Bune Sigil

I’m not sure how to just write a post without having to add to a Reply ???
I feel the need to THANK DUTCHESS BUNE for connecting with me whispering her own name into my head a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I don’t think Bune would of burnt the house down,more likely the person was carlesss with a candle or their electric wires weren’t up to standards. You could always say in the ritual no harm to anyone or me and my property.

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Thanks for the reassurance, you’re more than likely to be right! I will say Harm none etc.

A new sigil for Bune


Hi. am emmanuel. from nigeria. please how can i invoke bune.

Welcome @karounwi_emmanuel. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself, and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

do you know which demon could help to bring back a past lover ? Thanks

Try the search button. There are a great many threads on the subject.

@MagickMan2018 @Freespirit… After weeks of waiting for the right moment, I finally done the Bune Invocation this morning at 4am, according to the planetary hours Venus was the planet at that time, because according to some of the posts on BALG it’s best to invoke Bune at Sunrise early Friday and Venus rules this day.
Anyhow, i set up my alter facing West, stayed awake most of the night waiting for the time to roll, ate all the mint chocolates i saved for Bune as an offering hahahaha. This is how i invoked Bune:
Just at 4am i was reading some of my notes just to make sure i remembered everything, whilst i was doing that my printer next to the PC in the office started up on its own, was switched to standby mode and normally have to press a button for it to light up and ready for print, i thought it was Bune with me already, so i drew a circle around my alter, sat at the alter and lit the Candles, meditated and drew the white light to myself and grounded, then drew around the Bune sigil with my finger whilst imagining light coming out of my finger, suddenly i couldn’t remember the start of the invocation so i read it from my notes. After i asked for what i required from Bune i offered a glass of Baileys Irish Cream as an offering.
I am not sure if Bune heard me or was with me, i did not hear her this time, which i expected to, i sat and visualised the outcome of what i asked for then closed the circle and went to bed, i was very tired after waiting up all night till 4am, so i’m not sure how or if my petition was heard by Bune. What do you think @MagickMan2018 can you please ask Bune if she heard me, since you are in contact with her daily. Thanks in advance. :smile:


Hi there, you done just fine, I didn’t hear or experience anything either from what I can remember, but trust she heard you, the sigil isike the Demons/Goddess personal telephone number. You called it and she would of answered. Keep us updated on any results. But for now, relax put it out of your mind. And remember results can come in the strangest of ways. Hail to Bune

Thank you so much, I woke up so late at 10am after going straight to sleep at 5 ish am and felt like i failed for some reason, i didn’t feel i put much effort into it considering i was very tired and also the hour i invoked her. I folded the sigil and placed it between my mattress and bed head then fell asleep very quickly.
I will try and get it out of my head. Thanks again. Hail to Dutchess Bune.

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Bune came to me as a Hat figure tall man, with A skeleton Hand waving hello. around 3:AM. every since that day. all I can see is the sigil. and looking to learn more about it.

Wow that’s very different way to see the Hatman , the Hatman has been around me also and helped a family get their stolen puppy back. :smile:

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Hi MagickMan2018, I’m new here I’m Chris can you help and advise me on contacting Buné?

Pls share the video with me. Thanks

This is gorgeous. =)

Is so gorgeous , he inspire me to do mines

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Where do i start bune has changed my l8fe 360 degrees bune is amazing brings me money gigs clients opopurtunitys and great freinds belial is done so much in my life ,like remove those parasatic parasite and things that no longer hinder me he is great working togethere with bune , they are amazing in my life ,i coulnt be more greatfull that i ever been i love you duke b8ne ans king belial thank you so much for helping me and being there for me and my family and protecting us from harm hail duke bune and king belial ,i always want you in my life, i will always love you guys …


Hey, is it possible for for example like you to refer someone’s name to bune to ask if she’d like working with that? (just wondering if such a thing would be possible in theory)
Thank you ^-^

My best advice is to perform the simple steps to make initial positive conversation. She is a great Demonic Goddess for new practitioners to work with. Vibrant and comfortable and positive energy. Expect results but in thanks to the appearance of her presence simply thank her for hearing your request and for being present. Thanking prior to getting the results you seek is presumptious and I advise against that. Be greatful for her manifestation and hearing you first. This is as to avoid a consciousnesses of being seen as taking for granted her participation in your success and to avoid a sense of entitlement. Which is obviously not the way to form a relationship of a spiritual union of power. Magick energy that is directed towards ones goals by means of rituals and demonic assistance like all other types of energy takes the path of least resistance. What this means is that you must be mindful of signs and opportunities that will present themselves to you for your further action upon them. This is why we do want to set about a reasonable set of perimeters in which we wish for the magick to flow. At the same time however the more restrictions or specifics we require for the fulfillment of our workings or spells to be satisfied it may take longer time and more application of scrutiny when making a larger list of must haves. So by all means don’t sell your self short but at the same time be mindful that the more specific you set your considerations of success at the more of a challenge it may pose. This in no way indicates that magick is weak or that your working towards your goal is in way deficient. For example if I were to ask for a job in a town that the average income is at $18.00 an hour for the position upon which I wish to have gainful work opportunities with and I were to demand instead $28.00 right from the start and other things quite possibly outside the norms it would unnecessarily place a strain on the fulfillment of my working. Aim high and even higher than average on some aspects if that is imperative for you. Try however to be willing however to be acceptable to have an outcome that is in alignment with a realistic expectation for the situation but yet leave it open ended for the greatest possible goal to be achieved. Looking back the demons have brought things to pass for me in ways that I cannot see how it would have been remotely possible. They often have given way more than my expectations and I’m always humbled by the way they have made it all come together for me. They have a desire to help you achieve your dreams and success and in so doing it provides meaning to them in the union of power that you establish when calling forth their powers for your ascent. The only real limitation of magick is the limitation you set upon your own self. The sky is NOT the limit. Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom = Results!