Bune is Mighty and good

About a month ago I evoked Bune to request help with my career. My particular field is very difficult to advance in. I promised to dedicate samples of my work to furthering Bune’s good name in exchange for progress in my field. I know realized I created what could be considered a hypersigil for Bune and will present my creation to the good Duke before too long.

Bune was my first and second attempts at evoking, perhaps my third as well. I offered Bune regular praise, as well as physical offerings like rum and candles and incense.

Almost immediately, I saw movement towards my goals. And I began working on my end of the deal. A week ago, someone reached out to me who I haven’t heard from in two months wanting to talk, and this week offered to work with me professionally to help break my career.

While I still feel there is work to be done, and I be sure to follow through on my end of the work, I want to continue to fulfill my end of our arrangement by saying definitively that Duke Bune is gracious, patient, and good.

All Hail Bune!


That is truly amazing.
Duke Bune is great. I’ve had lots of good experiences with Duke Bune.

Someone works in the comic book industry? I dig it.

In any event, congratulations.

I invoked Bune again last Thursday, offered him rum and incense, asked for career help, and low and behold, within 48 hours, a huge career opportunity presented itself.

I am blown away.

All hail Bune!


How did you invoke bune?

You can try this: Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Great result! Has it panned out as you anticipated?

I’ve only had success with Bune.

Bune is always generous with providing relief and opportunities. Since this time, I have gotten only closer to my goals, which admittedly are loftier than I originally realized. Bune always directs me closer down the right path towards success.

Hail Bune, bringer of wealth and opportunities.

Bune is an attentive spirit who watches over those who she takes under her draconic wing.

Hail Bune! :dragon: