BUER Praise / Intro

Hello BALG. New member here. Been practicing heavily for about a year, dabbling slightly longer. My interests include vampirism, manifestation, and anti-cosmic/qliphothic magick.

I must give praise to the healing of BUER.

After having an annoying on and off medical condition for YEARS, the mighty BUER healed my symptoms within a couple days. For this BUER has my eternal gratitude and deserves exaltation.


Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Thanks Mulberry! Its an honour to be welcomed by the one and only :muscle:

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Welcome @Under_the_Skin Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

So what, exactly, do you practice?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

From Canada.

Currently going through a year long pathworking of the 72 Shem/Goetia.

So I guess you could say I practice daily astral evocation, mainly of Belial, Lucifer, Satan and Leviathan, and then whatever Shem angel or Goetic spirit I have that day.

Are you following a particular method or system?

I draw black inverted pentagrams in the four quarters to prepare for the acausal energy and then I call them in one by one

I suppose Chaos Magick would be a better answer