Build Your Platform & Audience (i.e., your modern day empire) - New Introduction & Spirits Of Material Wealth & Success -

I’ve been a member of this forum for a while, I have never posted any of my personal experiences, and it’s come to my attention that I must share more of my experiences so that it not only can help others, but also myself more.

I’ve been into the occult for well over a decade, but most of that time has felt like a dabbler.

I focused on all the mundane things (money, sex, relationships) without really putting in the physical work required. It wasn’t until I started connecting spiritual pathworking to actual physical action steps on this side, that things have started to move in the direction I want.

I have my own local mortgage business and help people fix their credit, and purchase homes. I create educational videos on YouTube and other social channels, and have a credit repair video course I sell.

I am also a musician. I make rap/hip hop/country music and am about to release my debut album.

I am most interested these past three years or so on working with various spirits that have refined my practical, real world wealth and influence (don’t get me wrong I have a LONG way to go yet) mainly through a mix of EA’s systems in WOD and also his Evocation course, and Book of azazel.

Spirits that can teach all the ins and outs and various skillsets you need to develop if you want to develop of message, build a platform, and influence people to do something (and make money off that audience)

-Content creation and distribution
-Branding/Brand Building
-Video storytelling (crucial skill in today’s world to “succeed”)
-direct response advertising
-delivering an amazing customer experience/music listener experience.

As it pertains to music, I’ve seen an incredible leap in my ability to sing, rap, and write songs. I feel I am just beginning to tap into this after everything I’ve done even, to weave together my business and music in a way that I keep growing my online channels like YouTube, Spotify, email list, Facebook, LinkedIn

I call it “lightbearer doxology” - that is bringing the TRUTH to the masses through music so that others are empowered through me to empower themselves.

Some of these spirits I have a deeper connection to than others, but I’ve learned a lot about myself, mindsets, behaviors, and many opportunities for growth have been presented to me.

-Lucifuge Rofocale

…among others, I almost hesitated mentioning specific names like this because there are always others that help you you don’t want to offend, but those listed above have been very practical for me, and so maybe others can connect that way.

This past week or so I’ve had very strong urges to reach out to Lilith, stronger than when other spirits have started to reach out to me in the past.

Her name keeps popping up, but I’m not really interested in just connecting with her for the usual lust and seduction stuff. I strictly want to work with spirits that can help me ascend along the vein of what I have described, but this is strong. I even got a framed picture from my brother for Christmas of the moon and different lunar eclipse pictures he took. I intuited that as a clear sign to make contact with her.

I’ve spent hours researching her and reading various accounts from others about her.

I ordered a custom made sigil ring (I don’t normally do that with other spirits, but felt strongly urged to do it, so I said fuck it and did) and plan on evocation tonight.



Thank you for doing an introduction as requested and welcome to the forum.

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@DarkestKnight I’ve read your other posts, and seem to recall that you have worked with Lilith, and you are a male.

I would appreciate your insight on working with her and what her energy is like?

Like I mentioned, her pull seems much stronger than when other beings have reached out to me, and now I seemed pulled more into immersing myself into the Draconian current to achieve what I want out of my life.

It seems many come to Lilith for the seduction and lust side of things, and while that is great and interesting to me, it’s really most interesting when applicable to say for instance, seducing people en mass to like my music when they hear it, or like my content I create and put out.

I intend to evoke her very soon, but from the link I have been forming, she feels very business like, but supporting, which I vibe well with, giving me energy to get done what I need to in a creative and fun way.

Like a performance coach (I have several I pay in real life too), I am fascinated with the more hidden facets/masks

What do you think?

Yes, I have called the Lady Lilith before.

A good friend of mine is married to Her, so I evoked her mainly to introduce myself, and to get her aid in some shadow work.

To me, her energy was youthful and exuberant, and sort of… motherly, but with an undercurrent of sexuality. She manifested as a young girl just on the brink of womanhood, and was flirty yet innocent at the same time. She was very loving towards me for some reason, but there was also a hint of danger and darkness.

I found it to be a weird mix, and doubted it was truly Her, until I had it confirmed by a third party. I think she might manifest to the summoner as whatever she senses they need.


What do you mean by “shadow work” ?

I’ve not seen that explained more in other posts.

