, they must ban them from their diet if they want to stay healthy.
Do you believe that Duchess Bune can help me try to find solutions in this sense?
As a salesman, by training adequately and with many sacrifices, i managed to enter important multinational companies, agricultural consortia…but unfortunately in my country (more than in other countries) if you don’t have the right contacts…you don’t get where you want to go.
So i thought to reinvent myself, thanks to the help of the Duchess Bune (i would also like to involve President Buer…but avoiding disrespect to both!), in order to create a service company (with his seal!) offers analysis DNA useful to define food plans and a lifestyle suitable for each person.

I have the feeling that this project and the feelings it arouses me comes from the Duchess Bune…but my rational part denies it. It is as if i felt the need to manifest the love of the Duchess in my life…to witness it to as many people as possible!

I apologize for my english and thanks for any suggestions!

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Yes, definitely, I’m a bit busy now but will reply more when I have time, meanwhile take a look at these (edit, you may have seen them already, soz! :blush:) :

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