Bune just saved my ass BIG TIME

I don’t even know where to start but I HAD to share this.

Last night I was on the balls of my ass stuck in a dire situation. After crying to myself, I drew her sigil on a notecard and opened YouTube to find her enn. I found a video on YT that said the Bune enn while showing the Bune sigil. The video is about 9 minutes long and I was able to gaze easier than ever before. I was exhausted by the time it was done and crawled into bed.

I fell fast asleep not knowing how I was going to get out of my situation. I woke up this morning and to make a long story short, a customer who had disappeared contacted me and had me bring his item to him. I had to travel to him in the rain and cold and he paid for my travel via taxi both ways. It wasn’t peanuts, either and when I say this was a dire situation, I don’t use that term lightly.

That’s not all Bune did. She also got me a last minute plane ticket $200 less than the going rate a week before Christmas and I was able to pay an overdue bill. I have some more bills, so I am going to work with her again. But I HAD to come tell this first. I did promise her that I would scream it to the rooftops when she handled it and she did quick fast and in a hurry.

I am so grateful that I want to cry happy tears this time. Thank you so much Bune!!!


:heart_eyes: Bune is amazing!


Hail Duchess Bune! She is wonderful!


Hail Duchess Bune!


Brilliant, congratulations and praise Buné! :green_heart:


Would you mind posting the link to that video?


Bune is AMAZING and has always come through to help me in the most dire of situations…even when things have seemed hopeless and impossible…she was there to help. PRAISE BUNE!!!


Hail Bune!!


Sure. Here you go! Sorry it took a moment, I’m traveling today and it was in the history on my laptop.

Bune also got me a ride to the airport at 1/3 the normal price today and a woman on my first flight gave me two drink vouchers. Bune freaking rocks!!!


Bune always has come through for me as well. Even in dire situations and at the last minute. I’m thrilled every time I hear of another having found favor with her! She and Lucifer are my main go to people for spiritual growth and the fulfillment of any material needs!


That was a gorgeous meditation! Thank you for sharing this. I want to share what came to me during the meditation. I’m really sleepy tonight so I went into almost a hypnotic state during the meditation and my eyes were just about closed but I could still see Her sigil. The sigil opened, which was very cool and these are some things I ‘heard.’ (Note: I know nothing about Bune) She is a great goddess who has been revered under many names: Isis, Lakshmi, Oshun Her season is the springtime of fertility…Bune is one of the original facets of creation and she does have ties with King Paimon and works with Him. She is very loving, she appreciates music I felt delicate wind instruments with Bune and windchimes…I felt water lillies with her, butterflies…
I feel totally chill now, thank You Bune!


Beautiful end!


Has anyone experienced others close to them received benefits from Bune as well?

My son sold something today and the guy literally gave him twice the money for NO REASON (it wasn’t a mistake; the guy arrived like 5 minutes late and told him that was why).



Praise Duchess Buné