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Shadow work is basically a deep dive into one’s own consciousness, to shine a light on all the muck and dirt hidden within, and to learn to accept and make peace with these often suppressed, “negative” aspects of oneself.

I believe the term originates in Jungian psychoanalysis.


Makes perfect sense.

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Lilith is very good at forcing you to face yourself. It’s never pleasant, but it is enlightening :slight_smile:

I like your idea of working with her to seduce people into liking your music. That is a unique application of her Lust aspect. Thinking of her like a performance coach paints a good picture, because she is very supportive of those she works with, but can give a kick in the ass when needed as well.


@Lady_Eva talks about theogenesis , and for me her outlook on that totally meshes with what my “inner council” has been teaching me, developing me into for these past few years.

Truly elevating human kind as a species to retake our spiritual power and smash the shackles of systems of control many people live in. I feel compelled to make great music that appeals to a large swath of people, thus indoctrinating them, but for good.

You know like, we are all the same species, and honestly, I think uniting into one government and pooling resources would allow us to accomplish great feats for human civilization that no one individual world government could do on it’s own.

Things Like:

-climate change (this shit shouldn’t be political - Do you want to breathe clean air and be able to live in your physical body? Ok, enough said)
-broad access to clean water
-better and healthier food distribution systems

We could just start there before talking about putting our species on other planets.

As well, what I have been shown about Theogenesis, however that loosely appears, as well as what EA talks about with the 9 Demonic Gatekeeper workings he shares, is that this transformation is already happening, and that we are being turned into a spiritual and space traveling, multi planetary species.

Certain human lines have to be culled however.

This theogenesis of the entire planet, will take a long time. This new age, the spirits and gatekeepers want to usher in won’t just happen overnight.

Some genetic traits, and abilities are more prominent in certain people. Sure all humans have the POTENTIAL to be magical, but not many will, and the ones with ancestors that practiced the arts, will have more advantages, as those certain spirits will have more of an affinity to you / your blood, so to speak. Blood is a multidimensional signature that transcends space time)

This process will take place over many future “normal human lifetimes” I’ve been told, but there are many advantages to both humankind that does evolve these traits.

For instance, if I ever plan to have children, you best believe I will instruct them from a young age in the arts. They will learn how to harness and control it for themselves, and as such, life will improve for them.

This happens for other magical families, and after enough time, those human lines will prosper, while the lines that didn’t learn magic, as applicable to theogenesis, and why the entire race needs to ascend will literally die out.

Welcome @KLBG3400 Please properly introduce yourself in your own introduction topic.

I have spent countless hours merging with Lilith. I have been working with her seriously for two years.

Liltih will make you face the “harsh” “rough” “rigid” “mechanical” “linear” “logical” belief system and will teach the men she works with how to go deep into their feminine sexuality and merging it with their masculinity.

When it comes to money, she tests my ability to relax and trust in my magic. She brings about scenarios where i am forced to utilize the energies we have been working with together and she closes the door for me on old “safe” choices.

She represents the core pure feminine inner child, and the different mischevious manifestations she can take on when that inner child is damaged.

She also represents the mature grown sexually free and wild woman. The matured form of that young feminine child principle.


She is indeed a very weird mix.

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Thanks for sharing that.

I feel those things could be beneficial to me, almost like a muse, inspiring clarity and creativity in my business right now.

Still keeping in mind I have other spirits working through me as well at the same time.


Oh, sorry!
I will try to make it right, now…

Old man with beard not knowing how to make this … :slight_smile:

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Exactly. She is the muse. I consider her to be a main part of my feminine Animus. And represents that feminine creative side of business.

I merge the things I learn with other Masculine spirits like Azazel and Asmodeus.

I experiment with different “energy synthesis” to create a animus/anima in myself.

And just stirring these energies up and applying them to things like finances brings about whole new perspectives on money and business in general.

Indeed, that is interesting you mention “tempering” ( I mean that respectfully) Lilith’s feminine energy (which feels really fucking cool right now) with Azazel and his legions (who’ve I’ve worked mostly with up to this point)

I am definitely not a “financial master” yet, so always learning, especially anything entrepreneurial.

I think being financially independent is a key pillar to achieve on one’s ascent, so that money and “bills” are no longer a worry and one can enjoy their time ascending and creating (atleast me, I love to create)

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This imp will show you the way. :+1: